Friday, April 24, 2009

Art and Poetry by Eddie D. Howard Jr.

This poem was originally a rap that I made for a young lady that contacted me , just saying thank you because I helped her little brother get on the right track with his life. HE was a part of this program my facility holds that allows me to talk to youth.  She expressed to me that she’s a lesbian and that people, without even knowing her, would judge and discriminate against her.  So I wrote something for her.  Just to let her know she wasn’t alone…

By Eddie D. Howard Jr.

Made this for you, only for you, got at me out the blue
Made me feel like a king, and I didn’t even know you, but I want to
Get to know, and everything about you, cause the same love is
What you chose to, due to the feelings you have inside
And I respect that, cause you told the truth 
and didn’t lie or disguise who you were, so much love – 
And I got a case that’s hotter than a heater 
but I won’t budge, an ex-thug
But I had to keep it real though 
and let you know just how I feel though – 
So hey girl, what’s real though, I mean really real though, 
I mean damn is you down though – 
Cause my feelings inside won’t change though, 
but I wanna earn your trust though – 
- Just me and you though – 
And my word and loyalty is all I got though – 
- Much love - 

This is a poem I made for anybody that has had a relationship ruined because they had to do time in prison.  Or couldn’t find love because they were locked up, because as you know rarely or if ever does someone take time to get to know someone that is behind bars.  They can judge us but never let them bring you down or kill your joy on the inside.

Another Place, Another Time
By Eddie D. Howard Jr.

Another place, another time I don’t know what to do, 
feels like I’m lost inside when I’m stuck on you
But it feels good to me, but I never think of no one else, 
when I’m all alone girl, there’s no one else
Time moves so slow; when I’m not around girl, 
and feeling down, I wonder, do you think of me?
This is a love letter sent out to you girl 
P.S. you’ll never find another love
Another place,, another time, time, time
Girl you know you would be mine, mine miiiine – 
And don’t you know I love yoooou
Right now we just not ready, but I hope you ready soon – 

Another place, another time!

Eddie D. Howard Jr. 129850
Pendleton Correctional Facility 24-4A HCH
4490 West Reformatory Road
Pendleton, IN 46046

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