Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poetry by Alex Negron

By Alex Negron

R17084 –
My face has been erased
And replaced by this
Cursed number.
Millions have been marred
By this prison industry –
Browns –
All of America’s least
We were supposed to watch
Out for the mark of the beast
But numbers keep churning
The population keeps growing – 
Getting devoured at the Criminal
Justice feast.
Can someone please pencil
In my former features?
I’ve been dismembered
Reconfigured –
To fit the criteria of an
Evil Creature
I bleed, I sing
I laugh, I cry
My pillow drowns from
The sorrows late at night.
Does anybody feel my faceless pain?
These concrete walls
These barbed-wires
Is the only divider that
Keeps us from being
The same 000...

By Alex Negron

My friend dreamed a snake
I saw America’s mask fall off
Its disfigured face.
His tongue hisses
The body slithers
Venomous hatred courses through
The veins of the Mississippi like
The virus from “Outbreak”.
From State-to-State
His campaign became a fuelsalage
For hate.
“Let’s build a wall!”
“They steal, pillage and rape!”
“Let’s make America great –“
Will that wall finally satisfy your
Savage thirst?!
Grab a mirror
The globe sees you at your
There’s claims that this land
Is free – 
But it’s a nation so advanced
In gender and racial inequality.
Oppression prevails for the
Sake of democracy.
Natives slaughtered and displaced
Africans turned into perpetual slaves
Latina/os scolded for seeking a better way –
When has America ever been great?!
Perhaps when Jim Crow thrived during
It’s hey-day.
I get threatened
My concerns are disregarded
They incarcerate and obliterate
So that the 1% can maintain
Its place and get a better
Tax break.
They can hate me and
Call me every name.
I still reject their racist national Anthem!
Never will I be consumed
By America’s poisonous venom!!!

Institutional Shakedown
By Alex Negron

“Orange Crush is in the building!”
Is the call I hear before dawn breaks.
“Awake, awake, Tactical is here to take!”
A thousand boots stomping
Hundreds of sticks rattling
While they invade the cell-house to raid.
Like the beaches of Normandy
Officers storm and continue to surge
Oh, I’m sorry – 
You didn’t know?
It’s every prisoner’s reality,
Correctional officers conduct their
Own rendition of “The Purge”.
Torture, mockery, dejection and rejection
Are their ways of degradation
Steel handcuffs becomes my own
Form of the cross.
My cell gets pillaged and my
Belongings get tossed.

I really do hate shakedowns –
They’re the worst!
Officers from the racist South
Use this day to mete out
The punishment they believe 
We deserve.
My photos are dispersed, pissed on
And desecrated.
It’s as if I was not fearfully and 
Wonderfully created in God’s image.
My Bible is torn and ripped,
I guess they hate that Salvation
For the imprisoned exists.
I pray deep from the heart within –
That this nation’s thirst for
Retribution finally ends.
There’s cheers and chants while
They egg each other on.
Tears of anger begins to flow
While I check to see what’s gone.
Underneath the pile of what resembles
To be my stuff,
I find my T.V. buried, broken
And crushed.

How can I explain this
Tragedy to my family?
All while I’m forced to
Navigate my way out
Of this carceral trade.
They have dwindled in a
Steady pace,
I’m just another number
Becoming a burden financially.
I’m trying my best to stay
Mentally afloat,
But it’s hard to breathe while
The oppressor’s boot is pressed
On my throat.
And the media’s ratings boost when
They target me as America’s Scapegoat.

There’s not one facility where
This does not take place
This is how the elite
Can mask their terrorist face
And dispose of society’s waste 000...

Alex Negron R17084
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434

I’m not the kind who wishes for fame of money.  I can only hope that my contribution to the world of literature makes a difference in this world someday.  I’ve been through it all – I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction as well as obesity for a good portion of my lie.  My faith in God has kept me alive thus far and has allowed me the strength to address those brutal issues.  I enjoy writing because it’s an intricate part of being a human being on this planet.  It also allowed me to dig deep into the abyss of my lost emotions. I spent many years playing the role of a caged animal until writing freed my incarcerated soul.  My mission in life – whether free of imprisoned – is to help change lived and reshape today’s definition of the world community.  I look forward to networking and meeting people with that same agenda in their lives.

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