Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poetry by Burl N. Corbett

Requiescant (In Pace)
By Burl N. Corbett

In the quiet churchyard
a recumbent lamb maintains
its stony vigil atop a
child’s grave; mossy headstones lean askew,
tethered to the earth by
inconstant shadows. Early violets
foretell each Spring; the
constellations wheel about the
cross-topped steeple; and
in the Summer the banshee
wail of the sexton’s
weed-eater disturbs the living
neighbors, reminds them
of their mortality, their fate.
They yammer over brunch,
raise a committee, issue
a petition, make
pests of themselves while the little

lamb, the carven saints, patiently wait.

Jurassic Barnyard
By Burl N. Corbett

Tiny dinosaur,
feathered strutter in the sun,
rooster fears nothing.
not humans, nor their hatchets,
Even the shadow
of a menacing hawk, doesn't
scare this colossal
egotist.  He lifts his head
And cackles just one...more...time....

Choka For A Daughter
By Burl N. Corbett

As we sat in the
tree’s cool shade, my young daughter
asked its name, eager
to identify the things
sharing her world.
“It’s a red oak,” I replied,
and she smiled; another
stranger had become a friend.
That was long ago--
Today I put its last chunk
in my stove. The smoke
will write its own epitaph,
published in the wind.

Burl N. Corbett HZ6518
SCI Albion
10745 Route 18
Albion, PA 16475-0002

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