Monday, December 28, 2009

Art and Poetry by Mark Kirk

By Mark Kirk

Like a traveler who's lost their way,
She searches for a place to stay.
A place where her heart will feel at home,
A love that's true, she's never known.
Her soul howls like an icy wind,
Her heart beats still, longing from within.
Frosty skin and frozen bones,
She's fading fast, she dimly glows.
Still she marches through the snow,
Even as her hopes sink even more low.
Most people have shelter on such nights,
For her, in bitter darkness she still fights.
Hoping to someday soon find,
The only other of her kind.
Her heart slows, she's losing time,
The clock of her spirit begins to chime.
Tears turn to ice, and sadness creeps,
She falls to her knees, again she weeps.
To live without love, is no life at all,
Her soul releases its final saddened call.
In the black of night, on a path of white,
She lays down and closes her eyes tight.
The blizzard abates, silence surrounds,
She's not going to be easily found.
She knows misery, and isolation reigns,
Her home she's lost more than she gains.

UR Lies
By Mark Kirk

Twisted lies; the truth untold.
Misery follows; the game unfolds.
Secrets kept, and things unsaid,
My loving heart, unknowingly misled.
So easily trapped, in your world of illusion.
Can't grasp the reality; you were a delusion.
The mask comes off; I see your true face,
My memories of you, now I wish to erase.
Your heart, so cold; you have no emotion.
To the person that showed endless devotion.
But none of it was real, you were always fake.
Now listen closely, and hear my heart break.
You know the sound, you've done it before.
Broke devoted hearts, letting them lay on the floor.
But you no longer exist; you consist of lies.
You chose to play games, but I pay the price....

Without Goodbyes 
By Mark Kirk

Another day awaits me,
In this life I call my own.
A cruel delay frustrates me,
As I face the world alone.
Let words once said, tears long shed,
Rest peaceful in this heart.
I know the pain of love in vain,
Will always play it's part.
With open arms I welcome,
What new dreams may arise.
I only hope to find one day,
A love without goodbyes.... 

Mark Kirk 445339
Muskegon Correctional Facility
2400 S. Sheridan Drive
Muskegon, MI 49442

Hello, my name is Mark Kirk #445339. I am the 445,339 person that the MDOC has decided to warehouse in their state holding tanks, like those little lobsters you see in the grocery store, just milling about aimlessly.  But I have decided to reach out to the world, and to share my thoughts, and my imagination. I am a self taught artist, and poet. I have been incarcerated since March 2005.

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