Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poetry by Donald Paul White

Arrested Development
Written by:
Slave Name: Donald P. White
Muslim Attribute: Luqmon-Abdul-Al-Rhasool

The 100 year plan took 64 years to arrest your development
From kings and queens to a dead minded negro
Akhenaton, Imhotep, Cleopatra to Samuel Adjai Crowther
Aesop, Make Da, to Piankhy once a king of Ethiopia
For over 400 years have been in a dead minded state
Raped of your original mind state by racial hate.
You were once conquerers, rulers, warriors, known to date
Gods and goddesses, but linking you to this has been suspiciously erased
Disfigured the statues by shooting the nose off their face
Destroying your history plus robbing you of your righteous place
The aboriginal asiatics by nature are instilled with dignity and grace
But your history has been stolen, hidden without a trace
Deaf, dumb, and blind of self. Yes, this is the case
Fashioned into no-thing.  Dead in thought.  Antichaste
Structured the pylons and pyramids to perfection
Embedded them with rubies and diamonds leaving a breathtaking impression
How did the black asiatics fall from this righteous direction?
Europeans showing no compunction in planning devilish acts of destruction
Stripped our leadership, kingdom, pioneering construction
Put to sleep for 400 years. Now we are in a state of dysfunction
Labeled as a lazy negro laying deep in deprivation
Genocidal homicide, systematically annihilation
The ravagings of time, depredation, exasperation
Executing the ways and life of the slave master{s nation
Caught in a web, in a physical state of devastation
In a triple state of darkness, suppressed of your imagination
So wake up Black Nation, free yourself through liberation
Love yourself and one another. Prevent self-abomination
Rise up, become a strong entity through amalgamation
Be stern in righteousness, fight off unjust temptation
Act with a sense of urgency exempt all your desperation
Work hard at breaking this cycle through keen aspiration
Adhere to this message, make it your deepest inclination
So please never give in to any type of settlement
And don´t allow the diabolical traps of America to arrest your development

I Born the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Constellations
Written by:
Slave Name: Donald P. White
Muslim Attribute: Luqmon-Abdul-Al-Rhasool

My name is GOMAR OZ Dubar my knowledge is infinite
My wisdom is everlasting, nourishing and beneficent

I place before you the earth, sun, moon and constellations
A true mystical design a physical manifestation

I am self created and from my conceptions I born the earth
I borne myself out of the celestial black womb of the universe

I traveled the universal sphere and measured it to the exact
I calculated by using supreme mathematics

238 Quintillion, 640 quadrillion miles of ether
My thoughts travel 24 billion miles per second I have no equal

I traveled 57 million, 255 thousand square miles of the earth’s land
I measured the waters in my hallow hand and melted out heaven all in one
I comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure in a hamlet
And weighed the mountains in scales and in the hills in a balance
I placed the sun 93 million miles away from the earth
I borne 9 planets and placed them in order in my universe

Mercury Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, sat run Uranus Neptune and Pluto
There’s nowhere within these regions I cannot go

I weighed the earth at six sextillion five hundred and seventy quintillion
Short tons
And from the depth of my mind I borne the sun

From this bright star darkness gave way to light
Now my creations are all visible of the sight

I then bent down and touched the earth’s floor
And out sprouted mountains from beneath its core

I filled he earth with trees plans and animals all in one motion
Filled its cavities with sand and water I then called it the ocean

I raised the heavens without any pillars that you can see
I then borne the moon and made her subservient to me

After days of creating I continued my plan
Took my x chromosome and molded from it a wo-man

Enthralled by the anatomy of this Black Beautiful Being
I placed my seed and our child she then conceived

I called him Christ, Elijah, The Great Messiah, my truest revelation
And from my testis I borned my rawest constellation

So whenever you marvel at the firmament of all my creations
Just remember it is I the black man who borne the earth, sun moon and constellations.

Daddy's Little Girl
Written by:
Slave Name: Donald P. White
Muslim Attribute: Luqmon-Abdul-Al-Rhasool

Written for:
Nacoria Don´Shae´White
From the mind through the eyes of her father.

I´m Daddy´s little girl, so precious is my essence
The one he considers a heavenly blessing
If you were me, you´d see
I´m perfectly unique.
Dipped in heavenly waters
Dried in ebony silk
Just look at my skin
I am Black Nubian
From my cornrows to my braids
Or when I let my crown lay
Express I am a princess
A divine color from his testis
God touched my face
And left moles in place
My immaculate structure is priceless
One of my many attributes is ISIS
I am self-worth
My first nature is Mother Earth
I am the incubator of life
An ethereal device
Call me moon
For I am Grace
I control all the oceans and hold gravity in place
From lightening to thunder
I asunder
Oh how you wonder
Who I am to this world
But to me
All I am is, Daddy´s Little Girl.

Daddy Why?
Written by:
Slave Name: Donald P. White
Muslim Attribute: Luqmon-Abdul-Al-Rhasool

Daddy why is the question I often ask
Not understanding how you could just up and leave me like I was trash

Choosing a life of crime over me has me so very mad
Now for 18 years I have been fatherless and often sad

Daddy I see other children with their fathers and they seemed so glad
Wishing to myself I could experience that so very bad

Daddy why didn't you have my best interest at heart
Knowing that your affection is what I sought

Now it seems to me you didn't love me enough like I thought
To be man enough to fight your lower vices off

Daddy why didn't you choose me
Instead you just left and confused me
Now you often stressing that you love me
That's hard to believe in my reality

Daddy why wasn't my birth enough for you
To change you into a better man and to be true
But it seems as though you didn't have a clue
To just live righteously through and through

Daddy why and I know I speak for other fatherless kids as well
That you had to leave me to struggle and in a mental state of hell
Knowing without your guidance I am likely to fail
And I sometimes feel you wasn't man enough so you bailed

Daddy why aren't you here to teach me about the birds and the bees
Instead you left me in this cold world only to be teased
Not realizing the pain I've suffered so I plead
For you to stop this hurt in which I bleed

Daddy why but sometimes I wish I didn't bother
And often times I wish you weren't my father
Though sometimes I try harder and harder
To express myself to you but my efforts seem to falter

Daddy why you couldn't be here to witness my accomplishments
To watch me flourish in all of my developments
Towards me, how you could be so dispassionate
And you wonder why I feel you are an embarrassment

Daddy why you leave me, I am so hurt
All I ever wanted was for you to see my worth
Instead my worth to you was no more than dirt
Because I can't fathom why you left me fatherless on this Earth

Daddy why didn't you want to witness my progression
Or just watch me grow into the Queen that you keep on stressing
But I can't seem to hide my displeasure by way of suppression
And my anger continues to put me in a state of aggression

Daddy why you just couldn't do what daddy's supposed to do
Like be there for me in times of need to teach me to tie my shoe
Or just holding both of my hands so I could be slued
Though wanting this I wonder would I be a fool

Daddy why did you choose him over me
That's how I see it in my reality
How could you not act with a sense of morality
Or think with a sense of maturity
Because doing his prison time has left me in a state of obscurity
Leaving me unprotected without any security

Daddy why that night you just didn't stay home
Yet instead you went out in the streets just to do wrong
Out late at night as through you were grown
You know they say you reap what you have sown

Daddy why, is the question I no longer ask myself
Realizing without you I've gained my self wealth
Though I was hurt by your departure I've maintained my health
Because I now know the truth, it's no longer a stealth

So Daddy why do I continue to cry
And why is this pain so excruciating that I just wanna die
But I convey to myself to be strong plus continue to try
To just move on with my life and say goodbye
Though I often find myself asking you,
“Daddy Why?”

I'm Bad
Written by:
Slave name: Donald Paul White
Muslim attribute: Luqman-Abdul-Al-Rhasool

My rebuttal to Nikki Giovanni's “EGO Tripping”

Through the Sahara Desert I will soar
As I look down upon the birth place of civilization hear me roar

I travelled the ethereal sphere and designed tha constellation for navigation

That led to creational decipher, tha risin' of the Sun
My name is Amun

Raw is the knowledge of my light, I see wit 3 eyes
Clairvoyant insight

Into the depths of the U-N-I-Verse
In the assembly of tha zodiac lord of tha Perfect Black
Call me Osiris, A Masta Crafta of the celestial attic
Measured the galaxy wit supreme mathematics

Came up with the root of civilization in 8 minutes and 20 seconds
I walked 93 million miles to make love to Isis

Borned a child named him Christ
Spoke the language of Kemet Supreme Alphabet

Ciphered with tha GODS
Molded the sphinx from black sand

And placed tha secret of man
Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head

I am Gomar Oz Dubar, my existence is infinite to comprehend the essence
Know thyself Spirit-n-Matter, take heed to tha hidden message

Intertwine Supreme Mind Diversities
A divine culture
Free from destruction
A righteous construction

A conscious God, call me Elijah
Built to destroy the Devil's uncivilized conception
Squared off the circumference of deception
To make my assertion

I walked 57 million, 255 thousand square miles barefoot
And from my pondering thoughts the universe shook

I had a brain storm and cause an ice age
Brain waves travelling the speed of Haley's comet that left a tail like fiery blaze

That melted all the ice that procreated oceans,
Lakes, rivers, ponds, all in order

From my conceptions that I borned in one day from my orders
Through the rays of my gaze I give light to the universe
Plus from my sneeze through one nostril constellations dispersed

I looked in the face of the Moon and saw perfection
From its obscured shine on the three-fourths of water on the Earth I saw my reflection

Through all in all I am the foundation block of it all in existence
That through the entity atom I borned life into existence

From my head ache I caused a sonic boom
That sparked atoms into life inside Earth's black womb

I then rode the back of a stubborn ass and spent the night in the belly of a whale

I am David for it was me who defeated Goliath
Threw the Devil from his throne from whom I took Hell

I'm the Omnipotent, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient
I am a macro phenomena like the Sun, which is one of my many essence

I metamorphosed into Moses, delivered my Black People from Egypt
Passing into the shadow of my father which caused an eclipse

With my mighty staff I parted the Red Sea
Delivering my people to the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey
I did it gracefully

With a megalith I carved my laws on monuments to ensure Utopia 
That will be executed through my second seed Piankhy whom will become King of Ethiopia

By all means necessary was my theme
And while still in the depth of my loins Martin Luther King had his dream

Call me the truth
The proof lies in my actions
A perfect practice abstraction
Or a far fetched reality

Call me science, a captured slave casualty
I was still defiant to this hideous morality

The event of the rupture
300 million through the water of the Nile structure

Beaten, maimed and raped
All forms of hate

All the rest failed
I prevailed

I'm bad

Donald Paul White 00658417
French M. Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene, TX 79601
Greetings Reader,

My slave name is Donald Paul White Jr. My muslim attribute is Luqman-Abdul-Al-Rhasool. I was born into life August 28, 1973 in Houston, Texas. I'm 5'9” in height. I weight 190lbs. I rock a bald head and I am a dark asiatic black man. I am currently serving a life sentence for a murder that I didn't commit because of my naivety and ignorance of the law, and life in general, as well as giving an oath to a street code that ultimately cost me 25 years of my life. Surely with Allah's graces there's hope and soon he'll purge me from the belly of this whale. But until then please enjoy the treasures of my mind through my craft that Allah has blessed me with.

The Messenger

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