Sunday, February 21, 2010

Death Watch Journal for Kevin Varga - DAY 11

I have no words today.

I have failed at everything I have ever done, and I have no words now.

Kevin Varga

© Copyright 2010 by Kevin Varga and Thomas Bartlett Whitaker. All rights reserved.


Stop said...

Never, ever give up hope. Always know that people out here DO Care and you and your loved ones are very much in many peoples thoughts. Your writings are very moving, I hope people take heed and learn from them.

Lots of love Kevin.

D Ruelas said...

Dear Kevin:
I agree with Stop. Do not ever, ever give up hope. While there is life there is hope, and you ARE still alive! I do not know you, but through Thomas's eyes and love for you I have come to appreciate you. I am praying for you and that God keep you strong in all the situation you are going through. I have written a letter of petition for clemency.

Jane-K said...

Kevin, you are wrong in what you write today. You have NOT failed at everything. Many people are being touched by what you write now and are wishing you well.

You have a powerful voice - don't stop using it.

With love, Jane

Dixie said...

Dear Kevin,
I am praying for you. I too will be writing a letter of clemency for you this weekend. I hope that you realize that there are many, many who care about your case, but won't necessarily post on this blog. As I always tell Thomas, stay strong and feel the love and concern of those praying for you. Blessings!

jodilee66 said...

My dear sweet brother, please don't give up. I am and will continue to write letter to petition for clemency. We will keep trying. I love you!

Miss A said...


It's not you who has failed. Society has failed. We sit here and let the state continue to murder people. We should be (and I think a lot of us who post here are) utterly ashamed.

I wish you well. I will also be writing a letter of support for you, but in the mean time don't let them get you down.

jhansi papudesi said...

Dear Kevin,
this is jhansi from India. dont give up hope. hope is the one that makes you live. please stay strong. do meditate. remember the days when you laughed in tears. keep your mind busy always. just pray for the good. who knows, wonders can happen. you may come out to see your grand children. we are with you. my prayers are with you. we are no one to justify what's wrong and what's right. God is there. good people are with you. your efforts may fail, but there are millions who are fighting for you...fighting against death sentence.

Dixie said...

I just wanted to let those who might not be aware, you can e-mail Kevin by going to Jpay. The cost is the price of a first class stamp per page. The e-mails are delivered to the inmate within 48 hours. Unfortunately, the inmate can not respond via e-mail, however this is a way to communicate more quickly than snail mail and I can imagine that Kevin would really appreciate the support. I have used this system many times and have been pleased.

Stop said...

HI Dixie,

I use Jpay a lot when I write to a friend on DR, do you think anyone would mind if I wrote Kevin on Jpay and copied the responses here into the letter?



Tracey said...

All the responses are being sent to Kevin on a regular basis :)

The more the better.

Stop said...

Ok :) Off to send a letter now xx I hope he is snowed under by letters of support, so he knows people DO care xxx

Ozzie said...

Hi there..Can someone please help me? I cant log in to Jpay, it asks for my email addy and password and then when I hit log in I go back to main page but Im still not logged in so when I enter Bart Whitakers id number so I can email him, it asks me to log in again. What am I doing wrong pls? Many thanks