Monday, March 8, 2010

Death Watch Journal for Kevin Varga - DAY 26

I am still working to fix the trans-warp drive to enable me to return to Ramosia but in the mean time I have decided to study the local life forms I have come into contact with. I have built a crude blind that seems to have effectively foiled these primitive people that call themselves “Texans”. I have a rude understanding of their language. By Ramosian standards these people live no better than animals and as such are cruel and kind by turns, I feel they live more by instinct than any true form of higher understanding of what it is to be an intelligent and productive member of the universe at large, but as with so many primitive peoples we have come into contact with, there should always be hope that they’ll learn to become what we consider sophisticated. I have found however that they still practice capital punishment! I cannot fathom placing the stigma of death upon any crime. How can we as an intelligent race allow this to continue? I know that we are not to interfere, but I think that only applies to the military and since all of the military personnel were killed by the burst of radiation that damaged the trans-warp drive, I feel comfortable enough to attempt to change this vile and ultimately self defeating act of capital punishment…

Sorry people, I just felt like a bit of fantasy today to mix it up. I feel that the heavy and depressing topic of my impending death in a few short weeks is a bit much for me today. I will return tomorrow though.

I again wish to thank all the people who are reading this and lending me their support. I cannot begin to express the way I feel from learning that I can make a difference. I hope that I am alive to see the change but I feel that the struggle MUST go on. I know that there are those who will continue the fight, these are the staunch proponents against the death penalty, those are NOT the people to whom I direct my comment but to those of you who are really undecided. Think about my little foray into fantasy, what will people that consider themselves to be of higher intelligence think of us humans when they discover that we practice capital punishment upon another intelligent individual? I ask this because unbeknownst to most of you out there. Texas has a law, or maybe it is a federal law that states a mentally retarded person is exempt from being executed. Should we not attempt to also save those with even a modicum of intelligence? Who knows what these men, myself included, are capable of if given half the chance? Think about it.

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TheJewishHitman said...

When Hashem gave the Torah to the Jewish people.He fully intended for us to be the light of the world, and to be Rabbi, or teachers. Let me teach of a moment. In RE'EH SHOFTIM, or Deuteronomy, starting in the 18th verse of chapter 16, Hashem gives Moses instruction on the establishment of just courts. Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your cities; they shall judge the people with righteous judgment.
You shall separate three cities for yourselves in the midst of your land, and it shall be for any killer to flee there. This is the matter of the killer that shall flee there and live: One who strike his fellow with out knowledge, and he did not hate him from yesterday or before yesterday.He shall flee there, lest the redeemer of the blood,(family member)chase him and kill him for his blood will be hot. Deuteronomy 19:1-4
But there will be a man who hates his fellow, and rises up against him, ambushes him, and strikes him dead, he shall flee to one of these cities - the elders of his city shall send and take him from there and place him in the hands of the redeemer (family member)of the blood, and he shall die. Your eye shall not pity him; you shall remove the innocent blood from Israel; and it shall be good for you.
Deuteronomy 19;11-13
Now in Joshua, it states in chapter 20, verse's 1-6 that a man is to go to the city, and they are to take refuge there from the avenger of the the blood, (family Member), and await trial. If he is found to have executed all reasonable care he is acquitted, if found negligent he is exiled to the city for the life span of the judge.
Now one could argue, that to have the courts vindicate the innocent blood would be a sin, due to the fact that they are not family of the victim, to whom the shedding of the killers blood is vindicated through the pain of loosing a loved one. By the court killing the the convicted, they themselves are guilty of murder, in that they don't have the G-D given right to avenge the blood of any one out of their own family.
Given the fact that Kevin was only said to have had been there and had an unreasonably small amount of blood on his person for such unthinkable brutality. One could say yes, Kevin was there and he should of tried to stop what was going on. But the blood was at best transfer from the people that had their hands on the bodies, and were covered in blood. Kevin Scott Varga is guilty of murder in the fact that he didn't do anything to stop it from transpiring. He should pay for being a coward and not doing right by the victims, their families, and his family, but do we really need to see him killed as way of justice, that's not justice in any part of the world. No matter what god one serves.