Saturday, March 13, 2010

Note about Thomas

I would like to inform all of Thomas' friends and those that read this journal of a change in his situation. Someone has contacted the Polunsky Unit and reported on inmates participating as attorneys in each others defense. Thomas has now had a case filed against him and has been sent to Level 3.

Level 3 restrictions include no electrical devices such as his radio, no extra food from the commissary, only one visit per month and no special visits to name a few.

Inmates on Level 3 are severely restricted in what they can purchase in terms of stamps so please be patient over the next 3 or 4 months if you are expecting correspondence. Being so limited with stamps, he will not be able to write back to everyone for now. Thomas is still able to receive mail however, but given the situation there may be some delays. Please don't forget him and continue to write and support him, he needs it now more than ever as you can imagine how saddened he is at not being able to be there for Kevin. He did expect some negative feedback for allowing Kevin's Journal here as he has been getting that ever since he started his own journal.

Thank you everyone.


terry said...

In Googling "Polunsky" and "Level 3", I found this posy by inmate Alvin Kelly.

"F-pod is a disciplinary pod
totally Level 2 and Level 3. Level 2 is property restriction, i.e. radio,
fan typewriter, all electrical, no commissary except 10 dollars postage
materials (stamps, pen, legal pads, envelopes etc.) every 2 weeks.
Level 2 can also buy hygiene supplies once every 30 days, i.e. shampoo,
toothpaste, deodorant. We are not allowed anything else from the unit
commissary. We’re only allowed rec one hour a day Monday – Thursday, 4
days a week. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are locked down 24/7.
We were not even allowed our thermal underwear this winter even when it
was down to 30 degrees outside. We are only allowed 2 regular visits a
month. Level 1 is allowed 1 visit per week each month.

Level 3 is not allowed any hygiene supplies at all, only postage every 2
weeks. So the atmosphere down here is filled with animosity. The
people back here are denied anything beyond the meager necessities to
survive in any sort of dignity or humanity. It is an evil and vile
place. The atmosphere is filled with cussing, beating and banging and
floods, fires, feces and urine being chunked on people, gas being
sprayed in peoples’ cells or the day room where everyone has to breathe
it in. Visitation being denied some just because they live on F-pod,
and it just goes on and on. "

We all need to keep Thomas in our prayers.

terry said...

I feel compelled to leave another comment after re-reading what has happened to Thomas.

You know, Thomas must feel like he hasn't a friend in the world. He must feel betrayed by the readers of his blog and by those watching guard over him. I never thought it posssible for my opinion on the death penalty to be changed, but it has. He is not considered a candidate for rehabillitation, he is being housed for his turn to die at the hands of the state. And as Kevin Varga described, he is awaiting the death cell that he will occupy before the former resident's corpse is even in the ground.

It is my understanding that even the regular meals are cut by 50 percent for level 3 inmates the first 30 days. I wonder if we will be able to recognize Thomas when he returns. I pray we will.

Dixie said...

I would encourage everyone who supports and cares about Thomas to flood him with letters and e-mails to assure him that many do care about him and to let Polunsky know, we're all watching!

Miss A said...

It is a shame that Thomas has been punished for doing something good. I appreciate that it's "against the rules" but surely the fact that he's risking his own relative comforts to try and save the lives of others is proof that living on death row doesn't automatically make someone evil.

I commend Thomas, for doing what was actually right and not what the rule book said was right.

Cat said...

Additional postings and updates can be found in Thomas' Facebook page.