Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Robert Williams (PA) Audio Readings

Readings by Robert Williams aka Asafo Chuma Asafo

Robert Williams BH8660
SCI Huntingdon
1100 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA 16654-1112

The first week of September is when I was supposed to show my face; 
Born a month late, they said October 3rd was my curse date
From day one I was gripped in the fist of hate; 
Struggling to make a narrow escape from a twisted fate
Wondering why circumstances had me waiting on the earth; 
til I learned I was the twin brother of destiny, but separated at birth
Left up to me to bear the weight of my worth
A hard task indeed, since even I couldn't seem to fathom me
Couldn't question my own conscience 'cause even that was snatched from me
With an identity baptised in pseudonyms that couldn't tell the half of me
Hell, my own DNA didn't even match with me
They say I got my father's frown and my mother's grin; 
Crazy thing is, I know neither her nor him
I guess that's why the line between Love & Hate is so thin
Given the blueprint on life but still didn't know where to begin
Then again, this could explain my aimless search for a trite glory; while chasing the same frivolous sin; as my Life's Story was written in one sentence; by the state's iniquitous pen....
TO BE CONTINUED... Asafo Chuma Asafo 

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