Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Admin Note

Please be aware that while Kevin is posting his Death Watch Journal here, Thomas has been using his Facebook Profile  (no longer available) for his entries. Several entries have been posted today.

Thank you

PS This Admin note is dated 7th April as that is the most recent entry received from Kevin, however Thomas entries were made more recently


Diosa said...


My brother, I wish I could give you comfort, or be with you in the end....but Kalamazoo, Michigan is so very far away.

It seems like only yesterday when I saw you during your trial. It killed Me to hear you being sentenced. I will NEVER forget that day.

I will never forget you and our 3 brothers. How I long for those days when you use to play around the block, building forts, and having fun.

I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and you take a piece of Me with you when you go.

Your sister in life and death,

Bobbie jo

Heli said...

Greetings from Finland! I found my way to Thomas' blog a few weeks ago and since then I've been reading the older entries (I'm about half way through now). I'm really touched by his story and feel connection to his way of thinking. As I child I had similar feelings as Thomas, but fortunately I found a constructive way of handling them. I'm appalled of the use of death penalty in a should-be-civilized country like USA and the way the inmates are treated. Everything good to you Thomas and I hope that the cruelty of DP will be abolished soon.

I want to thank also the admins of this site for bringing the voice of these condemned men to public. However, I have a small request: Could you please keep publishing in open, not in Facebook behind compulsory login? I don't have Facebook account and I'm not going to get one since I don't trust them a bit. I would really like to keep reading Thomas' thoughts but this way I won't be able to and it saddens me.

Tracey said...

It is Thomas' wishes that this blog is for Kevin's use while he writes his Death Watch Journal and during this time, Thomas has stated he will put his entries to Facebook. These entries of Thomas' may be moved here at a later date.

Tracey (Admin)

Tom said...

Hello from Germany,

suddenly it's not possible anymore to read Kevins diary.
His words come in a very impressive way over the ocean to our home in Europe.
What can we do to continue reading. Feels like leaving him alone...Thanks a lot

nicolas said...

Kevin is now the "next one" on the death-chain (12th of May). To publish his texts is important. A way for him not to die alone. So, hope to rzad him again soon.