Saturday, April 17, 2010

Death Watch Journal for Kevin Varga - DAY 66

These days just seem to fly past me, with no real sense of accomplishment. I have filed the motion with the court asking for the to dismiss my execution on grounds that if granted will see me released! Well this is not entirely true, and I would still have to go to Kansas to face what happened there. That would be my luck to win my fight here and then just be taken to Kansas to start the process all over again. I do know that if this were done hat I could much better defend myself. Then again I may do a lot better there, as they no longer even have the death penalty. At any rate, I have filed this motion and have asked my attorney to the secessor writ on the information that is from the neuropsychological tests I took, coupled with the petitions that several of you have started on my behalf to ask the governor for clemency and I think I may have a fair chance of living to see May 13th.

I can say that writing this journal has shown me the power of the written word; I think that if I am granted a stay of execution I will continue to write for Thomas’ site. Thomas has given me a great opportunity with this journal; I am so indebted to him. Thomas is such a good friend to me and I miss him very much. They moved him to another pod and I have not had him around me for some time now. His presence is definitely missed by me. I have no wisdom today, wait, have I ever had “wisdom” in this journal? I close…

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Polunsky Unit
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Sarah-k said...

Dear Kevin
Good luck for your request !
Paris France

Je ne sais pas si ce sont les bons mots, mon anglais est assez mauvais.