Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Death Watch Journal for Kevin Varga - DAY 77

I had a phone conversation with my attorney today. I found out that the issue that I had hoped would send me back for a new trial wont be happening at all. I thought the issue had merit but unfortunately for me the issue does not. This was a crushing blow to me. I had high hopes that I would be given a stay of execution because of this issue, and now I am 14 days out and looking at the maw of the beast as it slavers for my life. I still have the motion that I filed PRO-SE but fear it too will fail. Not because it has no merit but for a lack of time. It needs to reach the Supreme Court to grant me the relief I am looking for, but I fear the lower courts will just drag their collected feet to stop me from being granted the relief the motion calls for. I am sorry that this one is full of whining but I have nothing left to talk about. I am a man with little hope left. I still have a great plea for clemency, but that is left to a man who has never granted a single case clemency. Hell even George W. granted one!

Well I will return tomorrow with more of my insanity. It is said that insanity is best when shared, so I feel it is my obligation to make each and every one pf you as insane as I am.

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