Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Love of Green
By Christi Buchanan

Emphasize, accent, illuminate or stress
Punctuate, accentuate, italicize or mark
No matter the job.
No matter the expectation
You always come thru for me.
I love you green highlighter.
Straight and true every time
A part I can wear with confidence
Thank you for your consistency.
I love you green comb.
Nothing else works
Nothing else helps
Too tight, too loose
Too small, too broken,
Still there is only you.
I love you my green hairclip.
So thick and soft, so functional
Older than Fluvanna
I’m amazed you’re still in one piece
You cushion me through extra innings
And anchor my rare yoga stretch
Or late night movie sprawl
I love you my green towel.
Because of your undercover support
I stand a little taller
Then discard you till laundry day
What a thankless job
I love you green bra.
Each one of you has a _____ all your own
Each of you is a mood, a feeling
An ingredient in my personality
Serious, militant, independent, goofy
I love you green tee shirts.
At night, when it’s cold and sleep eludes me
You cocoon me in your welcome warmth
And remind me, if only for a moment, of home
I love you green robe.
My love of green is not mine alone
Since man first emerged
Green ruled the world
And as societies rose and fell
Green remained central in the spectrum of color
Each tone resonant with meaning
The color itself rich in symbolism.
The artist doesn’t just see green
But the deep majesty emerald,
The fragrance of apples and pine forests
The crispiness of celery and velvetiness of moss.
The scientist doesn’t just see light waves
0f 510 manometers of arcane formulas
But a deeper power in light and leaf
Combining to create life.
The economist doesn’t just see special
Blend paper blue lake # 40
But the very force of life
Pumping through the veins of Wall Street
And the actor doesn’t just read jealousy in his script
But a green-eyed monster
Tearing its way through the hearts of his admirers.
Green has become a symbol, a movement
Green party politics, green energy,
Green peace and green day
Green holds sway in the world today
But to me it’s a more intimate friend
And as I view my life through my own green eyes
I see the cup, the comb, the towel, the robe
As cherished green gifts life has given me.

Christi Buchanan 1003054
Fluvanna Correctional Center 1A
P.O. Box 1000
Troy, VA 22974

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