Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poetry by Charles Bassett (PA)

The Code on the Streets
by Charles Bassett

They asked about the code on the streets and was it real
In my view this is what it entails
Living by dubious codes is very sad to me
But I don’t see no codes, what I see is insanity
The code on the streets, I don’t think it is one
Especially with 12-year-olds running around with guns
The code on the streets, the code don’t get no love
I know people who sold their best friend’s pregnant mother drugs
The code on the streets, as far as snitching let’s be real
We all learned in grade school not to tattletale
But people grow up; some continue to mind their biz
While others will sit with police and tell it how it is
I always thought it was wise to expose a snitch
But you have to be careful
I know some rats who would kill you for calling them a snitch
Ain’t that a bitch
The code on the streets must be hard to comprehend
Because I keep hearing about old ladies getting beat up or robbed every now and then
The code on the streets, for the code, Kev took a case for his homie
While Kev’s in jail, guess who’s sleeping with his girl?
You guessed it, his homie
Too bad Kev couldn’t see the code was phony
The code on the streets had my cousin growing up far too fast
Now mom has to borrow money for a funeral to bury his ass
The code on the streets, what I’m about to say, never forget
Fuck with the wrong person, they’re going to come at your neck
Look at what George Bush did to get respect
The code on the streets got the dude on death row
He got a date with the needle for a person he didn’t even know
The code on the street can get you a murder in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree
Keep messing with codes, you’ll be doing time like me

Charles Bassett BV2576
SCI Graterford
P.O. Box 244
Graterford, PA19426-0426

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