Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poetry by Charles “Chucky” Mamou Jr.

By Charles “Chucky” Mamou Jr.

I wish I was a kid again,
Living in a world free of sin
Free from wars that have no meaning
I’m still California Dreamin’,
leaning on my own understanding
tired of politicians deceptive grandstanding’s
telling you what you want to hear so they can
get your vote
it’s either the Ballot or the BULLET,
Not watermelon and chicken
And just because I eat at Chick-fil-A,
Don’t make me anti-gay
It just means I accept marriage to mean a
husband and wife
I’m Pro-life
Live and let live
To be or not to be
And yet,
I just want to kick back and eat a pork
While watching Charlotte play with her web
In search for Wilber
Follow me?
Society can be such a cruel place
And I often feel like a mental case
Worrying about my family’s safety
Not caring whether or not the Executioner hates me
Humans will always be be at odds with humanity
It’s the essence of insanity
“One Nation Under God” has never existed
Uncle Sam keeps murderers enlisted
Never forget My Lai, Vietnam
Some times can be a little too much
I often feel that I’ve grown out-of-touch,
I shun liars and speak the truth,
Having immature folks call me a nincompoop
My mother tells me I just don’t understand
While I explain to her I speak with the tongue of a changed man
o-called friends say these nine pounds of steel has drove me insane
I just wish they could feel my pain.


Walk This Way!
By Charles “Chucky” Mamou Jr.

Walk This Way…
Is what Aerosmith and Run DMC screamed-rapped
into a hit,
though they have no clue
about this Texas Death Row bullshit
how sleep deprivation causes inmates to vociferously
while loneliness chases away all promising Dreams
Walk This Way…
and it may cause you to have a stress induced stroke,
proving that Texas justice is fucking Joke
Walk This Way…
to see the window of misery through my eyes
I often wonder if God pays attention to any of my cries
Cause if 1 + 2 = 3
then how come two shackles on one don’t equal,
Walk This Way…
allowing me to explain,
how locking up any human being in isolated confinement is a Gawd-Damn shame
Walk this Way…
breathe in and breathe out
contemplate what the Death Penalty is really all about
it’s not about innocence or guilt,
nor males versus females
It’s about derailing human minds into a living Hell
called Polunsky
where the owners are a bunch of undercover PENN STATE Sandhuskies
Walk This Way…
and cast upon me some Hope
or leave me alone getting high on this Justin-4 medical
Cause Redundancy here is like leaking silicone
and like Oz’s Dorothy,
I Just Want To Go Home!
Walk This Way…
Talk This Way…
But keep your kisses!


I Wonder…
By Charles “Chucky” Mamou Jr.

I wonder why a politician –Newt can seek forgiveness from God,
But society says a Death Row inmate can’t?
999333 screams for FREEDOM
While Justitia faints
Don’t be a tattletale,
Nor a prevaricator
Just try to understand what I am going through
Don’t make it all about Me,
Cause I wonder what would you do?
Living unjustly in moldy cells that leak acid rain;
Poppin Chlorphen tablets just to alleviate the pain
And in whose Name Do thee Trust?
Recall the day Shaka Sankofa was slain?
Was Humanity’s march in vain?
I wonder do judicial miscarriages make you mad too,
Or are you just another victim of the Blind-Justice flu?
It’s contagious!
I wonder whatever happened to the days of Jungle
Juices and Animal Cookies,
Eaten in the invigorative sun
Now I live in an iron jungle, living like an animal
Just for perverted judicial fun
I wonder will my Anthony Graves’ day become my very own shining moment,
Or just a figment of my very own prankish imagination
I wonder…


Crossed the Rubicon
By Charles “Chucky” Mamou Jr.

I’ma throw 22 at cha
Just to see if you can CATCH it
I know it’s frustrating cause I’ve spoken something that just flew over
your head
So why believe Tupac is dead?
When I can resurrect verbs into living nouns
Making my persecutors look like clowns
You all want Human Rights
while I demand Freedom Now!
Just ask the Mau Mau people
Known to have a golden mouth-piece
Sweeter than the pieces of Reeces that was given
to E.T.,
But y’all not feelin’ me
Somebody phone home on their new iPhone 10…
Don’t laugh cause the Mayans say civilisation is
about to end…
May Jobs rest in peace,
In hopes that one day jobs for workers will increase
Hungry mouths keep the Death Penalty fed,
folks killin over a single slice of bread
They have crossed the Rubicon
Thou you would tather have me sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”
But how can I Be when it’s not within my Being?
I’ve Crossed the Rubicon with the images of
2 million dead and incarcerated faces haunting
my mind
did you all pick up on the sublime?
R.I.P.: Emmett Till…
Aiyanna Jones…
Trayvon Martin…
Christina Mamou, who was only a beautiful thirty-two
Like Snoop Dogg sung, “I’ma Ride for you Baby-Boo.”
But some things don’t change, can’t change
Some things only live on within our hearts
Some things simply Crossed the Rubicon.

Charles Mamou Jr. 999333
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

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