Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art by Mike Mendoza

My name is Mike Mendoza Jr. I was born in Galveston County, Texas. I consider myself a prisoner of war- war on crime. Honestly, if our criminal justice system was not corrupt..legally, factually, I should not be serving a life sentence for murder. As the great Geronimo once stated." I think I am a good man, but all the papers in the world say I am a bad man, but it is a bad thing to say about me. I NEVER do wrong without a CAUSE.

I am pro-life. I am pro-American. I love my country as one can see through my work. I once had a dream as a child, to become a U.S. Marine- to make my loving momma proud of me and to wear the dress blue.

I am  single. My wife divorced me for another man. I have one biological daughter( who was allegedly aborted.) When I entered TDCJ in 1996, for the first time, I was a 9th grade drop-out. I was supposed to be in the 11th grade, with a 5th grade reading level. I was a Special Education student. I was taking GED classes at Lee College so that I could join the U.S. Marines, only to learn that the Marines do not accept GED'S. While in prison, I have learned to read and write better. I have learned to read and write and speak Spanish. On this life sentence, I have become a writer. I have educated myself in Criminal Law. I have legally, factually obtained my 2 year diploma in Criminal Justice. I also help those that do not have the funds to afford an honest appeal attorney. If I ever make it home, I hope to find a job working for an attorney. I am educated on both sides of the law. I spend my time reading. My favorite book is Harry Potter. I am locked up 23 hours a day in a cage. The only human contact I have is a hand shake or when i am escorted. I hear a lot of Country-Tejano or classical. My day is spent hearing politics while I draw. My art work is mostly inkwhich I paint with human hair. i do some map color-mixed with water color. Drawing also supports me. The only help I receive is from my Grandmother. I try not to complain because ther is some that have nothing, and that includes their minds.

Mike Mendoza Jr. 1223739 
TDCJ Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tenn Colony, Texas 75884

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