Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poetry by Aaron Stewart

Uncertain Possibilities
By Aaron Stewart

There´s something so intriguing about meeting someone new.
I hope it´s the beginning of something meaningful relationship between me and you.
I´m sick and tired of living by myself.
Let me tell you baby,
I sure could use some help.
It´s hard as hell!
Trying to meet someone locked in a cell.
But, I´m optimistic that it can be done.
And if I´m really lucky, you could be the one.

Sit yourself down and send me some lines.
Let´s get an understanding and have a meeting of the minds.
Let´s explore the uncertain possibilities of a you and I,

Who knows, you could be my girl, and I could be your guy

By Aaron Stewart

Moving faster than the speed of light,
Positive thoughts take flight.
Negative ones take root.
Negativity takes control.
Planting holes in my soul.
Amassing and permeating dark energy,
Like a leech it feeds on me.
Darkening my path so I can´t see.
Blinded I go about to and fro
Will it ever stop?
I just don´t know.
My spirit and soul needs reconstruction,

So I can disengage self-destruction.

If God Showed Up
By Aaron Stewart

If God showed up, what would you do?
If He came down to pass judgement on me and you?
Would you be able to hold up your head?
Or would you be ashamed instead?
If you looked back down over your life
Would you be able to say your tried to do right?
If God showed up, would you be happy or sad?
How would you judge your life, good or bad?
If God showed up would you try to run and hide?
Or wish at birth you would have died?
If you showed up and you were practicing genocide,
Would your actions be justified?
In God´s great eyes!
If God showed up and you were an oppressor of His people.
Do you think He would forgive such malicious evil?
If God showed up, I, the kept would be very glad,

And very, very proud to have such a great Dad.

By Aaron Stewart

Hate is the dark matter that pollutes the souls.
Hate is an evil that doesn´t like to be controlled.
Hate is a monster in all of us,
That likes to run amuck.

Hate is alien to all sound reason,
It´s always in full bloom in all seasons.
Hate is vicious and malicious, monstrous,
Insidious and invidious.
Hate is a driving force in most people´s lives,
Intentional evil, hatred is a thing I despise.
I hate the hatred that hate has wrought.
I simply wanted to state my position,
On the hate interpositions.
I hate everything that does not promote love and respect,
For our Heavenly Father I AM THAT I AM.

I´m just a simple, God-fearing man.

Caramel Sweet
By Aaron Stewart

You´re caramel sweet, and delicious eye candy
Brown and lovely is what I see.
Woman you move me, you do me.
´Ya know what I mean?
Your face and your smile,
Makes my heart cold, stupid and wild.
It´s so pure, so sweet!
It mingles in my heart like pure jubilee!
Hair so soft and smooth,
No chemical required, “It´s so damn cool!”
Mentally equal, yet challenging to me.
So sassy-frassy, classy, brilliant antagonistic, but measured
My true pleasure.
A special and very strong kind of a woman.
Caramel sweet
Thighs that curve into voluptuous hips
And such lovely, so lovely kiss me lips
Between your mind and thighs,
Is where I want to be, just you and just me.
Oh fine lady with the lovely face,

Keep spilling love and grace all over this ugly place.

Can't Wait
By Aaron Stewart

Free me, loose me, release me.
I can´t wait until I´m free.
So I can come and go as I please.
Lift this encumbered burden
Lord give me peace.
Let me do all the things dear to me
Like the things I long to see.

I can´t wait to see you again,
To let you know how bad it´s been.
I just want to celebrate
My brand new life without the state.
Oh, if I could hold you close!
I long for your embrace the most.
I can´t wait!
To get out of here

To love you, my sweet and sexy darling dear.

The Cage
By Aaron Stewart

A cage is a terrible place of
Many evil thing
Where every imaginable wrong,
Is visited upon human being.

It’s fraught with woes and calamities
Full to the hilt with doom and gloom

It’s like a never-ending nightmare
Most vicious, cruel and mean
Where decaying hopes and dreams
Flow like endless streams.

Days merge into years,
And nothing seems to change.
But there you will remain
And the cage just stays the same.

It just stays the same.

Beyond Measure
By Aaron Stewart

What I feel for you is beyond measure.
Because you’re far greater than any found treasure!
To love you, and know you’re mine
Is all I’ve ever wanted, or, ever hoped to find.

You’re far more valuable than any pot of gold
More precious than any jewels ever bought or sold
Neither diamonds, or pearls, could ever compare
Nor anything that sparkles, shines, or even gleams.

None of it can compare to you
The woman of my dreams@
The fires of my desires will burn forever!
My love will not end. No, not ever!

Caught Up
By Aaron Stewart

I thought when I first met you
You wouldn’t be around for long
Until your tight grip
Made my love grow strong.

I’ll comfort you in times of sickness.
And lay my life down for you with a quickness.

Through health and wealth
Till death do we part
I’ll gladly give up my life, and donate my heart
Everyday I’ll pray and ask God to preserve
Your life!
So I can keep you as my loving wife!

These are pledges from my soul to you!
I’m so caught up by the simple, beauty of you.
My love will grow and grow! And
Never stop
Please understand me!
I’m loving you with everything I’ve got!

Your Smile
By Aaron Stewart

Look at you!
Your smile is so divine
It lights up my heart!
Like a ray of sunshine
It’s just so radiant, pure uniqueness!
It promises something terrible!
So wonderful! Oh, my goodness!

Words could never begin to describe
The incredible love I feel inside
Each and every time I see you smile.
It´s just so precious in every possible way
Please believe me when I say?

Your smile is beautiful and pleasing
Pure work of art
It´s very strange magic!
Never stop smiling
It would simply be tragic.

Unquenchable Desire
By Aaron Stewart

I would be the happiest man alive!
If I could dive between those thighs
A swim inside you ocean
With your waves in full motion!

Oh! If would be such a delight!
If we could sail together til the early
Morming light!

Until our energy is spent in full
Woman you don’t know how bad
I wish I could

You see I’m caught up
With this unquenchable desire
To light up all of your passion fire!
I need to feel it pour out of your soul
Until it burns like madness
Out of control

By Aaron Stewart

I´m committed to the proposition of you and I
I will keep all my commitments until the day I die
I´m committed to making our a more perfect union
I pray I´ll always live up to my duties

I´m committed to the pursuit of prosperity:
Happiness, joy and peace
To keep a good-understanding
Going on between you and me

I´m committed to promoting mutual respect
And trust
By keeping information open
And flowing between us
Know for a surety!
Everything in this world I do!
Is dedicated to commitments

Made between me and you.

Understanding and the 55c Stamp!
By Aaron Stewart

So, you started to write him, time and time again,
Except you could never seem to find a pen.
After all, didn’t he write all the time?
And tell you about the things on his mind.

Then one day, you sat right down and wrote him a letter.
You told him you hoped it made him feel much better,
Plus, you decided to send him a few pennies.
‘Cause you knew, for a fact, he didn’t receive many.
There you said, “I finally got the job done”.

Except, for a stamp, you didn’t have one.
So, you laid the letter on the dresser by the lamp.
Never once did you look for a stamp.

There the letter sat; there the letter stayed.
For weeks, then months, there the letter laid.
Those precious few words that said you cared.
The words never sent; the words never shared.

Then, one day, you looked up and said,
“Damn! I don’t know what’s going on inside my head”.
So, you went to the store and bought a stamp.
You put it on the letter laying by the lamp…

Finally, the letter was on the way.
But, as fate would dictate,
The letter you sent arrived too late.

Old boy died in the steel-tomb camp!
With the full knowledge, your love
And understanding,
Wasn’t even worth a 55-cent stamp!

Penitentiary Life
By Aaron Stewart

Penitentiary life is a quagmire
Of redundant and frivolous trivia,
Where blood-letting is ever prevalent,
And it flows, just like a river.

It’s where you can always find
Hate and turmoil in many men’s minds;
Of pent-up frustrations and
Hate-filled hostilities;
Where the threat of death
Is a great possibility…

It’s a place of the strong, the gentle,
And the meek.
A real-life nightmare 
For the mentally weak.

It’s invidious, insidious, 
Dark, draconian, and sad.
A place of nothingness 
Where people go mad.

It’s a very evil thing!
To cage a human being,
And take his humanity.
It’s not a place anyone should be.

It’s a very bitter harvest;
And, after all these years,
It’s taking its toll on me.
Intelligent man, intelligent mind,
Slowly drifting away, slowly dying!

By Aaron Stewart

The prismatic vibrancy of your being
Is an enchanting and wonderful thing.
Hypnotic, and fresh, and very inviting;
Your womanly charms are magnetic and exciting!

A kiss from your succulent lips
Would send me reeling
Into a state of bliss!
Oh, what a beautiful work of art!

You’ve captured my mind,
And moved on my heart!
You fuse my bloodstream
With heat and passion.
You move me tremendously
In a pleasant fashion.

I don’t know what it is you got!
But I love it, lady!
I love it, a lot!

Just me – 

By Aaron Stewart

Loyalty is something that don’t grow on trees.
It’s never for sale, or bought with money.
It’s a deep-rooted bonding;
A certain trust one must always keep!
It ties relationships together,
Always and forever!

Loyalty never, ever goes away.
It’s like the sun;
It always shines, every day.

Loyalty will always remain the same.
Just like gold, it never changes.
Loyalty builds lasting bridges,
Through the cracks and crevices
Of life’s many valleys and ridges.
Loyalty should always be rewarded.
And, for those whom possess it,
Highly regarded!

I hold you in the highest esteem,
For being so true and loyal to me!

Passionate Jubilee
By Aaron Stewart

When I woke up, I thought it was a dream.
I saw four walls, and started to scream.
I pondered the melodies, the music we made.
When we kissed, and when we touched!

And, oh!
The majestical passion, that flowed between us.
It was way beyond sweet.
It was exceptional and divine.
The love. Oh, the love!
Yours and mine.

I was caught-up in passion’s revelry.
And locked-down in pure ecstasy. 
It was fantastic and bombastic!
Pure joy, and so erotic!
The love spasms, and imploding, orgasms.
Oh, my passionate jubilee!

If only you were real, and not a dream…

Keeping It Real
By Aaron Stewart

Who am I,
In this vast and mysterious universe? 
What is life and its purpose?
I am a spiritual being, living a human experience,
Engaged in a constant struggle!
To maintain existence, “peacefully”.
Living and hoping, struggling and coping.
Learning and yearning.
Loving and trying to be loved.
Seeking security and posterity,
To ensure longevity.
In space and time.
Using the tools of my mind.
Steering this ship in turbulent streams,
To foment my hopes and dreams;
Forging them into reality.
Sharpening, and honing my skills.
Staying focused, and keeping it real.

Aaron Stewart A71724
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434

I am Aaron Stewart, a 57 year old prisoner. A native of Chicago, Illinois. I am wrongfully imprisoned “Actually Innocent' as the term goes, This is book II of “Ruminations From The Well Of A Caged Soul.” With these ruminations I hope it will allow you a peek at a mind imprisoned, but not brain chained.

I let the spirit within speak of events, mental impressions, and this ongoing rolling, moving picture show. Of life behind these cold, gray, ugly walls. Penitentiary news emanates and reeks of suffrage, and longing, commiserating forgotten human souls.

With these few collections of thoughts, I hope I can put a human face on this wretched place. To enlighten the world from one man perspective on time, spaces, and places. The mind roams in these unnatural and caged lifestyles. We are pretty much like everyone else. Except some of us are truly criminals, some of us are not. Some are malcontent, and some are not. All want to be free to do what human beings do. (Live, thrive, work, hope, cope, love, to build a better future.) Most of us are misunderstood, mistreated neglected, disrespected, and mislabeled. 

With these thoughts in my head I decided to out them down. You know. spread them around see what John Q. Public thinks about human beings wasting away; paying for crimes they didn’t commit everyday. Turn the page please.

I’m single, never married.  No children, I’m just hoping and coping and waiting on Ms. Right to come in to this fractured life.

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