Friday, August 20, 2010

Art and Poetry by Kenneth M. Key

I Dream About You Today
By Kenneth M. Key

I dream about you today
Like all my yesterdays
Looking forward to my tomorrows

I dream a dream that wasn’t real
For you were gone some thirty
years ago
Lost to me in the time gone by.

I dream about you today
That I got a letter in the mail
long overdue, lost in the storms
of time, finally to make its

You said you still loved
me, but had to move on.
Couldn’t be anchored down
To Life without the possibility
of parole. Saw no future
in that, and it was true

I dream about you today
that I was still there, eyes
meeting eyes, and love vibrating
and sensing without words

But the guard rapped
the bars and the dream
I dream about you today
was lost like every
moment in my day to
the reality of doing Life without the
possibility of parole.

What If?
By Kenneth M. Key

What if I was to go
before the Great Throne
of Forgiveness, be forgiven
before I died
would you still judge me,
would you forgive me or
would you still hate me
count me unworthy
no doubt
still stain
unforgivable in your eyes
looked upon with the same eyes
of hatred, prejudgment and
malice in your heart, you’ve
been trained to use by society
their criminals, irredeemable
unworthy, let them die.

Yet each week you enter
your places of worship
with outstretched hands

Tainted with hate, prejudices
and more blood then is
upon my very own hands

For it drips from your
So visibly, as you parade
in the illusion of fellowship
but not loving, or forgiving
as you’ve all been commanded
to do
pretending, going through the motions
always judging, void of heart
yet to reach out to me or others
yet making no contributions
beyond superficial, claiming
to be blessed and highly favored
You Hypocrite
busy in your hypocrisy, what if I
was you and you were me what if? what if?

Would You Let Me?
By Kenneth M. Key

If I feel on my knees
To find my peace
To finally be free
Would you let me?

Or would you still ridicule me
Prosecute me
Keep the monster alive
Despite it having died
Resurrected to be something else

Would you continue to buy
Into society lies that a man
Never changes, can’t be redeemed,
Can make no changes from
The inside

If I fell on my knees
To find my peace
to finally be free
could you, my readers
forgive me
would you let me embrace my forgiveness
be a part of my redemption,
to finally be free
From what haunts me,
Keeps me
tied down by the
anchors you’re provided me
would you let me?

By Kenneth M. Key

I would like to think that
among my peers, that I was
a poet,
a wordsmith
splitting words smoothly and
fluently with such agility
that they cast thoughts in the
aftermath of their taking off
My audience who were seated
and patiently wondering and
moved at every turn of my
next word
But truthfully
I’m just a man expressing
his thoughts upon the ethers
of time, hoping the vessels
will receive these messages
in kind, that I bring for
the need of a mental
elevation in our liberation
From what enslaves us
In these 13th amendment
Prison Plantations.
I would like to think
I’ve caused you to
and with that the
process has begin

Just Another Year
By Kenneth M. Key

Well it’s another year
and many seem to be filled
aith this
Happy New Year cheer
But I can assure you
It’s just another year
of showers that never clean
of birds that never sing
of time reminding us we’re not

887 more years to go
Just another year
of time reminding you of time
you can’t possibly do
of food with no taste
of smelling another man’s waste
of living with men with multiple
Of cell houses so cold, even with
the heat on high, and you fully
clothed, you won’t be warm.
Of pest, bugs ad mice
keep men company at night
Of living in a prison Industrial
of clothes that don’t fit,
or keep you warm in the
winter or allow you to
be cool in the summer.
Just another year
the sentence of Life without
the possibility of parole

Just another year.

By Kenneth M. Key

Are they guilty
Guilty as sin
As sin is guilty
Of robbing
Of raping
Of taking from them
Of disrespecting and victimizing them
But if the guilty repents
And attempts to make amends
My question to you is when
Does forgiveness truly begin?
Like the love, the blood
Of the unconditional, because
They are guilty of hiding and
Not being true
Guilty of covering it up 
Because of the sickness
That hides, resides inside
of them
Yes! Guilty.

Freedom I Waited
By Kenneth M. Key

Freedom I waited for you
Last night as I closed my eyes,
Waiting, longing, needing to be free

But you never came, only whispers
In the night, saying, eyes looking
Into eyes, you´ll have to stay
A little while longer.

Yet to pay for the unspeakable
Crimes you´ve done, yet to earn
Your freedom, certainly
Not done, resurrecting not
Yet reborn, someday to be 
His son.

And when that happens,
Then FREEDOM, Yes! Freedom
Will surely come.

“Ode to You”
By Kenneth M. Key

I thought about yesterday,
Like all of my yesterdays,
Of all the things I didn´t do
While you were present upon
This earth.
And I realized, as I thought of
You today, I didn´t hold you up
Like the Queen who gave birth
To her King, who had fallen
Yet resurrected
To do what he was destined
To do
On these planes of time
I thought of you today
And I remembered when
My soul had been crushed
And I had been ostracized
You stood by my side 
And said, not  my son,
I thought about you today
Who came to my aid and
Rescued me time and time again
Believed in me, and loved me
To you, I say “Thank you!”
For I owe you a debt of
I can never repay, now 
That you´re gone. But today I
Thought about you and
Everyday, now that you´re
I shall always pay homage
To you.

By Kenneth M. Key

Forever is a place where we live
Live in our minds with things that
We´ve done

Running, yet always remembering
Forever, not able to run, forever
Secretly laying dormant in our
Minds, forever.

Forever can´t be washed away
With distractions,
Or putting on a mask

Forever must be confronted
Or it will never go away
Never become forgiveness
Or Grace from above
But simply being forever
Forever – remaining forever

Dream a Dream
By Kenneth M. Key

I dream a dream last night,
Not like any other, yeah dream
A dream all right.

A dream deferred all right, not free
As the birds in a sunlit sky, flying
Without a care in the world. Or being
Re-united in a world that didn´t
Have a care in the world, that 
I was convicted, lived or died.

Dream a dream of dreaming
A dream, about this prison industrial
Complex , designed to enslave us
Break us, then bury us in the
Fields of this modern day
Plantation reserved for convicts.

Who can´t vote, cross the Stateline
Or have a real occupation, no
No matter how many degrees they´ve 

Talking about a dream deferred
I dream a dream I wish
I wasn´t dreaming, for my dream
Is likened to my reality in vivid
Color, with sound bites, all
Senses engaged.

Yeah, dream a dream 
All right, but wasn´t sleep
I was wide awake.

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Kenneth M. Key A-70562
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434
Shalom, my name is Kenneth M. Key 58 years old and inmate of Stateville Correctional Center in Illinios, serving life without the possibility of parole.  I’ve been incarcerated over 34 years.  Who am I?  I’m someone’s son, little brother and father.  As I write this, my own son is six cells down below me.  He is also serving life.  I am an artist and I also write on I’m a jailhouse lawyer.  I have three years of college and a diploma in Personal Psychological Development. I pray that my work provokes thought, conversation, healing and forgiveness.

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