Friday, August 20, 2010

Art by Kenneth M. Key

My Son

The Bugs

Baby Girl

After the Storm

Yah Chai/Shalom


"Hear O'Israel YAH is ONE



Genesis Resurrection



As a Clown Thinkith

No More Tears

Behind the Curtain


Clown with Rose

Clown with Cactus on Head

Clown - Untitled

Lady Clown
Children of the Damn!

Still Life

Carrier of "TWO"


The Shat

(YA-DA) To Know

African Mask Benin

Obama & Pride St.

Shema Yisrael Hear Oh! Israel

Jazz in 3

Interpretation I

Interpretation II

Queen of Sheba

Kenneth M. Key A-70562
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434
Shalom, my name is Kenneth M. Key 58 years old and inmate of Stateville Correctional Center in Illinios, serving life without the possibility of parole.  I’ve been incarcerated over 34 years.  Who am I?  I’m someone’s son, little brother and father.  As I write this, my own son is six cells down below me.  He is also serving life.  I am an artist and I also write on I’m a jailhouse lawyer.  I have three years of college and a diploma in Personal Psychological Development. I pray that my work provokes thought, conversation, healing and forgiveness.

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