Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letters to a Future Death Row Inmate, Part 7

by Reinaldo '”QBA” Dennes #999248

Part 6 can be seen here

Dear X,

It’s about coming and going. It’s all about the choice you make, are you coming or going? To come is to stay the same, in reality this is not true as we all change, what I mean is to choose silence, inactivity, quieting the mind. This is the best choice you can make, better than worldly wisdom, regardless of what subject.

To know thy true self is the greatest achievement you can make, for me this has been true as I have obtained academic wisdom also. Education will produce a better choice, still better is the choice to know thy divine essence. Why fill the mind with knowledge that is ever changing and never true. In silence, I have learned, remembered, what cannot be taught in books, experience supersedes knowledge. The experience in the spirit that is omnipotent in all subjects, whatever you seek can never be equaled to academic knowledge. I have learned that life is an illusion in this reality that your awareness resides in the moment. What is seen does not exist, but to truly believe this one has to make a choice to know thyself. Self is not found in the senses, pleasure, nor fulfillment of your hearts desires. Self is found in the silence and light. Not in the music of the radio but the music between the notes.

Choose to know thyself and you will make this time the most important and memorable of this life. To break the cycle of perpetual reincarnation and return to full awareness is your only goal that will wake you up. Like in a dream, all is real until you realize you are dreaming, then in this lucid state of awareness the world around you disappears. So it is true in the physical world once you become aware of whom you are, this world will fade away into the nothingness from which it was created.

This world is a dream, spirit doesn’t dwell in matter nor matter can contain spirit. They are contradictions, opposites, you choose in which to dwell in. I no longer wish to come or return to life. I am going home.

Reinaldo '”QBA” Dennes #999248

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