Monday, September 6, 2010

Art and Poetry by Dewan Evans

Sweet Dreams
By Dewan Evans
if I could make your dreams come true
I would grant your wish
when I think of you
it's like a angel heaven sent
my heartbeat had a dream 
it plotted and skemed
how to stop this dream
but I'm only a human being
my heart feels better
knowing we 're affiliated
in hopes to grow together
my heart has a personal vendetta
I pray
we withstand the weather
my wish 
I would cherish you forever
through the good ,the bad ,we stand together
never would you dout ,my hearts vendetta
had to remind my heart ,its okay to dream
I'm still in a daze having sweet dreams
"sweet dreams"

No Fear
By Dewan Evans

my back was against it from the start 
no I didn't surrender, no handouts
I stood tall ,despite defenders
I survived no pretender 
why judge me ?when you don't know my dillema !
no surrender no retreat!
twenty years with tatto tears
never am I use to this 
I brainwash myself ,to stay content for years
in a ugly world 
where you can't show fear
where your innocents is stripped 
bond with your family
seems like its a million miles away 
everyday feels the same way 
a happy face doesn't mean its a happy day!
my pain deeper than the surface 
some live life like they worthless
I was boring from where the curse is 
persevered until they trapped me for years
I prayed my innocents in tears 
never thought
I wouldn't see my family for years 
I still fight to stay relevant 
despite the years, deaf is always a fear
so my legacy I strive to get better for years 
if I die today no fear !
cause I know the heavens near 

By Dewan Evans

what if i gave up
no hope to keep to living 
no hope to get right with my children
what if
I was never born 
aborted days in
i wonder how my family 
how this world would end
what if they never lied
had a lawyer 
to prove my innocents no disguise!
what if this world wasn't full of lies 
betrayal,careless lives
god showed his face ,no disguise
how many would get some act right
what if this world had no sunlight
how many would have a rascis mind
what if your life was traded for mine 
would you be a warrior confined
screaming your innocents 
even tho no one cares
but everyday you hope someone hears
what if you were on your last breath
would you be content with death 
or fight till your last breath
"what if"

Golden Treasure
By Dewan.Evans
*Dedicated*to Birgit*

I'm so into you 
no matter what I do, I think of you!
your words inspire my heart 
your heart is what the world needs
you set yourself apart
my love for you will never leave 
I pray nothing breaks us apart
I wish we could fly like doves
into the sky far
I hope you believe we can go far
achieve and shine like a star
your presence 
takes me beyond these bars
your appreciated forever
if I could, I would show you
365 days of love and treasure
never abandon you!
just be your umbrella, through stormy weather
your special my love, my golden treasure

These Prison Bars 
By Dewan Evans

these prison bars make my days hard
to get by to keep faith to go far 
my innocents doesn't matter
I'm a voice sealed in a vault
no air ,missing family affairs
I told my seeds believe truth
instead of manipulators
and how this system can be manipulators
despite this nightmare
I dream for greater
god knows my innocents
so I'll receive blessings later
for now I have to whether the storm
a lot of days depression is the norm 
I remain a warrior 
behind these steel doors
despite losing days and loved ones 
more and more
got to find strength ,to fight through
desperado heart with faith
despite what I've been through
I wouldn't wish this life for you
I've been fortunate and blessed
to survive and make it through
even on days I had no strength 
to get through ,no hope, no body to vent to!
just a cold cell with a prayer in the air
"this life I got to live through"

I'm not going to lose
By Dewan Evans

I'm not going to lose
I'm just trying to stay alive
it feels good outside
especially when the sun shines
no more dark days
asked god forgiveness, for my worst days
trying harder now uh days
still not perfect today
but my faith is not stray
despite innocent in this cage, I still pray
a warrior a father
wishing to give truth to my kids one day
wishing to be free with my kids one day
I pray this anger turn stray 
for those who black mailed me today
haters hate I keep a smile on my face
passionate of my goals today
just cause I'm Locked away
I wouldn't shine today
thanks to God for paving the way
forgiving me to this day 
like a rose I'm slowly, blooming each day
in hopes of heaven gates
on both knees I pray
I'm not going to lose!

*inside voice*
By Dewan Evans

two decades trapped in 
judged again and again
woke up to negative voices once again
close to giving up hope once again
cause the good just went bad once again
I'm never asked just judged again
despite facts being twisted
judge gave a dam about my existence
or my bond with my kids missing
while those who lied saying I was the bad guy 
why they free outside? living a lie 
while I'm surviving this Ill prison
lost my mom then my gram 
way before they lost their existence
20 years in prison
no hugs just prayers and wishes
this inside voice is vicious
it makes me suspicious, trying to cloud my vision
strip my faith
have me Moraless in prison
so I fight the feeling 
continue to keep hope alive
of me free from prison
it's to late to proclaim my innocents
damage was done once I was convicted
two decades in
made me cherish 'my freedom days
now it's just this inside voice
I fight everyday!
(inside voice) 

This Black Hole 
By Dewan Evans

this black hole 
got me feeling non existent
losing never strengthen
faith in remission
no longer wishing
20 years strip of my innocence
while those who lied 
free in the world living
in this belly of the beast
a place they call prison 
a place they dictate your living
where they really don't give a dam about you existing
it's crazy how decades fly 
not able to see your family eye to eye
if one dies get sick you can't reside by their side
haters would say you don't deserve 
not caring if the facts
were never observed
black hole strip me of my vision
now I walk blindfold
hoping brighter days will unfold
despite the days I've lost 
family I will never hold 
fighting for strength in this black hole 
praying I want lose my mind the breath I hold
praying to be free of this black hole 

You Stay On My Mind 
By Dewan Evans

you stay on my mind 
like my favorite song
tho it's been years 
since we shared time together
my heart still holds treasure
memories that we would make it last forever
rainy days we laughed together
embraced like it was our last time together
I knew deep down you deserve better
cause I was a young man scorn
struggling with trust since a newborn
I apologize for
all the days not treating you like you was heaven sent
my heart ,my concsicous been haunted ever since
I know I caused pain
but my love was real 
I wish it could make sense
I wish I could rewind our days
turn your sadness to a smiling face
instead of me behind these bars today
our family ,our future ,
we would strive to make better everyday
I truly miss you today
and hope you found happiness today
I wish my younger days
did'nt dictate my ways 
that's no excuse today 
how I treated you back in the day
forgive me today 
this is a true apology 
that I hope you accept 
if we happen to meet at heavens gate
I pray we get a chance to conversate
so you can see how remorseful I am
with these words I speak today
forgive me! 

Takes a Warrior
By Dewan Evans

Takes a warrior 
To right your wrongs
Survive against all odds
Survive your downfalls
“Takes a warrior”
to admit your wrong doings
fight to get through it
“Takes a warrior”
to survive this life I`m livin
Innocent, trapped in, an evil prison
I preach my innocence
Seems like nobody is listening
I seek God for attention
Hoping He will listen
Give me answers, Why am I stuck in prison?
“Takes a warrior” 
To survive these days
Imagine not embracing your family for over a decade
“Takes a warrior”
Mentally, physically
Every night I ask God, “Why do you do this to me?”
“Takes a warrior”
To have patience in a fast world
Running with no shoes and laces
I am a warrior.

Weathering the Storm
By Dewan Evans

It´s like I´ve seen this before
Not looking for sympathy
That´s the wrong word for me
I´ve dealt with the devil
Felt how he burned me¡
I´ve been down in the bottomless pit
Mentally seek
Praying I can rest forever
Thought death was better
Not from guilt, but life´s vendettas
Wondering, will it get better?
Will I ever get a grip?
Life for some is roses
I grew, I got exposed
True, I took a different road
I was dealt bad cards
Had no choice but to fold
Now, I´m just weathering the storm.

Falling Loved Ones
By Dewan Evans
(Dedicated to those on the Frontline and those that have made an impact to the world)

Falling loved ones
United from long range
Kennedy, Martin Luther King
But the world still had a dream
Ronald Reagan was blessed to survive a bullet
Malcom X was sabotaged
3 soldiers went to war
Now 3 families stressing
Hoping their loved ones
Don´t come back as U.S. evidence
1 was fortunate
The other 2 died, representing U.S. pride
Wish we could rewind time
Since we can´t
We send our prayers to the sky
As well as our thanks
For being a brave heart on the frontline
Dedicated to our falling loved ones, in the sky
-– Falling Loved Ones –

To the End
By Dewan Evans

I live with passion
Haters always asking
Wishing the worst for me
Want to see me tragic
My mid could be stagnate
But I´m focus, not your average
Trying to win, get advantage
I used to be a loose cannon
I was down in the dumps
Through this life stuck
Accepted many lumps
Now I sit, amongst killers, and bad seeds
I know the world judging me
I´m innocent, but guess only God can see
If you live this life
Blessed to see the sun
Blessed to see the moon
Recognize your blessings now!
Rather than soon.
 – Till the end – 

Where Were You?
By Dewan Evans

Dedicated to those who claimed to have love for me, 
called themselves friends only to abandon me, 
to those who don't know Dewan, this is a part of my life, 
despite the downfall I still remain strong!  
And with faith, "1"

When Momma left me as an infant
When that woman fondled me
When I was a young'un, not knowing
Where were you?
When I was a victim to abuse
Thought it was a part of love
So with permanent scars, I made excuses
Where were you?
When I was wild and clueless
Homeless in the streets
with my stomach growling
Sick and close to death
Where were you?
When I needed direction
Witness survival in the streets
Adopted a toughness
Refusing to be poor and weak
Where were you?
When I needed love and affection
Felt like I had no choices
So I was young and restless
Where were you?
When I was point blank, from death
Survived, had to thank God for breath
Where were you?
When they lied and the courts believed
Sentence me close to a century
Where were you?

Spoken Word Poetry by Dewan Evans

We live only one life as we know
We miss opportunities
We make bad decisions
We regret
We cherish life, even on them bad days
We have moments
We wish we could hold forever
Erase forever
I sit behind bars, in this new era
I've lost so many things
Loved ones, beautiful beings, my innocence
I pray for better days
Like the sun, when it's to cold and rain
I love my rainy days
But behind these bars, it's not the same
I wonder who sees the pain?
When I think its tucked away!
Still keep faith in my heart
For a better day
To be free from this cage
Like a innocent bird, I'll fly away
Never turning back to these days
Only to cherish, my remaining days
Leaving my negative thoughts castaway
-Thoughts of better days-

My Window
Spoken Word Poetry by Dewan Evans
From e-book – My Daily Bread

Gotta be better days
Embraced with loved ones, through them rainy days
Seems like everybody smilin on them sunny days
Can´t believe God blessed me through yesterday
What don´t kill us should make us stronger
Either we rise or fall
Some are blessed to have it all
Others struggle
Wonder why they in this world at all
It´s new money for scams
Not enough for helping hands
Children in despair
The world needs repair
This is not truth or dare
More like real life affairs
From my window, the world looks scarce

Should I Be Thankful?
Spoken Word Poetry by Dewan Evans 

That I had to rise
Not looking into my mother´s eyes
No father by my side
Should I be thankful?
Seeing my own flesh and blood, doing drugs
Not caring for their son
Should I be thankful?
For seeing my mom getting hit in her eye
She still tried to disguise
Telling me it´s all right
Should I be thankful?
For all my father´s lies, left his first son
To live another life, on the run
Should I be thankful?
To live in a cold world
Racism, heinous ways, scandalous authority
Me innocent of this cage, till this day!
A wise man told me to pray
I asked him
Would it heal all the pain? Rewind my days?
Expose my innocence freeing me from this cage?
Should I be thankful?
20 years exiled, from family and friends
Lost my mother, then my grandmother
One of my best friends.
She took me in
When she needed me
I was locked in
Screaming from my cell, once again”
Should I be thankful?
For the cards I was dealt to live
Some I played foolish
Others I had to play ´em and live
Should I be thankful?

My Admit-Mission
Spoken Word Poetry by Dewan Evans

My soul was in the slums
My thoughts were on the run
Cold thing! My heartbeat just begun
With this melody, I speak a true one
No sugar coatin, I did dirt in life
In many ways, I thought I was doing right
Just excuses, no fight!
Naïve of a true woman´s worth
Never trusted love
´Cause my heart was thrown in the mud
Thought living life was a curse
´Cause since birth life hurt
Far from perfect, so I ask God for forgiveness
For all it´s worth
Scared to catch feelings
It´s like my heart disperse
If this earth is a curse
Got to build my soul for heaven´s worth.
(My Admit-Mission)

Haters – (The Story)
Spoken Word Poetry/Song 
by Dewan Evans

Haters always judging me
Not knowing if I´m innocent
Suspecting me guilty
Lied to put me away
12 jurors took my faith
The scandalous D.A.
Made a theory, true it made logic
But wasn´t truth!
Haters took the stand, lieing under oath
On an innocent man
One, used to be my best friend
He felt karma wasn´t in his plans
Now he knows
How it feels to lose your life span
My babe´s mother, was a part of this scandalous plan
Unbelievable, how love turn on you that fast!
She lied to protect herself
Then slept with the enemy 
Stripping me to be a father to be
Expressing lies and animosity
To my seeds as they rise
Only if they knew when she lied
My public defender
Was the devil in disguise
Didn´t care if I was innocent, dead or alive!
I witnessed hate in his eyes.


Spoken Word Poetry. 
By Dewan Evans

This moment is ours to shine
Through thick and thin
Let’s stick to our guns
Like true hearts should
Don’t let this barrier
Carry us in opposite directions
You in my life, I consider a blessing
My heart been confessing
You keep a smile on me
You got my love progressing
Got me believing
When I doubted my direction
I appreciated your presence
This moment
I hope lasts forever
In reality, I hope we enjoy the weather
I got your back forever
Friends forever
‘til we meet at the crossroads
This moment we hold
Let’s never let go
- Moment -

Stronger 2
Spoken Word Poetry. 
By Dewan Evans

I was weak, barely could stand
No hope to crawl
Paralyzed mentally, my Faith was none
I was losing slow, so weak, I gave up hope
My physical presence, turned worse
Time wasn’t my essence
No doubt I was stressing
Physically infected
Starving, like no digesting
Many would question, my visual presence
Expecting an addict’s confession
Not knowing, my cancer was progressing
I just left a session
Medication was aggressive, couldn’t stop its aggression
I laid with strength, only to dream and pray
Nothing numbed the pain
Medication felt the same
Every day I woke, I prayed
I fought to Believe
I had strength to succeed, live cancer-free 
Despite on the edge, I didn’t jump
Chose to live instead
My prayers and hope became one
I’m so much stronger, from day one
Stronger I’ve become
- Stronger 2 -

P.S. Dedicated to those fighting cancer, as well as those trying to overcome an ill wellbeing. Fight. Never give up. Believe. Have faith in yourself, Angels, God, and prayer!

Spoken Word Poetry. 
By Dewan Evans

I’m a survivalist, survived the Earth’s abyss
Stronger than two fists, blessed with a gift 
Thank God, even though I’m not rich
It’s a task to stay fit
Mentally, physically
Life took a toll on me
So, no, it’s not for free
I’ve been close to the edge
Crying like a baby, with no comfort
Starvin’ to get fed
Times, I wondered: “Am I better off dead?”
Here I stand alive
Witness the struggle and pain in my eyes
Thought I was safe after baptize
Still had to fight to stay alive
Dodge temptation, stay strong, through tribulation
Been a believer, with no hesitation
But many days, many nights, asking
“God, why life so strife?”
Even if you right, you get done outta spite!
I learned to fight
A survivor!

Who Am I
Spoken Word Poetry. 
By Dewan Evans

I’m a competitor, no one can do better
It’s my time to shine
Adapt to any weather
I know haters, wishin’ for my downfall
That keeps me motivated
Prayer is my parachute, God is my bulletproof
My heart bleeds 100-proof
Soldier mentality, father instincts
Lookin’ out for my family
Fake friends need a Grammy
Life is not a race, you can pass me
Stresses of the world
Cause paranoia and insanity
Money and bad decisions
May make you a casualty
Stay focused, stay humble
Even if you tumble
Get up, dust it off
Stay cautious, like you blindfolded
Let this be deeply noted
Who I am as a person, is not my position
You haters keep wishin’
- Who I Am -

Why Judge Me?
Spoken Word Poetry. 
By Dewan Evans

Nobody on Earth is perfect
You have no right to judge me
Only God does above me
You don’t know enough of me
To label me super ugly
Holdin’ a grudge, just because
Calling me guilty, with no proof to light
Check your soul, read a little of “the word”
See who gave forgiveness to all souls
Why judge me? Innocent or guilty, just say
I copped a plea
Still you have no right judging me
Leave that to G.O.D
I’m not living for free
Cherish friends and love ones around me
Far from perfect
But not guilty on a lot of things
For what it’s worth
Judgin’ me as a cursed kid
How you better? We both bleed under skin
Innocent, not guilty, since you judging me
- Why Judge Me? -

P.S. Don’t judge one just ‘cause you can, or because of their position in life and situation. You can be wrong assuming. Don’t judge a book, or a human being, by their cover, or without true facts about who that human being is. We all have a story!

My Sunshine
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry
T.S.D.E. Ink 5

You came into my life
Brought me sunshine
When I rise
I think of you “my sunshine”
My body craves for it
My heart loves it
“My Sunshine”
I love to look in your eyes
You hypnotize
“My Sunshine”
Makes my days better
When I was under the weather
“My Sunshine”
Got me feeling better
I want my sunshine forever
“My Sunshine”

By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry

You had my trust
You had my heart caught up
You had a diamond, in the ruff
You had my true love and care
You were my one and only
You made my heart face its fears
Then you made it fear all over again
Thought it was me and you the end
Now my new journey begins
My heart still suffocated
Will it ever breathe again?
You made my temperature rise
Only to leave me cold in the end.

(From New Legacy 5)

I´m only Human (The Struggle)
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry

I sit behind these steel gates
With a permanent mad face
Surrounded with lost ones with no hope
20 years no escape
20 years of built up anger
Caged with strangers
Plotting revenge on fake friends
Same ones that lied to win!
Placing an innocent man
In the belly of the beast, me!
Decades in, I barely sleep
Never peace, nightmare on Elm street
I keep  a fake smile, laugh just because
If I was see through, recognize God´s love
I still fight the nudge
To do things just because, remind myself of God´s love
Pray my innocence and freedom
Will one day become
If my prayer is never granted
“True” it will be hard to understand it!
I can only take it as God planned it!
Hoping He knows, just ´cause I question
Never was I blind of His blessings,
I´m only human
That´s been fighting to survive, since adolescence
“I´m only human”.

(From New Legacy 5)

Just Yesterday
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry

I thought I felt an angel heaven sent
Thought I could rewind time
Turn all this pain to joy and sunshine
“Just yesterday”
I prayed for a rainy day
“Just yesterday”
A sprinkle landed on my face
Like a tear
Like it felt my agony, my pain
My struggles to this day
¨Just yesterday”
I thought I couldn´t stand
I was blessed with strength of many man
Tho it´s been many bad days
My faith still stands today
Reminiscing on the good times.
“Just Yesterday”
(From New Legacy 5)

By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry

Hold on to what I have
That´s my family, my sanity and faith
Moms resting in peace today
Pops living deceased today
With no thoughts of me today
I´m fighting these days
I miss my kids these days
Wish they knew truth today
How I was lied on, betrayed
By those still scandalous today
Twisted facts to put me away
I hope the sun shine today
So I can feel a sun ray
I wish for wings today
So I can fly away, escaping the pain today
Knowing it’s a better place
Than the cold world we live in today
It takes a nation for change
Every day we rise
We can fight for better days
When you smile today
Remember, it´s a blessing to wake
No hypocrite, still not perfect today
If I go today, I pray I walk through Heaven gates

(From New Legacy 5)

One Day
By Dewan Evans
 Spoken Word Poetry

Don´t leave me on the bridge
My balance may give
Who say? We can´t love, happily ever after
They don´t dream, don´t understand
What our hearts are after
They judge “Dewan”
But I owe them no answer
“Dewan¨ is no cancer, no monster, never perfect
But a heart full of courage
With good in it!
Changed man, for a better life span
Every day, I ask God was this the plan
Cause behind these bars
Stands an innocent man
Many feel like me
Outside these bars many abandon
Not hearing the innocent´s sound
Many feel like
I shouldn´t have a helping hand
I´m blessed by angel hands
Those that don´t judge, just cause they can
Those I appreciate
Even the ones that judge full of hate
That gives me fuel to demonstrate
With blessings, I´m stronger every day
Blessed to fight another day
Will I get free, maybe one day

“One Day”

(From New Legacy 5)

By Dewan Evans
 Spoken Word Poetry

I got scars from abuse, betrayal and wars
Many times asking God
Is this what you had in store
I was a youngin scorned
Taught faith, but lost it in the storm
Dreamed big, but my reality was th norm
True I had chances to persevere
Chances to shine
like stars in the atmosphere
I chose a road that wasn´t clear
A few times you could say it was karma
Other times the devil causing problems
I tried hard to solve ´em
In a world that´s Gotham
Filled with love and pain
Rich and poor, the sick, the sane
Racism which triggers anger to my brain
It´s useless cause we all bleed the same
Die and rest in a grave
Heaven or hell
Wherever our choices dwell us
Live and learn
That´s what life tells us
Watch those trying to set you up for failure
Sound so familiar.

Be That! Dedicated to my son Simieon Dewan Evans
By Dewan Evans
 Spoken Word Poetry

Be that man I couldn´t be
Keep ya guards up
Life can be a bully
Make right choices, so you can go far
Recognize reward from working hard
Don´t let it dictate negative ways
Believe in self and God
“Responsibility” makes you a better man
don´t look near; look far!
Your future is what you make it
Cherish every breath you take
Treat your body like a temple
Recognize what you been through
Be aware of those see through
Baiting you in just to hurt you
Patience is a virtue
Material things can hurt you
Don´t let it turn you
To what many in this world turn to
Be that golden son, that big brother
Cherish time and hugs with your mother
By now, you should´ve discovered
Who you are, where you´re headed
Be that man I dreaded
Don´t make foolish decisions
Be that man that makes a difference

Be That! Is dedicated to Simieon Dewan Evans, my son.
I was only blessed to be a part of your life physically for a short time.
It wasn´t my choice not to be there! Your dad would never abandon you or hurt you in any fashion
I wanted to be a true father, but, that opportunity was stripped from me for something I´m innocent of.
I pray our communication one day will be frequent and you give me your time and open ear, not to lie to you, but for truth.
It´s so much more you need to know, despite me not being there these years.
You and your sister Tyelenne and your mom are with me every day in my prayers.
Be that!  Son, accomplish everything you put your mind to, stay focused.
I send my love and best wishes.
I miss you.

(Your father, Dewan Evans)

New Legacy
By Dewan Evans
 Spoken Word Poetry

A soul saved no discrepancies
I wouldn`t be human, if I was perfect
I made it this far
Had to go through happiness and pain
Many times
Went against the grain
Close to blowing my own brains
Curt cobain
Life took its toll on  young man
That was trying to break the cycle
A younging balling
Wishing to fly like Michael
To the sky, to the heavens
Disappear from earth
Life had a younging stressing
Since I remained
I turned young and restless
Lead to misdirection
Deadly game, like sex with no protection
Grandma told me learn ya lesson
If not they got bars
That will trap you forever
My heart had a personal vendetta
A young one, not knowing no better
A wise one told me, get your soul together
So you can make it
Where happiness is forever
My new legacy begins
Asking God from the heart
Forgive me for all sins
 Ones I thought
The ones I did
Tho I´m trapped in
I pray my innocence and freedom
Will be the end
“New Legacy”

By Dewan Evans
(Dedicated to DM)

You are a beautiful creation
Beautiful wife, beautiful mother
A survivor with a beautiful heart
You inspire strength and hope
To mothers and friends
You hold beauty within
That can be seen from far
You've healed from scars
You're a mother on guard
Teaching your kids to go far
You're beautiful to the world by far
Thank you for being the beautiful person you are

If I Could
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
(Go to

I would change a lot of things
Take my life out the fast lane
Be stronger with decisions
Analyze my position
Live life like it’s worth living
Keep a settle appetite
Never be shame
Learn from my mistakes the first time around
Make my mother proud, non stressin
Accomplish my goals with aggression
Raise my seeds, my prize possessions
Be a father to the finish
Cherish time and family from the beginning
Work hard so we can live happily
Thank God everyday
For keeping me away from tragedy
If I could
I would try to live life perfect
But no human on earth is
If I could!

Picture This
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
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Innocent of the crime
Convicted, unjustified
Represented by a lawyer not classified
Day by day it gets harder to cope
Laugh and joke is a part of the masquerade
Inside I’m trying hard to stay sane
My heart feels the pain
Everyday ends the same
No matter how I change
I pray to get out one day
Truly believe God will make a way
Till then, I’ll pray, build strength each day
Not seeing my family and kids
For 14 years, bring me mo than tears
I’ve been close to taking my life
If it wasn’t for fear, I wouldn’t be here

Picture this!

Try To Save Them
By Dewan Evans

I see her from far
I see her close range
I see her in my way
Profiling all day
She got a counterfeit heart
A disguise to get you mesmerized
A physique to make temptations rise
A magnet to a man’s eyes
Food for a foolish man’s appetite
Soon as he apple bite
Killing his soul, risking his life
Only thing she care about is the price
Then she on to the next hype
She probably never felt love in her life
Or need money for eviction
Or money for addiction
Could be doing it to pay tuition
Or just to get attention
Maybe she learned it from her momma
It’s a crazy world we live in
We need to pray for these women
Extend a hand to these women
Cause it could be our sister
Our family, our children
Our mothers needing healing
Try To Save them!

Heartless World
By Dewan Evans

That kid tummy starving
Than man is yawning, no roof over his head
That human is dying
Can’t afford healthcare
That girl 14, had a baby on the stairs
Left the baby right there
Not cause she was heartless
Cause she was scared
That man got 25 to life
Cause his lawyer didn’t’ care
That woman had 12 drinks
Don’t remember her sexual affairs
Another woman died
Thinking domestic violence was love
Plenty soldiers relying
But all they get is a moment of silence
In this heartless world
Heartless World

2 Hearts
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
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You get me going, heart pumping
Mind racin’, anticipating feeling your touch
I’m not faking, I tried to shake it
Deepens the temptation
Can’t be infatuation or my imagination
You’re a beautiful creation
One in a million presentation
You in my life, you will always be appreciated
Strive hard, to always keep us affiliated
Let’s make it through the rainy days
Embrace under sun rays, better days
Skies the limit, life got many pivots
Me and you together, we grip it!
Two of the same hearts on a mission
-2 Hearts – 

I Wish
By Dewan Evans
Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
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I wish it wasn’t no bad days
I wish war wasn’t present
I wish death wasn’t destiny
I wish some facts wasn’t irrelevant
My wish is only a prayer
That’s only evident
I will keep wishing, till I’m heaven sent
Some tragedies don’t make sense
I wish God would vent
So I could really understand why it’s meant
Time is essence
I wish I could rewind, to better my present
I wonder if my wishes came true
Would life be better spent
Will my homeless feelings be sheltered
Will my soul be heaven sent?
I wish!

By Dewan Evans

You gave me strength to rise
A reason to believe
Keep hope and a dream
You’re someone I admire
I know
Situations make it harder
I hope we grow stronger
My heart
Can’t fight it no longer
It ponders and dreams
Only to wake to reality
Days you seem close to me
Like we have a chance to be
Is my mind playing tricks on me?
I would give you my air to breathe
No questions, my heart confesses
The old me
Would of hid these possessions
Feelings resurrected
Making you a desire that never left me

- My Desire - 

Words of Truth
By Dewan Evans

(verse one)
You haven’t walked in my shoes
You really don’t have a clue
Some say I question God
Did wrong!
And it’s only right
I sit behind bars
Despite I’ve been blessed for 20 years
Walking prison yards
Covered with tattoo tears
God and death my only fear
Dreamed to go far
Now my only dream is freedom from these bars
Reuniting with family
Means more, than any salary
Haters won’t understand me
They want me to stay causality
They deaf of my innocence
Blind of my love
No acting, no Grammy
Missing my granny
Solid part of the family
You’ve felt pain you understand me

(verse two)
The sun hasn’t always shined
In a life like mine
It was special days
Like witnessing my daughter’s first cries
Never forgot the bad days
Like my son in a hospital bed
Wishing I could trade my life for his
Take his pain
Know if it was purposely did
By those who fibbed!
I’m far from perfect
So I ask for forgiveness
Not for wealth or negative gain
Mainly cause my heart sane
Love in its veins
My conscious speaks every day
About the dirt I did!
How I got to get right
If my soul wants to live
I hope God forgives
Comprise, understand things I did!
From a youngin’ to a grown man
-Words of truth-

By Dewan Evans

I would pause that moment
Be smarter with decisions
Like my first time in prison
My relations with women
Names I won't mention
My mistakes
Replace 'em with right
Never choose wrong
Feel the innocence in this song
My seeds you need to know
Your father has a loving heart
I sit behind these steel gates
Wishing to be with you, every day
Heal the pain, mute the gossip
Like I never cared for you
Lies! These haters say
Labeled me guilty
Speculation and lies, put me away!
Made my faith turn stray
I wish I could rewind
Everyday would be a good day
No pain, no misery, no losing
Only victory
(If I could rewind)

 By Dewan Evans

I see clearly now
Though the devil, stay testing me
Mentally, stressing me
Challenging my decisions
Though my heart pumps true religion
Never been perfect
Name one person on Earth who is
These lines gorgeous
Rich in knowledge, as the Forbes is
Real as grass on the Earth is
Don't get me twisted
Cause the position I sit in
My vision from this cold cell
Is for a better place to dwell
Change on Earth
So we can all exhale
My heart was once frail
My vision was lost, with no Braille
Took time to get focused
20 years in
Still screaming innocent out my cell
If my innocence never prevails
I pray my new legacy will

Lost Heart 
By Dewan Evans

How can I breathe
When my air was taken
My heart was mistaken
Now it’s paying, pain, suffering
Never will I trust again
Tho it’s attached to me, like my best friend
It’s crazy how your heart spins
We only have one heart to give
I gave mine and got DID!
I guess it’s a lesson at the end
That’s why we live
I’m still fighting to love again
If it’s in the cards
I may find true love and happiness
Right now my heart is PLADDED
Filled with no trust and saddened
A lost heart that’s drastic measure
Lost heart that’s trying to find the sun
In this dark era

Lost Heart.

By Dewan Evans

Fortunate to be breathing
Fortunate to be strong, fighting these demons
I'm living for a reason
Fortunate to have two beautiful kids succeeding
Strength to keep breathing
Even though my prayers seem like they not being greeted
Fortunate for a reason
Despite struggling every season
Fortunate to have loved ones
It's appreciated from my soul & heart
Fortunate to shine when it's dark
Fortunate to be forgiven
Not to be imprisoned in my own mind
Fortunate to see my blindside
Blessed from the other side
Fortunate is a blessing, is what I recognize!

Dear Momma
By Dewan Evans

I know you not here
Since that year, your son been stressed, for real
I know we was distance at times
You had your own demons to fight
True I felt abandoned
To this day, still don't understand it
How can Momma leave her son?
Flesh and blood on the run
As I grew older, still confused
Holdin' anger, seeing you with strangers
Your appearance lookin' stranger
You kinda turned into a stranger
But my heart still held love, like remainders
Prayed for the day we would reunite
That day never happen
The day you died, got the news
It was tragic, now that you gone
I send questions and love up above
I hope you answer your son
Dear Momma!

By Dewan Evans

People going to war
Coming back home disfigured
Still wearing U.S. memorabilia
Some starvin', homeless in the street
You put ya life on the line, claimin' U.S. pride
When it's all said and done, you not respected
I guess being a hero
You get treated like a zero
Government wishin', they could keep this on the low
How low can you go, sabotaging your own?
Life is precious even if it's not your own.
I continue to dream on
Knowing God is sitting on the throne
Sees what's going on
I pray for better days
Hope the weak get stronger
The innocent dodge strays
Life has a fast lane
So pray to stay blessed till your last day.

Letter 2 God
By Dewan Evans

You have kept me alive 38 years
A lot of those years
Life wasn't easy. Even on them bad days
I kept a smile, a young child
Learning to swim in the pool of life
No Father figure, Mamma's only child
She was barely around
Grandma found me in the Lost and Found
Had to man up, even though I was a young buck
These questions have been built up
Since you haven't answered through prayer
I send this letter
Hopin' it gets through heaven's gates
I'm still learning from my mistakes
Hope to be a better man on Judgement Day
Dwelling behind heaven's gates
So we can really conversate
I hold anger today
For being convicted
In these false courts today
Wondering why
You dealt me these cards to play.

My Angel

There for me 24/7
Sent from heaven
Got me protected
with her blessings
Days I was stressing
lead me to pray
situations was hectic
life and death wish
She came to my rescue
Something I appreciate
Rainy Days
my angel my umbrella
Hesitate? Never!
My angel
had my back
whether I was right or wrong
that I had to right my wrongs
So I pray
asking for forgiveness through songs

My angel

Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
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Imagine the sun never rising
Imagine nights with no moon, no stars
Imagine the sky with no planes
Climate stayed the same
No grass on the grain
Livin in a world, no regulations
If you not blind
Witness world devastation
A world with no luxuries
No homes, no phones
Hunting for food, for your own
Surviving with no fashion
Almost in the nude
Imagine this life for me and you
Just my imagination
Real world got us stagnated
If this world was my imagination
How many would make it?

Heaven Sent
Spoken Word Poetry from E-Book: My Daily Bread
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Your eyes remind me of precious jewels
You move with innocence
Your beauty shines like diamonds
Smile beautiful as horizons
Intelligent personality a plus
Your physique irrelevant
You must be heaven sent
Independent, family oriented
No need to demand respect
Only a fool would disrespect
You stand for a real woman
I appreciate you building me up
When I didn't have the strength
Not finding the right one is a myth
Cause you’re the queen in my life
Heaven sent!


We all have them, no matter who we are.
They're a part of making us who we are
Stay focused, strive to go far
When days seem dark, shine with heart!
When temptation strikes
Keep a faithful heart
Be conscious from the start
Don't let them dictate you
Dream big, make them reality
Make haters believers
Make yourself a leader
Turn haters to cheerleaders
Watch the devil in disguise
Keep a positive appetite in your eyes
Like a true warrior, till your last wind
Keep the faith...You can win!!
Battle, battle with every breath
Who wouldn’t be scared of death
When you're human, you just want to live and exist
Battle with a clenched fist
Turn weakness to strength
Everyday you're blessed to exist

In My Shoes

Would you live without excuses
Have direction without guardians
No food in the garden
Live with your stomach stravin
Would you be a good guy or a goblin
Survive where death and struggle
Play your guardin
Would you stay strong
With your momma gone
Body found cold sad song
Would you not hold anger
Treat your father like a stranger
Cause you haven´t seen him, over a decade
Would you live life in a cage
Convicted unjust for another´s rage
In my shoes, roads been ruff
Just look at the scuffs
In my shoes
Would you be strong enough
In my shoes?

Spoken Word Poetry
From E-Book: Still Fighting
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Trevon Martin

Trevon Martin –
No matter the color of our skin
We all bleed red within
Judgin me like I don´t fit in
Just cause the color of my skin
Is not the right way to live
Many innocent people
Have been victims to this
There is no excuses
Racism is useless
Holdin anger is not positive
Somethin I had to register
It´s plenty with Trevon´s character
Hoodie and dark skin
Taking a shortcut
Just trying to make it in
Would you believe
A shortcut would be
Trevon´s last wind
Just cause he was
In a neighborhood, where he didn´t fit in
Due to the color of his skin
Life took by an angry man
With hatred plans
Who cared less about
A young man´s life span
Instead of doing what´s right
He took matters with his own hands
Ending a young life – of a young man
- Trevon Martin -  By Dewan Evans T.S.D.E.Ink.5

Note to the reader: This poem is not to be judgmental, just my opinion and feelings at this time!
- Lives Matter –

Rainy Days –

No guarantee the sun is going to shine
Stay ready, so you never got to get ready
Clouds is setting
Thunder, hear its melody?
Raindrops like beats
Feather light, when drops hit your feet
Is the world in misery?
Or is it God showing love
Is what I´m thinking as I look above
I love these rainy days
From my window, in a daze
Streets look like a maze
Hundreds of footprints
Splashin through the rain
Got to get through the dark
to get sunny days
but I love my rainy days
Rainy days!

My Life, My Life –

My life, my life
Has been a journey
Times I was weak
Didn´t know me
Innocent son
Why Pops disown me
Momma gave me up
Like she didn´t know me
Grandma tried to make it all better
But growing as a kid
You turn clever
Confusin hatred
My heart had a fever
Questions to God
Didn´t get answered
So I kept a mean mug
Cold world I´m living in
Grandma tried discipline
Hard headed, I regret it
No excuses
I was wild and clueless
Missed opportunities to do big!
My life, my life.

Dewan Evans T30778
CSP Corcoran
P.O. Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212
I am Dewan Evans, born and raised in Los Angeles California.  I´m 40 years young.  Still looking and feeling young. I´m fortunate and blessed to still be living and healthy.   I´m the only child of a single mum, though my mum didn't raise me.  My grandmother did.  My mother since died in 2011. I've been behind these cold bars for 19 years for a crime and accusations that I´m innocent of. I was railroaded by the system, betrayed by close ones I considered friends, with fabricated stories.  Despite these 19 years on lock, I´ve strived to better myself mentally, spiritually as well as physically, and with my writings I´m hoping to achieve but to be a positive aspect to the world. I´m still fighting in many ways not just for my freedom, but to remain relevant in my family´s life, to better my mind, heart and faith.   Enjoy my poetry, songs, stories and art. My books are available on Amazon: No Bully, My Daily Bread and Still Fighting.


Beth Michael said...

Dewan, you are a prolific poet, is your work written in a book, besides e-books?
Do you have a Christian pen pal now? I don't know if you can get the comments, but stay strong in our Lord.

Hayley Rimmer said...

I really enjoy reading your words. Despite everything, you still have a heart for everyone to see. Karma is your friend and also your worst nightmare. With love hope and understanding from people who know you, Dewan. You can hold your head high and have a natural smile. X

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birgit bruns said...
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