Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poetry By Tim Alan Copenhaver


I have a dream of success
Now that my life has been a mess
| want to live
And I want to give
Free to go
To see the show
I am fighting to be free
I will make the world See
I am not dumb
My time will come
To pave the way
And all will say
I am right
I saw the light
In God's word
And what I heard
Jesus is the way
To save the day
Gave his life
To end our strife
Saves our soul
From the hole
So we won't miss
Eternal bliss


There is a place
That we will face
At the end
There is a friend
Who is always there
Because of his care
Unending love
From heaven above
Only believe
And you will receive
Trust and obey
There is no other way
To save the day
You will be free
When you see
God has a plan
When you understand
Explore God's word
From what you've heard
You'll see the light
That exposes the night
Give it away
To make your day


I looked up to the sky
To find out why
Way out there above
I searched for love
To meet my fate
And find my mate
I saw a light
That was out of sight
And very bright
It blinded me
I did not see
When it came
I wasn't the same
My life was new
I knew just what to do
I walked downtown
And looked around
Saw her there
She was very fair
I said hello
What do you know?
She smiled at me
And gave me her key


Ever Since I was young, I wanted true love
I said a prayer to God, in heaven above
He heard my prayer, without a reply
I waited and waited, and asked him why
There was no answer, all could do was try
I asked a woman out, she shot me down
Made me feel, just like a clown
Every woman I was with, did not stay
I know somehow, true love will find a way
into my heart and soul, someday
I gotta be patient, I need to wait
For true love to find me, and meet our fate
When it does, I will know
We will meet, and we will go
Two hearts will join, deep into one
Our true love, will have won
Happy forever, under the sun


There is a place
Where we can go
That is so cool
You will know
You will never be bored
There will always be something new
With a lot of fun
And plenty to do
Come with me
I have the key
And we will see


I have a secret
You do not know
If I told you
It would show
That I was smart
I was wise
It is my secret
It is my surprise
If I told you for sure
It would not be a secret anymore


The system is dumb
The system is blind
After they locked me up
The system will find
I had time to think
Time to explore
Plans to prosper
With so much more
I have changed
I am not the same
The way I was
Before I came
Now I am ready
To challenge the world
To make a big difference
When I am finally free
I will prove them wrong
I will be strong
To live a new life
I found the way
To do my best


These are the last days
I do not care what anyone says
When we see toil
All of earth spoil
Terrible hunger
Men going under
Legalized marriage of same sex
We are all under Satan's hex
Earthquakes everywhere
People who do not care
People who do not share
In the cities, excess rain
Those on drugs, to kill the pain
Crime and murder, all around
A lot of people, who cannot be found
False religion, many preach
Tons of oil, on the beach
Those of you, full of hate
Someday soon, you will meet your fate
Almighty God, has set a date
For you will see, there is no room
The Lake of Fire, will seal your doom


There was a great Angel in heaven
The bearer of light
Above all Angels, a very great sight
Full of beauty, and very bright
Shining on all, through the dark night
He had it all, in the palm of his hand
Ruled on earth, all of the land
From the highest Mountains, to the lowest sand
All was well, leader of the band
He was so jealous of God, he wanted to rule
Went his own way, and lost his cool
Convinced one-third of his Angels, to rebel
Lost the battle, and all went to hell
Earth re-Created, and made new
God made Adam and Eve, with plenty to do
To be a new ruler, of everything
From the fish in the sea, to the birds that sing
The bearer of light decided to plan
To take Control, of Woman and man
By disguise as a Snake, telling a lie
Eve was deceived, oh my, oh my, oh my


Late at night
I saw a bright light
An awesome sight
In the sky
That caught my eye
It came down
On the ground
It lit everything, all around
Turned night into day
I did not know, what to say
It spoke to me
From a tree
It told me all, about the key
The key to live
ls to give
All I Can
To the man
Who lived without sin
So I can win
Peace and love
In heaven above
Eternal life
Without Strife

When I woke up in the morning light
I spoke a prayer to Almighty God
That he has done right
I thanked Almighty God for another day of life
I thanked Almighty God for the air breathe
| prayed that Almighty God would end my strife
I prayed that Almighty God will never leave
I prayed the Lord's Prayer
Before I began
I thanked Almighty God for his care
After I was done
I gave Almighty God my love
And thanked Almighty God for his son
Who gave his life for me
ls preparing the way
And set me free
Free to choose
And free to pray
That I Will never lose
If you take your mornings
To remember your maker
You will take Almighty God's warnings
And escape the life taker


When I was four
I made a desire
For someone more
To admire
I tried to spell friend
Without the "r"
And to my end
I lost my star
I searched all of my life
To find a friend
And all received was strife
I thought it would never end
Until one day
I realized the power of prayer
I found the way
To find the one who cares
My search is over
My search is done
I found my four-leaf clover
The one who cares
His name is Jesus-Almighty God's son
Was always there
And I have won


When I was a little Lad
My Dad took his Family to New York City
I was too young to remember how pretty
I remember we went to Ellis Island
With the Statue of Liberty on the sand
We went inside, and started to Walk
Up the steps, while we talk
I was too tired, on the way
I cried to my Dad, and I had to say
"I cannot go any further, please carry me"
My Dad picked me up, and I was free
We got to Liberty's Shoulder
The way to her Torch, was out of order
We went to her Crown, and we looked around
A big, big city
With a lot of activity


On the Day I was Sentenced
I was with my Gal
She made me a promise
That She would always be my Pal
She told me that She would wait
And have a place
For When I am Paroled
Nine Months later
All a lie
She was gone
Without telling me why
She forgot her Promise
And left me cold
When Other Men
She did hold
I was hurt and I was sad
When the One I Loved
Was very bad
When I am Released
I will be boss
And She will suffer Her loss!!!


Before left
I conceived my Son
I had won
And I know
That I love Him so
| named him Joe
After my Dad
His name is Allan
But my Cousins call him Joe
My oldest Sister
Married a Man named Harry
His middle Name is Joe
We call him Joe
My second older Sister
Married a Man named Joe
My Son's Mom
Has a middle name Jo
That's how my Son 
Got his name Joe

Tim A. Copenhaver MB2696
SCI Houtzdale
P.O. Box 1000 (229FL)
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000
I was born on August 08, 1963 at The Lock Haven Hospital in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. My parents are Allan & Marcia Copenhaver. I have 2 older sisters who are both happily married. 

I am 5'8" tall, with long baby-fine brown hair, & brown eyes. I have never been married. I have a 5-year old son, named Joseph Alan, who I have never me. His mother left me nine months into my incarceration.

I like a variety of activities, except for sports. I really hope you enjoy my poems and I am open to any comments, suggestions, or questions that you may have for me. I give all my thanks and love to Almighty God who has blessed me.

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