Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poetry By Johnny Calhoun

Dream Streaked Days and Tomorrow's Melodies
by Johnny Calhoun

There are the simple words of an easy man
I am a man lost in a distant land
These words were created with gentle hands
These powerful hands are made of shifting sand

Languidly I wait for days yet to come
These are days holding things I've not yet done
There are so many things I have still to see
And there is so much love I've not yet won

All of these jumbled words that I now speak
They are composed of my wishes and wants too
In disbelief I stare as my eyes fill
With all the many things I have yet to do

With my unsteady hands I clumsily search
For beautiful hands I have not yet held
Brokenhearted I have searched high and low
For unimaginable lands I have not dwelled

I am holding tightly to these few things
These are all of my wishes, wants and worries too
I am inundated with such desire
As I feel these ambitions tearing through

These are all the things I would like to see
My son strong, tall and standing as a man
And to have my ears ringing with the squeak
Beneath my tired aching feet of cool fine sand

Now I will leave you to lay in these dreams
Of daybreaks yet to come and deeds undone
These dreams they are like heartstrings that sing for

Looks unseen and hearts that're no longer one

Jail Bird
By Johnny Calhoun

I remember wringing my hands
While saying that I was through
I felt these impotent actions
Were the only things left to do

I remember my nervous hands
And how they did shake and tremble
And how falsely my buoyant heart
Felt utterly spry and nimble

My weary legs were still working
As the moment carried me away
If only I could've used my arms
And somehow found the strength to stay

Billowing down has no control
As it tumbles in the soft breeze
I also have been blown off course
With such an astonishing ease

Life, it is the savage trade wind
Which I'm irrevocably caught
A wind in which I have struggled
To and from seemingly for nought

I do not stand on solid ground
But I am caught in a current
My existence has been washed away
As I am caught in this torrent

I feel that I have been set aside
As I am lost in empty space
And now I'm securely locked away
Here in this sad forgotten place

My memory's so worm-eaten
By all the gazes I've forgotten
If only my cells bars and walls
Were as decrepit and rotten

These walls construction is solid
And impenetrable as night
I am here alone caught in my coop
And I have no wings to use for flight

The Journey
By Johnny Calhoun

I have had birds of beauty
Embraces which I help in vain
No matter the birds beauty
Their flight was feathered in pain

I have walked up a long road
And stumbled back down the hill
I ate all I was given
But my hunger would not fill

Whether we laugh in the dark
Or choose to cry in the sun
All the laughing and crying
It's only for tears and fun

When we finally reach the end
There's no privilege or pay
Awaiting us will be no rest
Or bed for our heads to lay

The whole time we were running
We had failed to realize
The trophy for which we searched
Was passing before our eyes

Johnny Calhoun Q26629
Florida State Prison
P.O. Box 800
Raiford, FL 32083
My name is Johnny Calhoun and I am presently serving time on Florida's death row.  
I am thirty-nine years old and enjoy writing poetry and short stories.  
Having been born and raised in rural Alabama, the country landscape etched in my memory sits in stark contrast to the concrete walls that now surround me on all sides.

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