Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Besse Medical and the Hippocratic Oath

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There are interesting developments afoot in the area of state sanctioned murder. As you have probably heard from many sources, the sole US manufacturer for sodium thiopental - the first drug in the 3-drug cocktail that states use to kill inmates - is no longer going to be producing it. You can read the details HERE. (Or, you can also read about it HERE and HERE and HERE.) You can also read an editorial about the legal mess the FDA created when it imported expired doses of sodium thiopental HERE. It is amusing even to someone in my position that the likely direction this little imbroglio is headed is that in the very near future we are going to have to import our killing drugs from China. I mean, we already get everything else from there, so it is a logical conclusion. And they certainly wont pass any pesky laws against exporting the drug, like those moralistic pansies in the EU. It's a sad day when America can't even do its own killing anymore, isn't it? John Wayne is rolling over in his grave.

At any rate, never fear, my conservative friends: ~ stalwart and omnipresent mouthpiece for the TDCJ empire, Michele Lyons, recently said that she was "optimistic" that the Lone Star State would find a manufacturer for their lethal chemicals. They actually have quite a few doses, but all of them are set to expire on 1 March, 2011, so who knows what they are going to do.

I can tell you, however, who the supplier' for all three drugs has been for the state of Texas, dating back many years.

Oh! If only they had a website! (Cough)

And a freeworld address!

Besse Medical
9075 Center Point Dr. Suite 140
West Chester, OH 45069

And people's names to put on the envelope!

Executive Vice President Mick Besse
Plant Manager Rob Besse

And a small army of well-meaning, intelligent, aesthetically pleasing minions to pester them with letters and emails! (That would be you.)

Also amusing is the company's "mission statement": We deliver responsive and innovative healthcare products and solutions to help our business partners positively impact patients' lives. Right. I am sure that the several hundred men murdered by these drugs over the past few years are all very thankful for the positive impact this company has had on them.

Besse Medical is a division of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, which sounds like a heartless multi-national corporation if there ever was one. You can also find them online at:

Their freeworld address is:

AmerisourceBergen Corporation
PO Box 959
Valley Forge, PA 19482

Address letters to:

CEO - R. David Yost

When you write, be sure to remind these people that they have been turning a blind eye to the fact that their products are used in a medical procedure that is anathema to the position of the AMA, and all other relevant medical ethics groups. Let them know that their secret is now known, and that you are not cool with this. This CAN work, people, but only if some of you take this seriously. I really appreciate it. And so will the guys on this LIST.

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