Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letters to a Future Death Row Inmate, Part 20

by Bobby Fratta

Part 19 can be seen here

Greetings fellow Death Row inmate,

I'm sorry I don’t know your name yet, but mine is Bobby Fratta. I came to D/R in '96, so I know how things work around here; including the games people play. I am coming to you as a Christian, and have no ulterior motive. Since u are new - it will take several weeks for TDCJ to process your ID card. U will need that card to purchase food, stamps, toothpaste, fan, and other needed items from the prison commissary. So even IF u have any money to be transferred from your county jail account, it will be a while before u can buy anything here. I never have much money, but always try to help new and needy inmates.

So enclosed in the bag are some stamps, paper, pen, envelopes, ear plugs, and snacks. There's no need to repay me. I believe u will find yourself compelled to help some new boot in the same manner down the road. This is how many of us are around here. You'll see :) I've also included the addresses of some pen pal orgs for prisoners. Unless u have family and friends who are willing and able to support u mentally, emotionally, and physically, and, who will stick with u, u will need to write up an ad to acquire new friends. In case u haven’t experienced it yet, most of our friends and family disown us when we are accused of a crime; and especially if we are convicted. As time goes by - it gets worse. The tremendous stress of our situation affects not only us, but any family and friends who stood by us from the onset. Because of that stress, they end up leaving us in order to maintain their lives and sanity. The same applies to any new friends u may acquire thru ads on prisoner sites. Once people discover how "needy" we are, most quickly disappear. I advise u not to get mad about it, but rather be thankful for any love u can receive and give in here. And since u are young, I suggest u take advantage of your youth by seeking new friends now. People out there, especially women, will only write new and young guys. If u get to be my age and length of time here - u'll discover no one really cares :( So having loved ones to write to and help u is definitely a priority in maintaining your sanity; especially since there will be guys here u wont get along with. U see, this administration wants us to be in chaos and not get along with each other. They refuse to let us choose who we want to live around on a section, so they choose for us. Their choice is a forced diversity that will include racists, gang members, yellers, drummers, a few quiet guys, and guys who talk all night; hence the ear plugs! :) Then there are also a few guys who will shoot darts at u, or spear u as u walk past their cell. Such violence would be impossible if the administration would very simply put plexiglass over our cell door windows and sides. Then neither inmates nor guards could be stabbed or "chucked on". But administration wants that so they can keep telling the public what animals we all are, and justify all the excessive money TDCJ spends on unneeded salaries, video camera system throughout the building, equipment, etc. And to prove my point and the hypocrisy and fact they want to torture us, u'll notice they've sealed off the shower doors so we sweat our butts off and can’t breathe, yet they refuse to seal off our cell doors - and our cells have a circulatory Al/C and heat system. Plus our cells are approximately 6' x 10', whereas the showers are all 3' x 4' enclosed booths!

U'll also discover TDCJ allows the general population ("GP") inmates to have TVs, work program, church services, in-cell craft working, outside recreation, group recreation, much better quality meals w/larger portions, daily access to telephones, and other things they refuse to us here. I've heard even the D/R women at Gatesville have most - if not all those G.P. rights. How they treat us men on D/R is intentional abuse and mistreatment TDCJ enjoys inflicting upon us. U'll also discover how they violate state and federal laws, plus their own rules and policies - routinely. Then when we file grievances on them, the grievances are all denied by TDCJ employees. Then the citizens out there in the free world always wonder why there is such a high rate of repeat offenders~ It's due to TDCJ showing all of us inmates system-wide that it's "ok" to disregard all the laws and rules!

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if u are innocent or guilty. There's a big chance u will die here; whether by execution, health issues, or suicide. So we must strive to make things right w/God. If you're guilty, I can tell u that God will forgive u. (See 1 John 1:9). Also, Moses murdered an Egyptian (see Exodus 2:11-12), yet God exalted him to work miracles and lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. King David committed adultery w/Bathsheba and intentionally sent her husband Uriah into frontline battle to be killed (2 Sam. 11:1-17) yet God exalted him and called David a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22). And the Apostle Paul who wrote approximately half the books in the New Testament – persecuted the early Christians, overseeing and approving the murder of Stephen (Acts 7:54 - 8:3), yet Paul was still hand-picked by Jesus/Yahshua to be an Apostle (Acts 9:1-6 and 10:9). So if u haven’t already done so, I urge u to make Jesus/Yahshua Lord of your life. U may even become inspired to write articles based upon "revelations" and dreams as I have. I enjoy spending time fellowshipping w/God thru His Holy Spirit, and am hoping for someone out there to post my writings onto a website and be my webmaster. U are welcome to read my articles so we can discuss them and all the scriptures I quoted if u'd like when 1 of us gets to the dayroom outside our cells, or, if we can get out together in the atrium area.

I'm sorry, I have 1 more "lastly" :) U will hear alot of prison talk about someone being a snitch, "ho", etc. I suggest u take that kind of talk w/a grain of salt and change the topic to something pleasant. Simply learn to judge people for yourself based upon their actions, not their words. U'll see just how many liars and hypocrites there are around here, plus scam artists and those who wheel and deal and play games. This is yet another reason to seek fellowship w/God and people out there in the world. But for the most part, u will find the vast majority of guys here just want to get along w/one another. Do like me and look for the good in people here and focus on that. U'll be surprised at how much good u'll actually find here in Texas Death Row inmates :)

written by: Bobby Fratta
Polunsky Unit, #999189
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX. 77351

© Copyright 2011 by Robert Fratta and Thomas Bartlett Whitaker. All rights reserved.


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Marc Johnson said...

Bobby- you probably don't remember me. I worked out with you from time to time at the Ballys in Humble back in 1993-4. I was considering writing to you to encourage to seek salvation through Jesus. But it looks like you already have. Praise the Lord. I do some pridon ministry work with CrossNet ministries and tell people that same story about Moses, David and Paul when they fear God will never forgive them.

Carolyn Roberts said...

Hey Bobby how u doing hope ur fine your letter and I'm sorry I.haven't wrote to u yet I been busy.with work and some of the aged people are dieing in the nursing home so it's been rough for me :( I'm sending u a Easter card with my pic it
Hope it gets to u this time...😃
I send pictures to u with my. Letter
So hang in there stay strong and God bless you and all your family
Love Aussie Carolyn xXxX
Plz write back 😃😃😃

Carolyn Roberts said...

Happy Easter bobby card will be on the way and hope it will get to u in one piece this time 😃 Hope u are I miss your letters be strong and be safe and don't listen to the carp rumours !
Love Aussie Carolyn xxx