Thursday, September 25, 2014

Death Watch Journal Entry #3

By Arnold Prieto 

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September 10th, 2014 12:48am

Normally I would be fast asleep during these wee hours of the morning, but instead I find myself typing out my following thoughts to you. My night lamp is my only source of light, beaming down from its perch over my head on my shelf, while the silence is booming its loudness throughout this tomb all around me. I can hear someone’s radio so softly that it gets lost in the silence and making it sound so small compared to it .....

Count time will be called out within the next couple of seconds and the locking mechanism of the crash gate leading into the death watch section will break the silence with its loud metal on metal clanging sound. Soon, there will be a flash of light piercing our dark cages. Well, semi-dark in my case, as if a lightening bolt struck within our walls. The loud silence will once again reclaim its rightful place as the thundering of closing doors echoes out with the guards passing through the tomb with their infernal light.

Within that silence, I can hear the whooshing sound of Father Time's heavy pendulum swinging with every passing second ..... tick.tick.tick.tick.tick. Today is the loudest that I have heard time ticking since my time here in death watch. For later today there is an execution scheduled for Willie "T-Rock" Trottie and if the state has its way tonight, he will be the 513th and 8th for the year to be executed in Texas.

Oh Father Time, couldn't you slow down a little, if but for a few hours .....

T-Rock is a man that any one could get along with and could depend on to receive help from if you had a legal question. He is no attorney, nor does he claim to know all of the law, but he helps you as best as he can. If anything else, he will help you use the unit law library.

I do not know who he was 21 years ago when his case happened. But I do know that he has been a modeled inmate within these walls and never caused any trouble with other inmates or officers.

While we were housed at the other unit, Ellis-One, T-Rock was one of the barbers who cut our hair and to be honest with you he was a good barber! As I have said earlier, T-Rock was someone that would help out anyone if the need arose, be it with something to eat or legal issues.  I can literally say that I have never heard anything negative towards him nor towards his character from either inmates or officers working death row. His character and behavior towards others leads me to believe that there is no doubt in my mind that he would be a model inmate out in general population. That is why I am hoping that he gets some kind of reprieve/action from the courts because the Clemency Board has already denied him clemency. If only the Board would take the time and talk to him in person, they would see the sincerity of his remorse for what he had done all those years ago. How can a person's sincere remorse be seen if he is not given the chance to show it to the people who have power over our lives?! I know that his crime has cause the family and friends of the victims great pain… I, of course, am not condoning the violence, nor any violence of any crime for that matter. But I do wish to send both families my sincere condolences as well to the families of all victims, be they victims of crime or of the states executioner. I just believe that T-Rock should at least spend the rest of his life serving a life sentence in prison and not have to face the executioner tonight at 6pm. For death will always create victims, no matter who does the murdering, be it by an individual or by the state.

Last night T-Rock and I played a game of scrabble after his long day of visits with his friends and family. I was hoping that I could at least help him get his mind off tonight if only for a little while........

As the pendulum continues to swing its heavy arm, I cannot help but to wonder what he is doing at this very hour. Is he asleep?  Is he reading his bible or a letter? Maybe answering a letter? Or pacing his cell like I am about to do to ease my mind a bit? Five steps forward to the door, Four steps back towards the bunk .... Four steps to. Four steps back.

September 10, 2014 6:40 PM 

I have just heard that T-Rock has been executed by the State ..... making him the 513th inmate to be executed since the reinstatement of capitol punishment and the 8th for this year. 2014.


My condolences to the friends and family that stood by T-Rock through his years on Death Row. May he continue to live through the memories of his loved ones....

Arnold Prieto, Jr.

Arnold Prieto 999149
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351


Sharon Mcmurtrie said...

RIP wille trottie another man murdered by the state of texas its so wrong Arnold your in my prayers I wish u peace x much love ur friend + reader Sharon xxx

Sharon Mcmurtrie said...

Hello Arnold hope things are not getting you down to much I know your friend miguel was executed on 28 Oct I am deeply saddened by this at least he is free of the hell you are living my condolences are with the famiies his and the victims. Ive heard you have your date 15 Jan I hope for some miracle through your appeals or clemency or a change in the law before new year please keep fighting ive wrote a letter and signed a petition to President Obama it seems like nothing for 1 person to do but I really wanted to try to help, ive shared on facebook and google so hopefully people from all over the world will feel as I do and will want to give their support . Take care my friend you and all the other prisoners on death row are always in my thoughts and prayers may god bless you and keep you strong in this terrible time I wish you peace and love your friend and reader Sharon McMurtrie ,Scotland xcx

sonyalisa8 said...

Hi Junior, there are many words but I can't quite put them together right. Please know though that you're in my prayers, as well as my Tia and your siblings, my Tia means very much to me. I think about you frequently and the injustice that has fell on you and it just makes me pray harder for you and for my own babies as well. I'm glad to see your writings and your beautiful drawings through mb6, a little insight into your thoughts and life, great writing :) You'll forever be in my thoughts and always in my prayers, sending you much love and strength and a BIG hug from your cuz Sonya

felicia sanchez said...

R.I.P primo GOD is with you,you will be missed love your Prima Felicia