Thursday, June 8, 2006

Poetry by Anthony Cain

New Beginning
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

Living amongst lions in a somber den
More growling than there is talk

Fighting to establish one’s self again
More crawling than there is walk

Waiting inside the flame danger
Itches to be sparked

Raging in the name of anger
Predators lurking in the dark

With time comes distance leaving behind
This evil we’ve come to know

Allowing  a purging of the heart and mind
A new beginning for the soul to grow

Hype Tone Poetry 2010 

Willing to Try
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

I sit and think about the ambition that lives
Inside of you –
It´s plain to see, you can achieve any goal you
Set your mind to…
You´re young, beautiful, smart, and most
Of all optimistic –
So keep your desires, hopes and dreams
Always realistic…

Never stay away from that which is good
To follow bad –
The fast Life is overrated, can´t miss what
You never had…
Always stay respectful to other so you
Conscience remain clear –
Continue obeying your parents always
Lend advice and your ear…

Strive for the best and never let your
Faith die –
By being courageous and always willing to try.

Hype Tone Poetry 2014

Being There For One Another
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

Today we became even stronger
A Whole is a Half no longer
The Dawn of a new Day in our Lives
No more Loneliness lives inside 
We share a bond that shall never divide.
By these Vows we will forever abide
This is the best Part of my Autobiography
Because without no You there is no We.

Despite where Life may take us
Our Commitments wlll remain continuous
Today is our greatest Expression
Two hearts with similar Confessions
It´s beautiful that you´re here for me
Allow me to be there for you endlessly
Together we will always endeavor to achieve longevity
Being there for one another is our Destiny.

Hype Tone Poetry 2014

From Which My Blessings Came
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

We´re all far from Perfect, but on the other Hand
You come close –
When God handed out Beauty He obviously gave you
A healthy Dose…
Your smile is the perfect complement to you
Captivating Face –
With flawless Skin as soft and smooth as imported
Egyptian Lace…

The way you move is gracefully reminiscent of a 
Swiss Time Piece –
Perpetuating in me and endearing Admiration destined
To never cease…
Forever is a long Time so I guess Eternity would be
Even longer –
I´ll be with you either Way, my Love For you can only
Grow stronger…
No matter what we go through or Encounter my
Love remains the same –
To give up so easily would be disrespect to the Lord
From which my Blessing came.

Hype Tone Poetry 2014

By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

Deep in my Heart lives Desire;
Incentive to live higher –
To be better than I am now;
I will conquer my Obstacles!

Nothing can stop my intentions –
To be better than I am now;
Incentive to ascend higher!
Deep in my Heart lives Desire!

September 5th, 2016

Sincere Heart
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

I can share my problems with ou at any
Give  time –
You give me Encouragement and help ease
My troubled mind…

You stand with me in the Fight against
My Enemies –
I can depend on the Love and Loyalty you´ve
Given me…

You always make me feel special and
Supreme –
You´re the living real Life Answer to
My dreams…

You´re the Reason why I stay strong and never
Completely fall apart
Because I know you really love me with every Beat
Of a sincere Heart…

Hype Tone Poetry 2005

Back Where I´m From
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

Sitting on the threshold of Pain
Trapped in the Hourglass of Time
Leaning toward the Edge of no Gain
Falling Deeper where no light shines

Hanging on to yesterday´s memory
Trying desperately to invoke Faith´s Energy
Walking down the Corridors of Shame
Navigating Insanity´s crude Game

Standing in the shadow of Love
Bracing for the Heartaches to come
Consumed by all of the Above
Content only – when I get back where I´m from.

Hype Tone Poetry 2013

By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

No one seems to value treasures in Truth!
Quickly embracing Lies without appropriate proof!

Ears fall deaf to wisdom’s constant Reproaching
Strongest of Eyes fail to see Demise approaching!

So many emotional fires that burn –
Surrounded by evil at every turn.

The Shield of Righteousness works overtime –
To remove agony imprinted on Heart and Mind!

An intrusion of Darkness deep within;
Tragedy’s plea to be one’s friend!

As Morals and Principles rapidly disappear,
I’m destined to survive and Persevere!

Hype Tone Poetry 2011

What I See in You 
By Anthony “Wrinkles” Cain

Is a woman who know how to be
Strong for her own
Willing to sacrifice anything doing
The best she can
Letting your actions speak louder
Than any words
Allowing loyalty to soar higher than
The sky or the birds

What I see in you –

Is a man humbled by the experience
Of true love
One who appreciates the blessing God sent
Him from above
A future husband who truly cherishes his
Future wife
A man prepared to give her his all
Even his life.

What I see in you – 

Is a couple with potential to be the greatest
Marriage of all time
Refusing to let anything or anyone sever
The tips that bind
Two individuals who will no doubt become
One in the altar
A unity destined to prosper with longevity
And never falter.


Hype Tone Poetry

Anthony Cain AC1059
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974