Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poetry by Daniel Gebhardt

Trying To Keep Some Calm Nerves*
By Daniel Gebhardt

Maybe I do my best when...
My life is turned upside down..
when I am in turmoil..
I owe....

Or maybe my best work comes from..
rays of sun shine...
hot bright days...

Naw who am I fooling...
thoughts come and go...
but words stick forever....
in the back of the receivers mind...

So maybe I should stay sober....
then maybe I wouldn't say.....
things I can't take back....

Is it to late to make a first Impression...
is it?...
Naw start anew and say...
only positive...
Opposites may attract, but...
they never last together...

* *#2022***
By Daniel Gebhardt

I'm at a loss for words,
A loss for verbs
I sit back and watch how,
this world has turned.

Now a devils playground,
or maybe a lovless,
merry go round. I lay back
on this mattress, cause it
is where I am bound.

This mat is furnished by,
the MDOC. When I step-up
to look out, only pain
envelopes m.e......

I try to structure my day,
by what is done, But only righteousness
will reign when the Authorities
have won.

This is what the system thinks.
Can we change their minds?
Their steady changing the rules,
and leaving us in the blind.

A day will come when,
We make the rules,
that day is almost here,

let's watch them be the fools....

Watch Me
By Daniel Gebhardt

Are they watching my every move?
They put up with my shit, all day
all week
all month
all year.

Maybe they know better than me,
they sure do know how'll I'll react.
Ill just blame everything on you.
I am so good at finding what I don't like
why does love avoid me?

Maybe I got a plan, maybe love
will watch me, till it wants me.
Am I just born to be alone?
Can my mind handle another?
Maybe I got a plan...

Naw no plan, just hoping and wondering
when love will find me.
it will one day, I work harder everyday,
move faster, think smarter, try harder
the look in their eyes is killing me
I don't know how'll I'll manage ,
people have been putting up with me
a long time.

Maybe its time I go, but where?
my mind is already there
I can't run away any more, I have to be here.
Maybe I got a plan... Watch me...

By Daniel Gebhardt

Bright eyes, new day,
All hustle, no complaining,
work harder, no need for darkness

Sun shining , smiles everywhere,
new day, thoughts of progress,
move with purpose, no weakness
smart thoughts, smart words
you can do it.

Positive thoughts breed positive actions,
open doors, smile at people, give love,
I will succeed, no one can stop me,
all success starts in your mind,
nobody can make me feel bad.

I am success, I am positive energy,
I can do this. I am success.
Bright sun shining down on me,
Only positive energy.

I surround myself with positive people,
I will attract success,
I am positive....

Live without you

You tell me to be happy, smile
write a happy song.
be fake, smile at everything
I'm sorry

Keep sitting up there, on your high horse
I put you up there, when you
were with me, you were safe
stronger together, weak when you
are without me.

Or is it the other way around?
think I can live without you?
Am I weak without you?
Sometimes I can't breath, when I
think of you.

You used to visit me in my dreams,
you'd catch me when I fall,
put me right back on my feet,
I took advantage of you .
Sorrow fills my soul to know I lost
you... I can't live without you.

As strong as I play, I need you in my
life, just to hear your voice, makes
me happy. I don't care what you've done
who you have been with...

I am man enough to tell you,
I already know, I don't need anyone else,
just you. But your so far away, Do you
ever get lonely, laying there thinking of me?

If she loves me, she will come back,
Love will find me, because I am tired of looking for it... To live without you.....
I will never be whole.

You Got It
By Daniel Gebhardt

When you walk into the room,
smiles all around, staring at beauty,
not a step goes by without a look,
everyone tries, nobody has succeeded.
You got it.

Take a seat, get comfortable,
I'll wait to shoot my shot,
sitting back watching the action,
no man can succeed, shot down
all of them.
You got it.

Stop take a breath, you tired of
the same old thing, want someone,
new, let me show you,
swagger is not what you want.
You got it.

Short cut skirt, low cut shirt,
skin soft, dimples so cute,
guys just want one thing, not the
mind, like I do. Take a breath.
You got it.

You can feel my energy in the room,
it surrounds you, envelopes you,
just my smell makes you quiver
Maybe, give you my last name.
You got it.

You can learn a lot from me,
pay close attention, as I float around
the room, past the b.s. , around all
the haters, through everything
just to sit next to you.
You got it.

Can we talk? Real words, no beating
around the bush, cut to the chase
I want you to have my last name,
No games, no modesty, all real talk
let me be the first, and last.

You got it.....

By Daniel Gebhardt

Maybe we were born to break hearts,
everything we do, we change others
no matter, the good, the bad, the ugly

We tend to effect others and what they,
say, or do or feel
Can we alter the way we are?
Are we meant to be this forever?

Call out and say can I change?
Am I able to fix the issues that I,
started a long time ago...

We are sorry, for the hurt turmoil,
pain, and endless nights of crying
wondering where are we?
Does my heart have the capacity to
hold your heart?

Trust, and love is what we do this for..
Can we truly ever with all our hearts love one another?

Love will change the Past.....

Let It Sink In
By Daniel Gebhardt

Great minds are stuck here,
everyday we do the same exact thing
nothing new...

We may think we are getting better,
are we, or are we just tricking our minds
into change....

True change comes from the mind down not the heart,
Our minds want to be different, or fixed, or normal...

But then how do others perceive us?
Does it matter? In some ways it does...
but then in others it does not....
We can be normal, but then again what is normal?

We may be where we are and want lasting change...
But are you that normal where you are in your life???

Let that sink in......

By Daniel Gebhardt

If I thought I was in control,
I am sorely mistaken,
I have nonstop thoughts,
of being at the top.

Wake e wake e
you must be dreaming,
if I think I am in control.

I've been looking for myself,
here is no where to find it.
When you find me,
tell me , I've been looking for me.

I have lost myself in the maze,
is it my mind that creates the maze?
Happiness is only a thought away.
It has eluded me for so long,

I have found it, I have mastered
the mind, my happiness is here,
I am free in my mind
I am free behind these doors, and bars.

No one can take it from me.
Sorry for your pain.
Join me in no control.
It will free you.

Break Free
By Daniel Gebhardt

The tightness on my chest,
feels like a million pounds,
pushing down like weighted vests,
The world crushing me.

Under the weight, I bend
all over, to try and distribute the weight,
it doesn't suffice, it makes it that
much harder to breath.

Can I get past this feeling?
Can I make it past this nonsense
I see my future, its bright
but I lose my drive to push forward.

Why does the world make it hard?
My mind thanks the universe for my life,
and everything it gives me.
Can we please just break free,
of these subtle mistakes?

I will one day be free, of the chains
I will have the best life, I will dig Down
and move this weight, I will make it.
I will break free....

There are more ways to imprison someone. I have learned through all the pain and turmoil that I have caused throughout the years, that not only can you end up in physical prison, you can make others, ie.. family, friends, be in a mental state of prison.

Why did I not learn from the begining that this is not what Life is about? Can you understand the pain I portray through my words that I am remorseful for the actions and mental anguish I have caused everyone. I am working on becoming a Bette human being, please give me the benefit of the doubt, and watch me transform into nothing but shining white love....

By Daniel Gebhardt

Sit back, Patience,
Don't do that, Sit still,
Why do you talk so much?
Listen, don't talk so much,

Why can't you sit still?
Just listen, stop being a brat,
Don't think your smarter,
You should conform.

Were bringing you to therapy,
talk to him/her.
tell them the truth,
Don't lie it won't help you.

Why can't you be like the others?
What's the matter with you?
Stop dreaming all the time.
Stop thinking so much

Here's some meds
take them everyday
don't talk back
I swear if you don't, you'll lose
listen to me I know.

See now your good,
you stopped dreaming,
you stopped talking so much,
you stopped thinking all the day,
see now your a zombie.

Now your happy? Right?
Well even if you arnt ,
you are
Because I said so.
Killed my childhood.

Positive Thoughts
By Daniel Gebhardt

Positive thoughts will drive us
through these dark times.
We may seem alone, and captured
by this evil that has consumed,
our world.

But we as humans will prevail,
one may think there are no sunny
days ahead, but there is.
The sun will shine, smiles will become
contagious, and we all will laugh again.

The grass will be green, the sky will be
the bluest we have ever seen, news will
report only Positive news, and we will
prevail. Just sit back, take this time
to reflect on how we can help and
love each other. Maybe this is the
time out we need to discover how fast,
and irresponsible we were moving.
Our time is now to move toward,
happiness and love.

The universe is telling us to wake up,
it is giving us a chance to see the error in our ways. It is now our time to change the future and embrace one another.

We are not all different, we are the same.
So help, don't hoard. Even if nobody knows your helping someone still do it.
Don't do it for recognition, do it for yourself, and watch the blessings that come to you. Help one another.

Smile, and rejoice the world will get much better. Just learn patience. Love is the answer to this problem.

Once and Always
By Daniel Gebhardt

I guess it is true what they say once a addict always an addict. Why does this world make it so hard to stay clear mind, and clear body? When there are so many triggers all around. Everything is a trigger.

Nothing could stop me if I put my mind to picking up another drug or drink or mind altering substance. No one could tell me anything in the outside world, and no one could tell me anything anywhere I am. Why do I struggle so much when it is so easy for other people to stay sober and clear minded?

If my past was the judge I would be in this prison for the rest of my life, if god really did judge for past transgressions I would be in hell, burning for the rest of infinity. Why can't mind mind wrap around the fact that these drugs do me nothing but harm and cause my life, relationships, and friendships to spririal out of control? I just hope and pray one day that I can get out of this cycle. Because to be locked up mentally and physically is the worst feeling in the world. But talking about my feeling has never been my escape.

Please hear me before I lose my mind. Where can I turn for help but back to what I know best. Give me the drug, and the drink I want to be out of this world.

Thank You
By Daniel Gebhardt

Can you feel the pain through my words?
if you could would you help?
or would you let me suffer the way you have in the past? Maybe you made me happy when you pretended you cared.

Maybe it was just my self, thinking you cared. Why every time I would do something bad, I would think it was you.
I always thought it was you playing games, lying, stealing, when in fact it was always me. It was my guilty conscious eating away at my very soul.

When you constantly try to get over on people, who are you really getting over on? No one but yourself. Why do I continue to think I am smarter than everyone else? When in fact they can see through my hair brained schemes. Slow down before you end up here for the rest of your life, is what my mind tells me but do I listen? Sometimes I listen sometimes I don't and that is when I slip and do the wrong thing. I am trying to change but its hard.

Will you send me my better half? To hold on tight to me, and never let me go? I am ready to have her, and hold her, and never let her go. Never to cheat, lie , steal or break her heart. I just want to be good, and to have a woman who holds on to me and surprises me and let's me love again will be the deciding difference. You are there and I am who you need.

They Say
By Daniel Gebhardt

They say there's a million fish in the sea,
why have I had my fishing rod in the water for the past 33 years to no avail?
Why do I spend my time waiting on the shores, for the right bite. The big game, while in the mean time take all the small nibbles?

Why do I settle for the small game? When all knowing in the back of my mind knowing that somewhere, your out there in the midst, waiting paitiently for me, and going through all the pain as I have.
keep going through the lames in order to get your heart strong enough to handle someone such as me.

I am one and a million, you will never find another like me and that's a promise, I should have had my own pond, lake, or river because I am the biggest game you'll ever have the pleasure of having on your line. To be stuck in this small pond for this amount of time has just let me to grow stronger and smarter to not bite at just everything or anything. I have learned to wait for the right bait, and I know you have it.

Your out there amongst the big sea of people, and I will wait for you. I know you'll come at the right time, right on time when I am ready for you and your ready for me. We will make history, and time will stand still when we are together. No one will ever come between us, nothing will separate us. Time is the only one that can hold us back right now. Keep swimming up stream, I will be there at the same time as you and we will meet soon. Until then stay strong and know I am here waiting for you.

By Daniel Gebhardt

I have made so many mistakes,
Follow me all the way down to the graveyard. Sometimes I wish it would all just come to the end.

To be where I am and suffer all alone, so far away from all existence and all people who say they love me.

do they really love me. I don't even love myself, how can anyone ever love what I have become. When I go down the darkest roads, and people follow for sometime. But then I think, and lose everything.

Can't I just start over, oh please creator or whoever you are, please hear me, hear my soul asking for the end. I don't see anyone outside of myself anymore. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mistakes have made me who I am, but who am I? I contemplate every night about how I want this to be my last mistake. I smile everyday, but it's just pretend.

Steering Wheel
By Daniel Gebhardt

Steer me in the right direction.
I always take lefts, and its never right.
Sorry for who I am, for who I have become. Sorry for leaving, sorry for thinking I am greater than I am.

Sorry for taking the wheel, and crashing right away. You have always given me the wheel and what do I do? Crash. One day I will have the automatic driver, who steers me in the right direction. Your not there anymore are you?

I'm not even at the wheel anymore, This has gotten to real, I am drunk at the wheel. I will be on auto pilot for the next few years. Wave goodbye, because I am driving away...

Everlasting Love
By Daniel Gebhardt

Is it a storm in my mind? or a storm in my heart? When I sit back and think and remember you, I go through a slew of emotions.

Happiness, sadness, joy, pain, and so many others. I can't pin point what made me so attracted to you? was it your enchanting smile, your bright eyes that were like staring into the vast Universe? was it your long beautiful flowing hair, that shined brighter than any sun?

maybe it was the way you looked in my eyes when you told me you loved me, maybe it was the way you touched me when we made love. Maybe it was the way you took care of me when I was down, maybe it was how you made me feel like you truly loved me and cared for my every need and well being.

You were the only woman who I truly loved with my, heart, body, mind and soul.

There will never be another like you, air still see your face when I dream, when I smell cotton candy, I think of you and your sweet smell. No one will ever compare to you. Your perfect the way god created you.

I would do anything to see you happy, smile, and laugh your way through this confusing, scary world that is full of turmoil and heartbreak. It took me this many years to realize that the great woman on this earth was placed in front of me ever since I was a young child.

We were not right for each other at that point in Time, when we were together, now you'll see that I am the man that you fell in love with. I just hope one day I am able to make you proud and happy you met me. One day your heart will beat for me, and you'll remember kissing my soft warm full lips and you'll crave my touch. I know how they'll say if you love someone to let them go, but that that will never be who I am. I will love you forever, and will wait my turn to be the man you deserve.

Your a queen that deserves nothing but the best, you deserve to be waited on hand and foot, you will always be right, even when your wrong. You deserve to be cherished and have the ground you walk on to be lined full of rose pedals, and your chairs lined with gold.

You deserve a crown and the biggest and brightest diamonds in this world. You deserve to be called, beautiful, stunning, wonderful, and the most gorgeous woman to bless this universe, everyday....

You are a gift from god and I want you to know that you are the only woman to truly ever have my heart. I will never, ever, ever love a woman like I do you. I want you to be happy no matter what. Your what keeps me motivated to evolve and become a better man, you know who you are, your my everlasting love....

By Daniel Gebhardt

To find love why must we look so hard? Why can't it just find us? why must we go through the pain and anguish of trying so many times and failing? Love could be beating down our door, and sitting right in front of us.

But we always want to know what it's like on the other side, is the grass really greener? or is it truly a delusion that our mind creates? Love is not easy to find because as I know it was never hidden. I may have thought that no one ever truly loved me.

But as I know now I don't need to look for something that comes to me everyday whether it be in the beauty of the earth or the friendships that I have, it could be my family that truly cares for me, or it could be my mind that showers me with love. All I know is that love will find me, when I am truly ready to love everything else and everyone else...

By Daniel Gebhardt

You will find no sleep here. You will ask but not recieve. Why do you you continue to haunt me? Why do you think you can get away with what you have done?

Is it ok that my children suffer? by having to call someone else my name? Is it right that you lied and said the things you did under that fake oath?

It doesn't matter how much I tried, or how much I cried, nothing will ever be the same for me in this lifetime.

As you sit tonight in your cushy chair in your plush home, just remember that you forever changed my life and the path that was on.

But for that I am glad you lied and a little part of me died, because it made me the man I am today, now I will take this night over, and tonight wil begin for me and forever end for you.

"Maybe, you were not meant to be Blessed"

It is your faul that I feel the way I do? or is it my fault you act the way you do? How do I come between me and my god? Why do I want to be all alone when the world ends? Who will stick by my side? You judge me for what you read? You have not even met me yet, just because you read something someone else writes? Do you belive what a biased judge who goes over and over millions of cases a year says? Maybe you should just look deep into my soul and let me tell it from my point of view. Maybe you should let me tell it from my point of view and not just think you know everything from what you read of maybe you were never meant to be blessed by my presence, because watch when I am on the stage of life and your in the stands wanting to just touch my hand, just to feel what a true champion feels like.

Impress Me
By Daniel Gebhardt

What was I destin to do in this world?
Write for a living?
Be a prisoner for the remaining days?

Why Do I know there is so much more?
How do I know I have been here so many times before?

How do I know how to act around all?
Answer me that.
How do I know my way around the cosmos?
I can walk around the stars,
and shine brighter than all of them.

I am an extension of you but you don't know yet, who I am.
Can you feel my mind when it controls

everyone around you?

Who's Who
By Daniel Gebhardt

You two are my world,
I can't be there right now.
You know I will never stop,
trying to be your father.

I will prove to you I am,
worth the wait.
I am growing up, not only
mentally, but physically.

I train my brain, with college
I train my muscles with weights,
I watch my mind grow,
I watch you two grow, taller
smarter,and better every
picture I receive.

When I was home, I wasn't
now when I come home , its not
about me, but 100% about you.

What can I do for you?
Can I teach you, now I can reach out,
and feel the warmth of your love.
You never gave up hope, you guys never really koped.

I should have never left, I should have
never kept my heart only to myself.
I didn't know how to love,
I didn't know how to teach.
I didn't know how to reach you.

I am smarter now, I am more power now.
I will be a father, I will be a teacher,
I will be better, I will care about 100% of,
what you do.
I will support you, I will carry you.

You can trust me, you can believe in me,
now I have changed for the better,
I will show you, better than I can say,
just pay attention, I will be there everyday.

This came from my heart for my boys.

Stars Can Bind You
By Daniel Gebhardt

Did you shine brighter,
when I was younger?
Did you leave star dust on me?
I know the brightness has faded,
slowly but surely.

Why did you stop, shining so bright?
Was it a collision? Was it because the,
son, shone brighter? Or did the clouds find you?

I can't believe God made you dull,
nothing will ever take your warm glow.
But it has been dimmed, maybe its all,
the pain, and anguish, I have caused.

Maybe its not about me at all, maybe its
you. Maybe its a collection of all space dust. I know you shine bright still, just not when the son shines brighter.
He takes your glow, and shine
Does the sun revolve around the star?
or is it the other way around.

Mother earth needs , you to light the night, while the son brightens the day
and warms your heart, during the day.
When it time to go to sleep, its your time to shine, I can't do it all. Play your roll,
before a Super-Nova happens. Or a black hole swallows you whole.

Time Doesn't Fix
By Daniel Gebhardt

How can you love someone, you never met. How should I feel? Knowing you were never there, when I woke in painful sweats at night terrified that I'm dying, where were you?

Nowhere, nothing I am used to associating these words with you,
When I needed you , and you weren't there don't worry , I was never scared.
I learned to grow up from a very young age. I didn't have the time to miss you, I never knew your presence.

You let others dictate how you treated me, you say it was for the best. You couldn't take care of yourself, let alone a baby, who had a spirit that was greater than anything you had ever been in the presence of.

You could feel the spirit with me, you knew I was powerful from the start, to smart, funny, and handsome from the start. You never tried to find me, or even send me a birthday wish.

I'm nothing like you and will never will be, I will never give up my time, because it is all we have in this world. I can't love someone I have never met. My heart can't feel the time you weren't there.

By Daniel Gebhardt

Who are you? to tell me anything?
Why is it when I need you,
your never anywhere to be found?
Can I count on you for moral support?
How about help with my emotions?
Have you ever really been there?

Why do I think you just like the sound,
of having a child?
Do you really know what it means to
have a child, that you care about?
Or do you just like saying you have
a troubled child? In prison?
That you support.

Why is it taking so long?
for me to understand that your
not here for me? Why do I continue,
to think your going to change?
You don't care about me,
Simple and plain.

One day you'll understand,
when your old and alone,
wondering what happened to your child?
Why is he so far gone?
Then you'll understand my,

Play Gangster
By Daniel Gebhardt

Do you just play the role?
Or are you a true ganster?
A true ganster doesn't need
to say they are.

Act the Part
play the part,
walk the part,
talk the part.

But when it comes down to it,
are you ready to live that life?
are you ready to pull the trigger,
on the yard, full of lions
only sheep can't be by themselves.

Lions roar
sheep follow lines,
we create our own way.
Follow no one.
Learn to not play gangster.

By Daniel Gebhardt

Am I awake?
Or am I just dreaming this nightmare?
I never thought My life,
would come to this.
Fast lane got me this.

Isn't this punishment enough?
To watch your son, struggle so hard
to watch you son have a drug problem,
to watch your son struggle to breath,
is this what you wanted.
When you wished I would change,
but I didn't and had to learn the hard way.

My pain and struggle is ,
the next mans glory
Men and women have a secured job, because of people like me.
If we weren't built the way we are,
we wouldn't be here, would we?
Would you be here?

We have to be smarter than you.
We all have roles to play.
But do I have to be part of it?
I can make my self numb to it,
draw off the pipe of life,
just to get the high of life.
It brought me here, nothing more
nothing less.
I will not settle here, there's a reason why I don't belong.

I can be woke, but I never liked to be asleep. Can you wake me please?

No Love
By Daniel Gebhardt

To be left behind as a young child, and overcoming this as I get older, I sit back and try to remember if my mother even wanted me from the beginning? If you didn't contact me through all the years when all you had to do was look me up It makes me understand why I am the way I am now, but it doesn't explain how the traits that you showed, hatred, Selfishness, love for no one but yourself, and giving in and giving up. Maybe it rubbed off on my for a brief period of time but now that I have been stuck in a box for a period of time I have given up the self and understand I have to be there for my kids. You were never there for me, my own biological mother. Its alright because how can I love someone I didn't even know?? I can't and I won't. Don't let me push away the people that love me or I'll be just like you. 

Not Enough Time
By Daniel Gebhardt

I just met you, You've taught me so much. Even though I seem like I know everything I truly don't, your one of the realist human being I have ever met. There's a reason why the creator put me and you together, we have the same exact mentality, but we are so different. Your like the dad that I never had that taught me how to be a man and stand up for myself. My appreciation for you will never end, you will always be in my mind. You know when boys come to prison they say that they got "to much time" but the truth is my time is to short because nothing will ever replace you my brother. You are the brother I never had. I don't say this to anyone other than the people that mean the world to me. Thank you, and You'll always have my trust, I know we will run in to each other again in this world or the spirit world. I hope for the sooner and not the latter. You have my respect brother. Fishing is just like life, you throw your line in and you never know what you'll get. Stay true. I am really saying that to myself. 

Judges Split Us Apart
By Daniel Gebhardt

I know I have been away along time, but you should know I'll never forget you, nor will I ever stop protecting you and love for you will last forever and ever. No one ever will take my heart from you, I had so much hate for my self so I couldn't "See" you when you lived right behind me. I should have put my pride away and gave you the time and effort that you deserve. I took the easy way out and broke the rules, I should have just done the right thing, but as they say hindsight is 20/20 right. It's real easy to say now. My heart broke that day in Ramsey county when you told me we were done, it was the hardest heartbreak I have ever dealt with. That's the day when I swore off love, and closeness to anyone, its the reason why my heart is so cold. I can't and I don't blame you anymore, it was my fault and I am man enough to say it. It took me a long time but here it is in black and white. Like I told you before, I will never stop trying to win you back. I know I should have chosen you from the beginning , you were are the realest, best woman who ever blessed me with you presence. Thank you for spending so much time trying to be with me. It took me a while to evolve but I did and now you can "see" the real man I am. 

Death Doesn't Knock
By Daniel Gebhardt

When death calls do we answer? Or do we procrastinate and avoid the ringing until he reaches his bony hand through the receiver and pull our dull souls through to the other end. What is the other end? is it dark and gloomy because of the negative we have filled others lives with? or is it shiny and stunning like a star in the dark night sky? Can you feel the life burning in your eyes desperately waiting for you to do the right thing for once in your life. Arnt you tired of making excuses on why you weren't there for you kin, for your kids for your family. Its time to look past the past and look forward towards the here and now and understand you weren't put here because of everybody else, but because of the choices that you decided to make. Nobody made you think you could get away with it. It wasn't the devil, and it sure wasn't the creator, he made a plan for you, but you decided you wanted to do things the hard way, and continue to flirt with death. Now you seem to have a grasp on what you need to do, maybe stop acting like the whole world owes you something, and get off of your high horse and focus on what needs to be accomplished in order for you to make your family, children, and most of all your self proud. Don't ever think you can just float through this life, because you can't you will adhere to the laws of this universe. If you want it , you have to try harder. 

If I Knew for Sure 
By Daniel Gebhardt

Just because I am in the position I am in and I am where I am at, doesn't mean I can't have feelings for you. There are sparks there and you can't tell me there aren't. Just because I am here doesn't mean that I don't have needs, and emotions too. All you have to do is show me that you care more than the rest of these fakes and we could become close like a heart and a beat. I know we came from way different ways of life and maybe we won't be together for long but the time I do get to bless you with my presense you should take for granted. If and when we do get the chance to spend more than just a moment together, share you feelings, your emotions, you deepest dreams, and goals with me. If you only knew you can trust me with everything that you've ever been through, you would open your eyes and understand that I am not human but a piece of a god. I am made half of love and the other half passion, when you add them both together you get the realest man that you'll ever meet. I am full of some of the greatest insights you've never heard, we may be from different generations but when has time ever mattered other than where I am at? Shouldn't I be the one who cares about the amount of time I have. I bought a watch just so I could make time for you. When you listen to your heart, it always gives you sound advice. 

A Pain Killer
By Daniel Gebhardt

Do you always want to be disappointing to yourself? Or will you take more calculated risks, instead of chances? When your about to fail , why do you panic. You know you've never really cared about what others think or how they truly feel about how you decide to solve problems. So when is it time to let everybody see that your a genius and no one will ever be like you? You really need to understand that not everyone is alike, especially you. You shine like a freshly pair of waxed shoes in the spotlight of a front stage production of bright lights on Broadway. Your important and others opinions don't matter about anything you have going on. If you just open your mind and prove to people your worth investing in and spending extra effort and time on. You have more self worth than anyone can fathom, you smile and brighten up the room. Let you mind and heart speak for you, you have the answers to every question you have ever had. If you just take a minute and breath deep and inhale success that is handed to you on a golden platter you'll see that your worth every million you'll receive in you life. You will make something of yourself no one can or will ever break who you are, your determination is what keeps you going everyday. Everything you do matters, even if it is so small no one will notice it. Because believe it or not people watch you and look up to you and your life is based on a true story. Will you make this a drama, a fairy - tail, or a horror story? I know you have it in you to become a great human being, give yourself more credit because your worth it. This is for you, when you doubt your existence just put this on your coffee cup, mirror, on a piece of paper in your pocket and recite over until you realize that this is for you. Never stop learning, then pass it along. Create dreams, create joy, create the best you. 

Seeds That Plant Themselves
By Daniel Gebhardt

Sometimes we wonder what are we even trying this hard for? What is the point in this day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute grind that feels us feeling run down full of negative thoughts and emotions. Is there a point to this miniscule point of existence? When we think we have done right and helped others out of the good of our hearts does that ever get repaid to us? do we see the seeds we plant come to fruition or will we continue to struggle with our lives that we try so hard to contribute but when we do one good thing we turn around and then we see our good go for negative. I can lead you to knowledge, but I can't make you think. "If you fit into this world then maybe its where you truly belong", the good news is I don't fit in and I never will and I will never conform. I am speaking to you, all of you reading this know who you are, your just like me and will change this shameless, thoughtless, universe. Positive will never yield negative results. 

Every Life Matters
By Daniel Gebhardt

To move forward, I had to walk backward for an eternity to understand that we live this life in reverse. We continue to think that we are getting older when the truth is we are only getting younger everyday. Time only exists when you let it. Age is only something that we use to measure time it should never be taken into consideration when we address ourselves as humanbeings. We are forever, we can live forever but so many of our minds let our bodies think that it is getting older when the truth is your mind can beat any "problems" that your body seems to develope. If our minds can begin to understand what we see on a day to day basis and continue to do new things and learn then why can't we teach it to live forever? You can manifest anything that you want it may seem lime non sense but begin to believe that your a creator and your dreams will manifest before your eyes. I want to have everything in life, but also want that for you too. Share this information let everyone win, greed kills and destroys, Everyone deserves to win and live. 

Connections NOT Corrections
By Daniel Gebhardt

When you break the law your sent to a box with others who are just as smart if not smarter than you. When you first arrive you think you won't be able to make it. And then you realize that this is a lot easier than you think it will be. Once you begin to get comfortable and understand that these inmates are people too and not just numbers , you begin to gain knowldge that can help you grow in a positive way or in a negative way. Which one will you choose? You have broken the law your whole life and maybe its all you know, or maybe you did it because you had to just to live in this evil world. Or maybe its because you just like to do it. When the judge slams the gavel and sentences you to your personal box where you will spend a majority of you life , away from all outside family, friends and fun. Are you going to get more "connections" so you won't be caught next time? You are not going to be "corrected" so why don't we change the name to "Connections Facility"? It would make more sense. We are breeding smarter criminals not productive citizens. And most of it is to blame on the lack of knowledge the lawyers,judges and correctional pretenders have. Maybe they are glorified babysitters?? You decide where we will go. 

My King's World
By Daniel Gebhardt

I never got the subtitle signs that you sent me my way. I never saw the signs that you sent to me. Maybe I just never cared or never thought I was good enough maybe I was so concerned with only just myself that I never really cared what you thought or felt. maybe in my own mind I thought that I was too good for you and that you would never measure up to what I can be. It was always about me and never about anyone or anything else, that is why I never cared about what you thought or felt, it was always about me and how I could full fill my ego and would with things that fit me. I always said that I wasn't conceited but the ugly truth is I am. I am not going to say to anyone that I am trying to change from being the asshole that I am because I never will it is excatally what makes me who I am. The creator made me this way nothing can or will change me. A wise man once said to me I have not hit rock bottom yet and when I do I will change for good, but I know better than anyone I don't have that, and that is not something that I fear. Even death is not my rock bottom it is just the tipping point until I reach my throne. 

Out Do Me, Out Live Me
By Daniel Gebhardt

I want you to have every great experience that I had when I was a young man, you both are my heart and soul and nothing or anything will ever change the feelings I have for the both of you. I may have not always been the best example for you guys, I showed a lot to the both of you that was the evil non sense part of my life. That is something I can never take back but I am glad in some ways that you got to see the way not to be. I want both of you to know that I tried I am not going to say that it was my best effort because the truth is it was not.My mind was there most of the time and I would never let anything happen to either of you at them points in time, I did not do my best but I do promise this from this day forth you both will only get the father, man, that wants change for the better for both of you. I am not going to fill your minds or hearts full of sorrys because we all know at this point in time that words don't mean nothing without action to back it up. Please don't give up on me , I will never give up on you no matter the circumstances. I will forever be here , there, and everywhere you require me. 

Busy People Thoughts
By Daniel Gebhardt

I use to care what people thought was I wrong that I don't seem to care anymore? is it the arrogance or the fact that I have come so close to the spirit world and now I see this life for what it really is? You may ask what can I possible mean? When I say these things? I am not going to tell you that when. I came close to death that I seen a bright white light, or a man with a white beard telling me I am living my life wrong and there is something so pressing that I need to take care of because that would be a complete lie. The simple fact is now I see the good in people and in the universe if I see negative in anything I wouldn't be myself I have run into a few negative energy's here lately but non of them seem to effect me for to long , I just continue to move forward and be thankful for what I have, and will have in the near future. I will succeed and be who I am no matter what anyone says or thinks, so does it really matter what anyone else thinks?

Drift Away
By Daniel Gebhardt

Up the river, or down the river, without a paddle, no guide, in a boat with 7 holes all around. Circling the drain, almost ready to let it all go down. When will the sun shine again? Will it ever show its happy hot face again in my world? Or will this night seem to go on forever? To have the materials to build a paddle, but no instructions on how its put together. I know I am not the first to be up this creek with no help, and I'm certainly not going to be the last, but at this moment in time it is as black as night, with no moon out to light my way. Thank the creator, he made my "Light" shine so bright that I am. I don't have to solve others problems, I only have to get my raft to shore, then exit. No point in trying to patch the holes in my craft, no need to just temporarily fix the issues, where would that get me? but no where. I have to get ashore so professionals who work with these issues can fully fix them, find the underlying reason why these holes even showed up in the first place. With the time spent on this craft , I have come to the understanding that it is possible to leave the raft and swim, I can make it myself to the shore, I am a very strong swimmer, and it can be done. Why keep a boat with holes in it, abandon it, and leave your so called "troubles" behind, don't "patch" your issues, find the reason why their there, then you can really move on with your life, I am thankful for this understanding. I am thankful I had a boat in the first place, Thankfulness with what you have will be the deciding factor whether you sink or swim.

Plan Accordingly
By Daniel Gebhardt

As I run, passing all the negative thoughts, running through them like a thick black cloud of exhaust, I understand that non of these thoughts from others really matter. Non of the negative thoughts seem to stick to me, they all seem to pass by like nats in a baseball outfield. They seem to be surrounding me but other to slightly bother me and not really land or bite me, sure they may seem as thick as a wool blanket covering me, but it doesn't seem that heavy, and to know all along that I can just spray bug be gone, and all of them will vanish away, dying like grass in the winter time, first turning brown and brittle then laying down and dying out. Are all of these negitive thoughts really from others, or is it just my self-conscious, reflecting off of others like a mirror? Am I just as transparent as the rest of these lost souls here? Or am I a stained glass with a beautiful picture behind it? I know that I try to not be look though, but when I learn to stop wearing my heart and soul on my sleeve, then I will become just like the rest of these dark, souls, lost in the shadows of a dark dismal night. I can be the saving light that changes this existence, I just have to let my soul shine and everyone around me will catch the embers off of me and spark with ignition, and burn as bright as a Lighthouse in the middle of the dark sea. "Plan Accordingly," and you will catch my Light.

By Daniel Gebhardt

It is so possible for someone else to do so much for you, and you never know it until you sit down and actually Think and understand how much has been done for you in your life. It is so easy to take this life for granted but it is so much harder for us as humans to sit and think of all the people who have went way out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. I myself had never thought of the effort people have put into just taking care of me. To think of all the effort people, have extended on others behalf, is quite humbling, but yet hard to understand. We should be thankful for all that everyone does on our behalf. Just stop and think of all we take for granted, when we flip on the light switch and the lights come on, how many people do you think it took for that easy motion that you did? Stop and think of how many people it took for this world to seem so easy to us, it is quite a shame how much I take for granted, but am learning to be much more thankful to everybody. Its time we took the time to move slower and not so fast, and we can appreciate how much we do for each other, Because in the long run we need others, just as much as they need us. 

Listen to the Right Shoulder
By Daniel Gebhardt

Is it possible to get the truth out of our souls? Do we need to tell the truth to others? Or can we just get along with telling little fibs? so we can just skate by? Is it really in our body's to know the difference between truth and lies? We have had plenty of time and practice to make up stories our whole lives, we have had more than enough practice through out our years on this planet. We may think we are doing something new, but the truth is non of this is new at all, It may seem like we are seeing these new things for the first time, but its not the truth at all. We shield our eyes from the truth because it is so much easier and a whole lot less painful. The truth hurts so its a lot easier to just turn our cheek to the other side and listen to the fast talking slick devil filled enity that we know is feeding us a line of non sense. We like what the devil teaches us because he is always there on our shoulder feeding our ego, with diamonds, and platinum dreams, they shine like a pitch black night, with only one shinning star that lights the whole night. Even though we have a angel on the other side telling us the truth, we still don't want to accept it because it is so hard to come to grips with. The Truth is right in front of us, Do we really want it? Or do we just want to keep taking the fast, easy way out of things? Its time to decide...

Volkswagen's & Bonfires
By Daniel Gebhardt

I should have taken better care of you. I should have been there for you, I should have never lied to you. I should have stayed home when I said I was out working earning money. I use to be full of shit. I still am in most ways, but to be completely honest for not only my sake but your and "ours" I feel like I missed out. Like you were the one that got away. You were there for so much, you were there through the thick and thin, you were my one. But once again I let my ego cover what you had for me. When you looked in my eyes you were for real, It took me this long to figure that out. It took me this long to stare at a picture of you to understand that I miss you and I should have put my pride to the side and contacted you when , you were having a tough time. I should have fought harder for you. I should have.. But I was to enthralled in my own so called "important" problems because that is all that they were, nothing but bullshit. I thought the more hatred I held towards you, the more I could hide my feelings that I have for you. I want you to know now that when We parted ways I really didn't hate you per say, but I hated myself more. I want you to know that no matter how far we are away or how many miles or mountains, or oceans, I have to cross, I will always be there for you, Nothing or nobody will or ever can come close to you or the Love I have for you. I want you to know that I should have chosen you first. I am a different man now, I understand what you mean. I hope your happy, that's from my heart, I want you to know I will always be here if you need me, if there comes any point in time where you need me for "Anything" I will be there, no matter the cost. You know who you are, I will always love you and I will always fight for you all you have to do is tell me when and I'll be there. I know you remember when you said to me, You really liked me when I first woke up , because It was the "Real Me" you know why you said that, and so do I. I want to thank you for everything. I will always be here if you need me, because the honest truth is I will always need you...

Cheat Codes to Life
By Daniel Gebhardt

What does the world hold for the future? For me? for you? for us? It breaks my heart to the core knowing that me and you have grown so far apart. I ask and beg you to prove to me that I mean more than just a few pennies here and there. You say how hard you try, and how hard your life is, you say how your not able to do the things you've done when you were "younger" but both me and you know the truth to that. Its not that you can't its that you won't. I know personally you've given up, you've throwen in the towel and said your not going to try as hard anymore, because you say what it the point? I know you don't have the drive or ambition that I have. I have to evolve and move toward the future, or more like the now. because the truth is we can predict the future we can only live in the here and now and play our cards now for the long run. I know what my future holds, its holds fame, and more pennies than you'll ever seen in your entire life. I am going to succeed it took this moment for me to understand that I needed this time out to focus on myself and get away from evil, all I have surrounded myself with the past 30 years was evil. The devil was a lot closer than I thought. Maybe it was me all along, maybe we do keep our enemies really closer than our friends. I sheltered myself more because I thought it would be the best option. The truth is it was not a good decision at all. Its ok though because mark my words you'll see how easy this world is, and how easy it is to have everything you want. I have the cheat codes to this life, I am going to write the Navigating Human and Earth manifesto just to prove to you what trying your hardest really looks like. One day you'll look back and see when you've should have cherished the time you were blessed to spend with me. Until then keep moving backward.

Questions For Self 
By Daniel Gebhardt

To try to make people understand how easy this life is, is not always the easiest thing to do. I try to hard, it does not have to be this difficult, I need to stop pretending that I know everything, because the truth is that I am no where near where I think I am. Sometimes when I sit back and thank what ever it is in the universe for whatever it is that I got. I think at this point in my life I need to accumulate things, or items when the truth is I use it to make up for my loss of self. When I entered into this situation I lost self. I have been told not to lose self, in my dreams by my self conscious. It is very hard to not become the prisoner people want to see, can I still have a heart, and be kind, can I know that not everybody is out to get me? Can I get out and know that people are still good. I am surrounded daily with men who don't care about my well being or who I want to become. I want to be a better man, I want to be honest, loving, caring, and a great human, but I have lost some self being here. Is there anyone who feels the way I do, whether it be in real life or a place we have been put? We can rise and do better. 

French Fry 
By Daniel Gebhardt

The feeling I got when me and you were together, the open air, the open heart that I had, I felt the rush of needing you of wanting you, I always thought me and you were going to be forever. Nothing could have come between me and you, I would have protected you no matter what. I thought you loved me, I thought you would do anything for me. You did and still I took it for granted, I looked else where for something I had right in front of me. It is so easy for me to see the true love you had for me now, my mind wasn't built then like it is now. I should have cherished you, I should have done the little things better. You didn't care about the money, the material things, you just wanted my time, but I didn't understand that. I couldn't give anyone my time back then, I couldn't have even given myself the time because I was to busy being consumed with self. I was looking all around for something that I had right in front of me all along. It is sad to look back now and realize what I lost. I guess you lose what you dont cherish, and I didn't cherish you or myself so I left both at a point in time. I know one thing is for sure if you were to see me now you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off of me, I glow like grandmother moon in the deepest darkest part of the night, you can feel the passion and love that pours out of my soul. I did change and become less self absorbed, I am now able to give love because I have learned to love myself and forgive myself for the wrong I have done in the past. We can no longer live in the past, We can't live in the future, we can only live for the moment, because this can be taken any second. I cherish the moments that I had the joy of being around you. Nobody can ever replace the love and respect I have for you, I do not regret any single moment I got to be around you, thank you for giving me your time, I ask for your forgiveness, you have mine..

Clarity comes Early
By Daniel Gebhardt

To become the love I want to become I have to rebuild the bridges that I tore or burned down, I let my pride and ego get the best of me and destroy every little good thing that I had in my life. It has been a challenge being me, nothing seemed to come without a heavy price whether it be losing something I loved or losing my sense of peace or freedom. I know now that I took the simple things for granted and keep moving to fast when I should have slowed down and felt the love I had around me. I know if I would have took the time to understand what was all around me this would have ended up a lot different. But sometimes I have to see that this life could not get any better, the moments of pain and anguish I have had , have built the character and honor and respect I have for life and every moment of time I have right now. No person, place, or thing can teach me what I have been able to learn. I have nothing but time to meditate and focus on what I need to do now. I need to show my love I have for this world, for myself and all those around me. I have to be proud of who I am, I am strong, sensitive, caring, loving, motivated, powerful, honest, peaceful, and a life lesson all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Just watch and learn on how a man that was on the path to self destruction, is now saved and on the way to salvation, and eternity of peace, I am....

Drive Ahead
By Daniel Gebhardt

I feel the electricity running through, it never stops or gives me a second to breath, It slowly counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds utill I give in a grab a hold of it, I have to hang on for dear life because it will knock me around with ease. It will grab a hold of me an pretend that it can beat me, but all in the mean time with my ego I smile and laugh just a little bit each time it thinks it can hold me in one place. I let it think for one brief second that it has the upper hand and it is in control , it thinks its the one in the driver seat steering, but knowing my self and what I truly can do. If I should decide at any point in time that I am not in control, that is when the wolf comes to the surface and shows his dark as night eyes and long sharpe k'9's that can slice through pure steel, All the while I never stopped growling and then the power knows that this is not the time nor place to try its luck, because it is the day that it understands that it is going to take a huge loss, and will never recover from it. As soon as the teeth break the surface it can feel the energy and raw power that comes through , it is so intoxatating and down right beautiful how the power is transfered from what ever enegry source I want. Once you start trusting your true potential and power and believe in your self 24/7 there is nothing in this world or beyond that can come close to stopping what I am going to become, and have already started to become. This is a moment in time reading this that you can stop and say "I am truly hungry, I want to be fed the electricity that comes from power and respect. I have to drive ahead and never look in my rearview because I have to let go of the past to fully grasp the greatness that is in from of me. I have to have all four paws on the ground to drive ahead, always moving and progressing never standing still anymore, greatness will come but I have to keep pushing forward. 

The Key And The Door
By Daniel Gebhardt

When I stop to think of where I am, its like a sharp nail to my heart. To know that I have created this world for myself and I have burned so many bridges, and hurt so many people along my path. I ask for forgiveness all day long and thank the great spirit that I can still hold my head high and work harder than , I ever have before. This existence is nothing short of a dream of mine, am I really in heaven dreaming because my ego though I could do better on my own? Did the great spirit give me a chance to see if I could do this on my own? Maybe everyone is just a projection of my own ego. As I begin to wake up and see life for what it is, it gets simplified and I can manifest great into my world. I know that I am in full control of what is going on. If You're thankful for everything you do or have, the universe will multiply it more than you could ever want. The master key to understanding this life and getting everything you ever wanted is just to be thankful for everything. If its really cold outside and as soon as you go out your miserable, just be thankful that you have legs to walk, be thankful that you have eyes to see, be thankful you have skin to feel, be thankful that your free and the world is at your fingertips, as soon as you wake in the morning thank God , for everything you do and have, but "Feel it" in your heart, because just saying thank you won't do it, you have to feel it deep inside you heart. Your life can be the best. I am handing you the key and showing you the door. Be thankful. it is the key to forever. I know some men and women who are in this cage for the rest of their lives, and their more "free" than a lot of people who are on the outside, you know why? Because their "Thankful" it may sound hard but this life is way easier than we make it. I share this wisdom. All you have to do is try, Take the key and unlock the door. What's the worst that can happen? I am thankful you're reading this. 

Saving Grace
By Daniel Gebhardt

I know how to be a gentleman's gentleman There's a lot I have Learned over the decades of me being on this earth. I have been here since the begining and will be here to the end. I can take you places you've never been, I don't know about me but I know about you. Swag is what they call it, I just call it REALNESS. It is who I am and nothing will ever change the confidence that I have. I am here to answer your questions about this universe and how everything works. I will open your doors, listen to you deepest thoughts, respect you, protect you when you don't feel safe, honor love and cherish you. I will be honest with you at all points in life. There will never be a point in time where you hear anything but love come from my heart to my mind and then out of my mouth. I am the realist man you'll ever meet, if you want a friend and lover to care for you on all levels of you I will be that gentleman. I know there is pain and loss in you life, I know you've been hurt in the past relationships and we all have our worry that it will happen again, but I can assure you 100% that I am different than anyone you'll ever have the chance to know. When I feel a connection with someone and know that I can make it work, I will take my time to understand how your mind works, I will ask questions and listen to you, find out your likes and favorite things. I will romantically wow you throughout our days together. I will do things you like with no problem, most people say life is to short, but its not if you find the one you love and cherish every lasting moment with that person. I stay in the moment and enjoy everything. We can do anything you heart desires together, and if you can't think of anything, I am full of exicitig new adventures even if its sitting on the beach in the sand watching the sun set on waves crashing at our feet, because its moments like this that I will never forget, Are you out there? I hope and pray and know you are, God will send you to me. I love more, cherish you and will do anything and everything to make your life positive and teach you how to wake up. I will call your name and save you. I will free you......

Wisdom From Within
By Daniel Gebhardt

When I wake in the morning I know that the day is a new and tomorrow, doesn't matter and yesterday has nothing to do with now. As I take my first breath of the morning I give thanks for being able to love everyone around me, love mother earth, love my life. It may sound weird of me telling you that I love life. Who in their right mind would love their life in prison? When you become one with the great sprit, you can understand how to be free, I may be in prison but I am Free. Nothing can stop my love, nobody or anything can take the peace I have obtained. I have worked very hard to get to this point where I float through time and space without being "in the way". It is an honor to be without worries, I know I have been chosen for better, when you think positive everyday and every moment you send these signals out into the universe and it gives you back what you display. You will get negative if you send it out into the universe. I have to believe and act like I have everything I have ever wanted and the universe " will provide" my deepest thoughts and needs and most of all wants. I am free inside this cage, when I look out I don't see fences anymore I see mother earth. I see change for the greater of humankind. I see lasting change where everyone helps their brothers and sisters. I see no strife, I see no negative. I smell forgiveness, I taste freedom, I know there are so many who just want peace in prison, it is very easy to get and hold on to. Put away your differences, because one day you will need each other. Never let any humanbeing suffer in hunger,thirst,or material items. Help and Love your brothers, get our minds in sync and the universal mind will change, all war will stop, all hunger, all sadness, all negative traits and actions will stop. Always give to others and expect nothing back. We must come together now, for now is the time to show our love. Everyone has it , don't be a coward, Love your brothers and sisters before it gets any worse. I can show you what a savior is. The process has begun. Love is the most powerful thought, What you thinks comes to you always. You can't "act" forever.

By Daniel Gebhardt

I feel numb , there are no other ways to explain it to anyone. To be denied a lot in the past 4 years of my life in this corrupt system, makes me feel like the word correction holds no merit, they don't want us to be corrected or "fixed" as they say, they want us to stay broken and afraid of our own shadow. They don't want to see us succeed they want to see us fail and lose our minds and our cool so we act with only anger and rage which makes us hurt,steal,destroy so we come right back and they get money for us being here. No matter what we say , how we try to change ourselves we are always judged on who we use to be, and not who we are trying to become. They watch are every move analyze every little step we take, and if they suspect us to doing the least little bit wrong they will "cook" us, untill we can no longer think for ourselves they want us to be afraid to live. They want us to fail so we stay in the system. The prison system is just like a corrupt phone company they make you sign an agreement stating if you break the rules there is no way out of the contract, you will forever be "with us" until the day you die. Nobody knows the pain and suffering we have to endure being a part of this, we are treated and manipulated into thinking that the little programs they offer will help us. It doesn't mean nothing in the long run, because in the publics eye will will still be animals who are in a cage, and will never change, because the word correction means nothing to these people. We are not savages, we are human beings with real emotions, that don't want to be here and know that with the "right" help can and will change. We cry out for help, but everyone turns a deaf ear.

By Daniel Gebhardt

It always used to be someone else's fault
It was never me, it was always your fault
I’ve never did anything wrong, I’m always right
You’re the one to blame, you created me, a monster
You decided my fate, you molded me into this
I never took control, I let so called fate decide who I am
You made all my choices, I just went along for the ride.
I was trusting, that you always had my best interest
When I used to look in the mirror, I didn’t see anyone
I exposed all my cards to you, I showed you nothing
I faked who I was, I was never him, I didn’t know
I figured I could shake through, pretending to be human
Do I have feelings? Do I actually care? Do I think at all?
I think I have a heart, at least the blood pressure machine says so
I tried to stop caring, but I can’t, I can focus now, I will win
I now see I have to get it myself, there is no such thing as luck
I create my own destiny, I can’t just let the world spin
I have to take action aways, I don’t always have to be in control
I am not programmed like every other human, I can shape my life
I can win, I can take responsibility for my own movie
I am solid, I am flexible, I am trust, I am still, I am lucky
Everything I do, I will succeed, no one will step in my way
I can get through anything and everything, you will not beat me
Now I look in the mirror and I see me, who am I? Who are you?
The only one who stands the least bit of chance of beating me is
Staring at me in the other side of the mirror, but all I have to do is stop looking.

By Daniel Gebhardt

Today is a new day, finally some extra freedom for my body and mind. I was free before mentally but now I have a new outlook on who I can be. I m not only free from the restraints of a level that controls your every move. They dictate what you do and when you do it. I could always have been free, but I choose the path of destruction for not only myself but all of my loved ones. The ones you hurt the most are the ones who would do anything for no matter the cost. Now that I feel more free doesn’t mean, I can relax in any way shape or form, I have to try even harder now, than I have ever tried in my life. Now is a chance to prove who I can be and what I can do with my life. I will take the right fork in the road this time, ad prove nothing to nobody because the only one I have to prove my worth to is myself. I believe that I am a changed man, on the outside and on the inside. I can never stop evolving and gaining self knowledge every day. I need to be seen as a leader and never a follower, but the real truth is I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, only to myself and the most high.

By Daniel Gebhardt

I didn’t leave you, I left only myself
I projected my anger, fear, anxious
Feelings over to you, you’re stronger
Than I ever will be, or have been
There’s nothing in this universe, that
Will ever stop me from loving you,
You mean more than words could
ever express, I will kill, destroy, manipulate
For you, I will not stop.
You’re the best drug I have ever felt
You course through my blood and
Put me on the top of the world
I stand 10 feet tall when you talk
To me, I fear you, I love you, I need you
Nothing or anyone will ever stop me
From getting your approval
Why deep down do you want me to
Suffer, have pain, have loss and die slowly?
You’re evil and you take my breath away with
Your beauty everytime I see you, but at
the same time I want you dead.
Tell me who I speak of?
Do you know?

By Daniel Gebhardt

Great thoughts in a collection is a reflection of each of our lives. We may seem so different but the harsh reality is, we are all the same. We live our lives living and breathing around one another but the truth is we have no idea who is next door to us, we can’t begin to change ourselves if we first don’t love our neighbors as we love ourselves. But some of us don’t know how to love ourselves, we just believe that we are not worthy of being loved, therefore we are not able to show respect and love to others. We need to rewire our thought process to even begin to try to love each other. We as human beings just want to be loved and cherished and respected, we are programmed to be social and live collectively with one another, we have a need to share our emotions but are blocked by all the negative, that flows through-out this universe, I may be an animal in a cage, or as I perceive the world sees me, but all I want is to be accepted, cherished, trusted, honored and most of all loved for who I am. Isn’t that all we want? To be ourselves and to just be loved? I know that to get what I want, I have to display love to others,give to them without expecting in return. I just want love …

By Daniel Gebhardt

You don’t think you can beat me do you?
You think you know how I think?
You think you can predict my actions?
You think you’ll know how I’ll react?
You think you can tell my mood by my stage look
You think to much, you think you're ahead of me but the truth is …
You’re so worried about me, you forget yourself
You forgot to love and cherish
You forgot to eat and drink
You forgot to work out
You forgot to condition your mind
You forgot how to be human
You forgot how to be positive
You forgot how to chase your dreams
You forgot how to live
As I look in the mirror, I recite this to myself
If I know who I am , I can beat you at everything
I know all about you, because I am you
I will change, I will be positive
I will condition my mind and body
I will be who I want, not what others portrait me as
If you want it, you have to go get it
Good things don’t come to those who wait,
but those who go get it.

By Daniel Gebhardt

I die a little more each day. I use to believe that now I know that. I try to not give up on humanity, but I can’t trust people in power have my best interest in mind. Just another statistic in the books, just another number in the system, I had my chance to change again and again screwing it up, always wanting to break the rules, never understanding the actions I choose have a reflect on everyone, not just me. I caused pain, hurt, hateful feelings in a lot of people, helplessness, sleepless nights I took this life and works for granted, now I am remorseful or am I? Do I just say these things to make others happy? My mind continues to believe that this in not real and will change when I yell cut,  and change the actors and scripts time to get control of this lawlessness, this over-privileged mind, knocking on death's door, he opened and said welcome with dead bone filled arms, but someone and something greater than myself took me back and said I could not have true peace yet, I must be and am chosen to change the way this story is going, I will fulfill this destiny I have, I will end the demons that control this movie.

My Perspective
By Daniel Gebhardt

When emotions control your life you will never win, you should only take calculated risks and not chances. Love is the most important trait you can establish with everyone, if you know and study your enemy you will conquer this world, but your only “true” enemy is  yourself. Nobody can beat you worse than you. It’s time to start believing in  yourself, if you do this all others will fall right into place. Everyone needs to develop self-confidence because all of us have it, no one person is greater than the next, we may believe we are, but all humans are the exact same only different. We can all be a force for good if we work together and not see negative in each other. Even the smallest minds have big ideas that can be used together so it’s time to stop denying others the respect and love they deserve from all of us, why build walls, when we could build trust and love with one another? Than we can build our connection back to the one who brought us here. We will learn and evolve, but we need direction and a collective mind.

By Daniel Gebhardt

True artists deal with an unsustainable amount of pain throughout their lives, everyday ever since they were born it has been a struggle in some sort of way or form, nothing ever truly went the way it was supposed to. Bored everyday in school, never trusting anyone, not even themselves, every day looking in the mirror not knowing who their going to see at that point in time. To nice to let others verbally assaulted them, because knowing deep inside they have the power and ability to destroy their enemy, but understanding if they release their power it will devastate not only them, but many others, it would cause much more hurt than good caring for life because the Lord's will has been instilled since birth. Hidden talent and marvelous powers have been here all along, it just took the darkest powers to unleash them, we all knew it was here all along but were always to cautious to bring it out. Pain and anguish, lies, false hopes have been here and will continue to be until the day we close our eyes for good. But they put in front of the open door because you have to go through it and not around to find out who you need to be. Your strength, honor, trust, ability to compete, ability to go on will be tested if you’re chosen. You will succeed, but it’s a long, long journey, how bad do you want it? It’s like breathing when someone takes away my air I will fight for every breath. You have to be the same way about success, then you will change.

Day One
By Daniel Gebhardt

How do I escape the reality of still being trapped in my darkest reality? I know that I am not there anymore and I am more free than I have been in a long time, but my mind still can't wrap it self around the concept of me being stuck in a box for more than 23 hours a day. Someone told me we only have 2 emotions, that we are able to display in our daily lives and those are fear and love. So which one am I displaying now? it must be more fear with flashes of love here and there because they tell me I come out and look around my surroundings before I take my next move. I think in my mind that, that's what I am supposted to do "be aware" not only consciously but physically. But maybe I'll be the first to admit that I am somewhat wrong. Everyone around me seems to be wolves and that is what I am, but I see them as sheep, because I secretly know what I am capable of? or because I have learned that everyone around me is a projection of me? If I display love and eminate it, will the universe give it back to me? Of course it will I just need to have faith.

*Acceptance *
By Daniel Gebhardt

When I wake in the morning I feel as if this is a new day and new chance to right my faults that I continue to have on a daily basis. But then I stop and think does yesterday really matter? to the small closed mind it does, when I expand my mind and actually try to grasp that this stent between these four walls is only a moment in time that I have already lived over and over in infinite time lines and dimensions. Is that the reason why I keep remembering or having flashes of the future of me already doing this. I believe that everyone and everything happens for the exact reason it is happening. There is no such thing as karma, what ever is or was going to happen is going to be no matter what you do, it is not because of how nice or mean you are to others it will simply just be. One day in the near future we will all think alike and be on the same page of living in harmony with one another, because we are all connected in more ways than one. We just "look" physically different. Acceptance is the universal thought.

"Begin Somewhere"
By Daniel Gebhardt

When I sit back and observe all these other minds and body's in motion I just try to fathom their existence why was I placed here next to them? was it truly because I broke the law? or was it a higher purpose? that I needed to slow down, I was moving way to fast and needed a break from my nothingness, to be honestly truthful I only held myself in high regard I had no use for anyone or anything because I thought that nothing else mattered but me. When I got the chance to "sit" for an extended period of time this is when I began to realize that not only did I really hurt the ones that loved me, but most of all my self. I am working on self everyday, I know this sounds selfish but the more I fully understand to love my self, the more love I exert to others around me. ( the ones who still love and cherish me) I never understood what love was or the meaning of it, but I am now starting to grasp the true meaning of love. Love is what I want out of life, not acceptance but love, If I require it I must extend it out to others right?

By Daniel Gebhardt

To step into a den full of lions and be the only wolf is quite intresting. I know that I feel the power and mental of my ancestor's, I have the drive and determination to become a leader for the people and not just my own kind. I know that it doesn't matter if everyone likes me because true leaders carry themselves in a way that seems arrogant and "stuck up" but it is not viewed by the person in power that way at all. I think to act in that way prepares us for the greater good of humanity, because we can represent our people in a way that will be respected and not feared. Any great leader will tell you that to be feared is not the same as being respected. I want better for my people, I want them to have a voice and not always be stuck on mute. Now when I say my people I mean us as a whole not just one race. I believe once we get over our differences and realize that the only differences we have is our "physical" and not "mental" that is when we become one.

By Daniel Gebhardt

Who am I to question why I am here or what I am supposed to do with my life? I thought that this was a question for a higher more intellectual power that knows all and is all. I am soon coming to find out that speaking and praying out into the universe only brings me dissapointment and heartache, because when I expect that something will transpire and happen the way I through it would or should happen doesn't it makes me think there is no point in sending my thoughts into the blank space we call this universe. To be honest with my self how do I even know any of this universe even exists outside of what surrounds me? I can't be in more than one place at any given moment in time, so I don't really know for sure if it is really happening at all, I watch the idiot box and see all the change that takes place all over this world and think to my self is this what I created? Years of me breaking the law, stealing, manipulating my way to what I thought was the top? All of my exerted effort was for nothing at all. I wasted 30 years of my life on nonsense, the time is now to bring back sanity and peace and most of all love to this thing we call "life" or "space".

*Makes Sense*
By Daniel Gebhardt

You got me when I was so young, you thought you were doing me a favor, you your self were not necessarily old but not in the best position to take care of me. You think you did me a favor, is that what you think you did for me? No consequences of negative actions for me, I could do anything with out worrying about being punished because I knew you were weak, they said I had "menatal instability" but was that really what it was? or am I just good at acting? Do you really know if I had anger problems? or if I used my stature to my advantage at all times? Did I always have a hidden agenda? I know I did, but you didn't I became a spoiled, over privlaged, piece of shit because of all the "love" you tried to buy me with. The truth is hard for you read or see or understand, because how could you have screwed up another life that bad. Blind your self with all the good you thought you did for me. When you bought my love that is what I knew to be love. What does it mean when I had no feelings of caring if I didn't get my way or the newest best items before everyone else did. Why do you think I never wanted to spend "quality" time with you? Maybe because when I showed my emotions , you sent me to a therapist and they tried to tell me I was depressed, the truth being you never taught me how to be happy without items. I got everything I ever wanted and never had to ask twice, if you said no I knew how to "act up" just enough and say the "right things" to get you to feel bad enough for me to get what I want. Is it right on my part? Absolutely not, but when I look back or try to , this is what I was taught to do. It was a mirror of the images I saw in you. As much as you don't like certain things about me, certain personality traits of mine you have to take a step back and look deep inside yourself because I learned from you. Arrogance, bully traits, boss traits, how to speak my way in or out of a situation, How to get anything I want, showing my soft side then sinking my teeth in to what I want so there is no chance to escape. All of these things you don't like you can thank your self because you taught me, groomed me from a very young age to never quit , never accept failure, always be well dressed, well spoken. Some call it manipulation, I call it fitness because I am working out my brain until it is as hard as my heart , so fit that there can be no softness left, which is dangerous because I don't really know how to love you. Material things are what I believe you get me to show me you love me? Right? How's your life? Depressed because your not as smart as you think you were? I guess I evolved not just a little more but a lot more, if the story came from your mental it would go a whole different way, ungreatfull , un appreciated, asshole, always only worried about what I can get, who can be told these over and over again with out hardining of their heart and emotions? Its to late for you to understand what you have done? Famous words of yours " I'm doing my best" we both know that's not true in the least because if you were your life would be a whole lot better, but your content with being nothing. I'm not and will never be, "I would if I could" doesn't even exist in my mind anymore \, I replaced it with "I Can and I will" I believe in me, not you anymore.

By Daniel Gebhardt

Distrust from everyone
Deep inside I know,
This is not me
As I scan my mind
For a hope or glimmer of hope
I look deeper, strive harder
But for what? For who?
Is it myself, or who I think I am?
Do you know?
Physical pain is real or is it?
Does my mind control this?
If I focus on the true pain, and zero in
It is not really pain, but true happiness
At least I know who I am, you don’t have to
Know I will beat any problem
I focus harder, meditate more, believe more
That my mind can beat pain
I create the pain. I am the only one who can
Destroy it fully, I cause it, I beat it
Focus more, my mind will seek only what I deserve, and that is
Peace, tranquility and love. There is not pain anymore, only joy in my life.
Pain can not stop me, not even death. My mind will live on

My conscience will always be here fighting pain and winning.

Power and Passion 
By Daniel Gebhardt

Power is unmistakeable. I feel it throughout my body, mind, and soul. I know I can touch the sky, I know I can accomplish anything I decide to do. Every day is a new day to shine, to show myself I am worth all this trouble, anguish, and pain. I feel immortal and know I have undiscovered power, all of my struggles have made me 100% smarter, and more conscious of the decisions I make. I will give my heart and soul to fulfill my blessings. I had to learn my lessons the hard way. Nothing without God, my loyalty will never stop, my energy and power will never quit, all the meditation only makes me think clearer. I know I can beat you flat out. A part of me had to die to become this real human who won’t ever quit no matter what. I am taking time out to figure out who I really am. I am learning more and more about my power each day. I will conquer my power, I will break this simulation. I will never follow. I had to before to truly know how to be a leader. You’re not built like me; you will never understand how powerful I truly am. I will just have to prove it and show you. You’re going to love me for my passion.  

Gray, Not Black & White
By Daniel Gebhardt

Inside I feel the burning of fire and passion of hate
Inside I feel negative and if you turned your back on me
Inside I can’t stand the sight or sound of you
Inside I feel betrayed and know you left me to die
Inside I feel I will never trust you or love you ever again
Inside I told myself this is for the best, I can’t rely on you
Inside I told myself you would be there, you’d help me
But the truth is you weren’t there when I needed you
I needed you for moral support in that courtroom
I felt you abandoned me to face the evil by myself
You made excuse after excuse why you weren’t there
I believed deep inside, and tried to hold onto hope, that it wasn’t true
I only fooled myself, over and over again, and kept deceiving myself
It always turns back to the truth
The truth is hard to take
It’s like trying to breath without oxygen
It is very hard to swallow
The pain in
My lungs my heart, the thoughts over and over again
I never trusted you when I first met you, I will never trust you. You had your chance to prove
You failed badly, I will never forgive or forget, I understand
You gave up; I understand you claim to be the victim
I only blame myself; I would do anything for my kin
But since I truly wasn’t yours the bond was never there for you
Maybe one day you’ll suffer the way you made me
You’ll feel the pain and anguish
But maybe you already did with your mother
I feel gray; I will never keep it black and white
Nothing will ever give me my time back
I begged for help, you couldn’t hear
God will be there to judge you
I won’t

My True Duty
By Daniel Gebhardt

It is not my duty to change the world
Or save humanity
It’s my duty
To save myself
Everyone is just a
Projection of who I am
Nobody is rea, everything I see
Is the image the great collective mind
Produces, I am the great mind, God is.
I don’t have to finish that sentence
Because there is nothing else
God did not create this world we see
God is only love
He has nothing else
We created this world, the devil is not
His enemy, the true enemy is the ego
I will stop the ego, if I change we will
All survive, together in love we will
Be back where we never left (Heaven)
It’s not my job to Save the World
Only to save myself
It’s not selfish, in turn I save everyone
From my ego

By Daniel Gebhardt

I never denied how arrogant I was, I know I am an ass
I know I’m an over-privileged, over-spoiled son of a bitch
I know I’m the best looking human you’ve ever seen
I can be loyal if you let me, I can be your best friend
I can be your sores enemy, I can mislead you better
I can cause you more problems than you can deal with
I can react in no time flat; I can ruin your day
And everyone else’s too, I can be overzealous,
Over anxious, hardheaded, evil drinking, evil doing, jealous,
Envious, I am not to be trusted, believed, I can steal your
Happiness. I can steal your hopes, dreams, goals, motivation
And your thoughts, I can be your best friend, a positive
Motivator for good, I can be honest, fun loving, friendly,
Giving, a huge factor for good, I can change in the drop of
A hat, all depends on who I am around, or what I have
To deal with. Dig deep inside and feel what I am 
If you can tame me I can be a force of greatness, 
That can charm the world, find me, before it’s too late, and you can’t,
Don’t wait for death to call before you do….

Unconscious Dreams
By Daniel Gebhardt

This world is just a dream
Created by my own conscious
None of what I see, hear or feel
Will matter at any point in time
It is time to wake up
And understand that time is nothing
There is no such thing as time or space
My mind creates everything around me
None of this is real
Every problem I think I have is just 
A projection
Of what I think
I have
Or not get along with
Just a projection of my faults
I see faults and evil
In others
Because it is me and my unconscious
I am projecting
I can stop all the madness
I am working on perfecting 
I will never stop learning
Or ever be 
I will only see others as I perceive
Once I learn true forgiveness
I will be free from this
I have never left 
My ego told me I could do better than
My father
I know this is
The closest I will ever come to 
I will destroy
And be free
It’s not your duty to follow me
But follow
My true thoughts
You will understand one day

Daniel Gebhardt 320158
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
3500 N. Elm Avenue
Jackson, MI  49201

My name is Daniel Gebhardt, I am 33 years old, I have been writing my whole life. I enjoy poetry, short stories, and plan on writing a book one day. I am currently serving a 10 year sentence with an estimated release date of 2026. I have two boys that I live for and want to show them that I can still make something of myself. Please feel free to contact me at the above address or J-Pay