Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poetry by Aaron Stewart

I’m Just a Man
By Aaron Stewart

I am just a man!
A handsome black one
A spirited dark soul
Brightly lit!
Burning like the sun
My spirit is majestic and free
Even though they wrongfully confine me
Captivated by four walls, it seems obscene
For me to be in this dark place
Between and within walls so silent!
Exiled from the human race
I endure discontent in this wicked place
I try to keep it real
I submerge deep frustrations I feel!
I ache with desire and need
Good old fashioned – female – passion fire!
Waiting with heated passion
For my beloved…full of love and compassion

Basic Necessity
By Aaron Stewart

It’s very necessary that you understand!
Female companionship is….
A basic necessity for every good man!
When I say, it would be an honor
And privilege to become acquainted
Cause, I’m currently uninvolved….
It’s a very distressing problem
I’m trying to solve
I would love to explore
The possibility of a “you and me”!
Is a basic necessity!
If you’re alone, and so am I
Come on let’s give love a try

A Good Thing
By Aaron Stewart

Sometimes in life a good thing comes along
Some of us grab it, and then we move on
Some of us do, and some of us don’t
Some of us will and some of us won’t
I’m a good thing, with serious need
To find a good woman, to get a grip on me!
I’m into romance, love, dedication
Devotion and true commitment
Real hard work and always paying the rent
I love the simple pleasures of life
I could be very happy with a domesticated wife
I would appreciate an opportunity
To open up and explore uncertain possibilities
I am not ever giving you the business
Every word is real and very very serious
I’m a real good man with a workable plan
Please give me a chance!
Maybe it might turn out to be

A real romance

Uncertain Possibilities
By Aaron Stewart

There´s something so intriguing about meeting someone new.
I hope it´s the beginning of something meaningful relationship between me and you.
I´m sick and tired of living by myself.
Let me tell you baby,
I sure could use some help.
It´s hard as hell!
Trying to meet someone locked in a cell.
But, I´m optimistic that it can be done.
And if I´m really lucky, you could be the one.

Sit yourself down and send me some lines.
Let´s get an understanding and have a meeting of the minds.
Let´s explore the uncertain possibilities of a you and I,

Who knows, you could be my girl, and I could be your guy

By Aaron Stewart

Moving faster than the speed of light,
Positive thoughts take flight.
Negative ones take root.
Negativity takes control.
Planting holes in my soul.
Amassing and permeating dark energy,
Like a leech it feeds on me.
Darkening my path so I can´t see.
Blinded I go about to and fro
Will it ever stop?
I just don´t know.
My spirit and soul needs reconstruction,

So I can disengage self-destruction.

If God Showed Up
By Aaron Stewart

If God showed up, what would you do?
If He came down to pass judgement on me and you?
Would you be able to hold up your head?
Or would you be ashamed instead?
If you looked back down over your life
Would you be able to say your tried to do right?
If God showed up, would you be happy or sad?
How would you judge your life, good or bad?
If God showed up would you try to run and hide?
Or wish at birth you would have died?
If you showed up and you were practicing genocide,
Would your actions be justified?
In God´s great eyes!
If God showed up and you were an oppressor of His people.
Do you think He would forgive such malicious evil?
If God showed up, I, the kept would be very glad,

And very, very proud to have such a great Dad.

By Aaron Stewart

Hate is the dark matter that pollutes the souls.
Hate is an evil that doesn´t like to be controlled.
Hate is a monster in all of us,
That likes to run amuck.

Hate is alien to all sound reason,
It´s always in full bloom in all seasons.
Hate is vicious and malicious, monstrous,
Insidious and invidious.
Hate is a driving force in most people´s lives,
Intentional evil, hatred is a thing I despise.
I hate the hatred that hate has wrought.
I simply wanted to state my position,
On the hate interpositions.
I hate everything that does not promote love and respect,
For our Heavenly Father I AM THAT I AM.

I´m just a simple, God-fearing man.

Caramel Sweet
By Aaron Stewart

You´re caramel sweet, and delicious eye candy
Brown and lovely is what I see.
Woman you move me, you do me.
´Ya know what I mean?
Your face and your smile,
Makes my heart cold, stupid and wild.
It´s so pure, so sweet!
It mingles in my heart like pure jubilee!
Hair so soft and smooth,
No chemical required, “It´s so damn cool!”
Mentally equal, yet challenging to me.
So sassy-frassy, classy, brilliant antagonistic, but measured
My true pleasure.
A special and very strong kind of a woman.
Caramel sweet
Thighs that curve into voluptuous hips
And such lovely, so lovely kiss me lips
Between your mind and thighs,
Is where I want to be, just you and just me.
Oh fine lady with the lovely face,

Keep spilling love and grace all over this ugly place.

Can't Wait
By Aaron Stewart

Free me, loose me, release me.
I can´t wait until I´m free.
So I can come and go as I please.
Lift this encumbered burden
Lord give me peace.
Let me do all the things dear to me
Like the things I long to see.

I can´t wait to see you again,
To let you know how bad it´s been.
I just want to celebrate
My brand new life without the state.
Oh, if I could hold you close!
I long for your embrace the most.
I can´t wait!
To get out of here

To love you, my sweet and sexy darling dear.

The Cage
By Aaron Stewart

A cage is a terrible place of
Many evil thing
Where every imaginable wrong,
Is visited upon human being.

It’s fraught with woes and calamities
Full to the hilt with doom and gloom

It’s like a never-ending nightmare
Most vicious, cruel and mean
Where decaying hopes and dreams
Flow like endless streams.

Days merge into years,
And nothing seems to change.
But there you will remain
And the cage just stays the same.

It just stays the same.

Beyond Measure
By Aaron Stewart

What I feel for you is beyond measure.
Because you’re far greater than any found treasure!
To love you, and know you’re mine
Is all I’ve ever wanted, or, ever hoped to find.

You’re far more valuable than any pot of gold
More precious than any jewels ever bought or sold
Neither diamonds, or pearls, could ever compare
Nor anything that sparkles, shines, or even gleams.

None of it can compare to you
The woman of my dreams@
The fires of my desires will burn forever!
My love will not end. No, not ever!

Caught Up
By Aaron Stewart

I thought when I first met you
You wouldn’t be around for long
Until your tight grip
Made my love grow strong.

I’ll comfort you in times of sickness.
And lay my life down for you with a quickness.

Through health and wealth
Till death do we part
I’ll gladly give up my life, and donate my heart
Everyday I’ll pray and ask God to preserve
Your life!
So I can keep you as my loving wife!

These are pledges from my soul to you!
I’m so caught up by the simple, beauty of you.
My love will grow and grow! And
Never stop
Please understand me!
I’m loving you with everything I’ve got!

Your Smile
By Aaron Stewart

Look at you!
Your smile is so divine
It lights up my heart!
Like a ray of sunshine
It’s just so radiant, pure uniqueness!
It promises something terrible!
So wonderful! Oh, my goodness!

Words could never begin to describe
The incredible love I feel inside
Each and every time I see you smile.
It´s just so precious in every possible way
Please believe me when I say?

Your smile is beautiful and pleasing
Pure work of art
It´s very strange magic!
Never stop smiling
It would simply be tragic.

Unquenchable Desire
By Aaron Stewart

I would be the happiest man alive!
If I could dive between those thighs
A swim inside you ocean
With your waves in full motion!

Oh! If would be such a delight!
If we could sail together til the early
Morming light!

Until our energy is spent in full
Woman you don’t know how bad
I wish I could

You see I’m caught up
With this unquenchable desire
To light up all of your passion fire!
I need to feel it pour out of your soul
Until it burns like madness
Out of control

By Aaron Stewart

I´m committed to the proposition of you and I
I will keep all my commitments until the day I die
I´m committed to making our a more perfect union
I pray I´ll always live up to my duties

I´m committed to the pursuit of prosperity:
Happiness, joy and peace
To keep a good-understanding
Going on between you and me

I´m committed to promoting mutual respect
And trust
By keeping information open
And flowing between us
Know for a surety!
Everything in this world I do!
Is dedicated to commitments

Made between me and you.

Understanding and the 55c Stamp!
By Aaron Stewart

So, you started to write him, time and time again,
Except you could never seem to find a pen.
After all, didn’t he write all the time?
And tell you about the things on his mind.

Then one day, you sat right down and wrote him a letter.
You told him you hoped it made him feel much better,
Plus, you decided to send him a few pennies.
‘Cause you knew, for a fact, he didn’t receive many.
There you said, “I finally got the job done”.

Except, for a stamp, you didn’t have one.
So, you laid the letter on the dresser by the lamp.
Never once did you look for a stamp.

There the letter sat; there the letter stayed.
For weeks, then months, there the letter laid.
Those precious few words that said you cared.
The words never sent; the words never shared.

Then, one day, you looked up and said,
“Damn! I don’t know what’s going on inside my head”.
So, you went to the store and bought a stamp.
You put it on the letter laying by the lamp…

Finally, the letter was on the way.
But, as fate would dictate,
The letter you sent arrived too late.

Old boy died in the steel-tomb camp!
With the full knowledge, your love
And understanding,
Wasn’t even worth a 55-cent stamp!

Penitentiary Life
By Aaron Stewart

Penitentiary life is a quagmire
Of redundant and frivolous trivia,
Where blood-letting is ever prevalent,
And it flows, just like a river.

It’s where you can always find
Hate and turmoil in many men’s minds;
Of pent-up frustrations and
Hate-filled hostilities;
Where the threat of death
Is a great possibility…

It’s a place of the strong, the gentle,
And the meek.
A real-life nightmare 
For the mentally weak.

It’s invidious, insidious, 
Dark, draconian, and sad.
A place of nothingness 
Where people go mad.

It’s a very evil thing!
To cage a human being,
And take his humanity.
It’s not a place anyone should be.

It’s a very bitter harvest;
And, after all these years,
It’s taking its toll on me.
Intelligent man, intelligent mind,
Slowly drifting away, slowly dying!

By Aaron Stewart

The prismatic vibrancy of your being
Is an enchanting and wonderful thing.
Hypnotic, and fresh, and very inviting;
Your womanly charms are magnetic and exciting!

A kiss from your succulent lips
Would send me reeling
Into a state of bliss!
Oh, what a beautiful work of art!

You’ve captured my mind,
And moved on my heart!
You fuse my bloodstream
With heat and passion.
You move me tremendously
In a pleasant fashion.

I don’t know what it is you got!
But I love it, lady!
I love it, a lot!

Just me – 

By Aaron Stewart

Loyalty is something that don’t grow on trees.
It’s never for sale, or bought with money.
It’s a deep-rooted bonding;
A certain trust one must always keep!
It ties relationships together,
Always and forever!

Loyalty never, ever goes away.
It’s like the sun;
It always shines, every day.

Loyalty will always remain the same.
Just like gold, it never changes.
Loyalty builds lasting bridges,
Through the cracks and crevices
Of life’s many valleys and ridges.
Loyalty should always be rewarded.
And, for those whom possess it,
Highly regarded!

I hold you in the highest esteem,
For being so true and loyal to me!

Passionate Jubilee
By Aaron Stewart

When I woke up, I thought it was a dream.
I saw four walls, and started to scream.
I pondered the melodies, the music we made.
When we kissed, and when we touched!

And, oh!
The majestical passion, that flowed between us.
It was way beyond sweet.
It was exceptional and divine.
The love. Oh, the love!
Yours and mine.

I was caught-up in passion’s revelry.
And locked-down in pure ecstasy. 
It was fantastic and bombastic!
Pure joy, and so erotic!
The love spasms, and imploding, orgasms.
Oh, my passionate jubilee!

If only you were real, and not a dream…

Keeping It Real
By Aaron Stewart

Who am I,
In this vast and mysterious universe? 
What is life and its purpose?
I am a spiritual being, living a human experience,
Engaged in a constant struggle!
To maintain existence, “peacefully”.
Living and hoping, struggling and coping.
Learning and yearning.
Loving and trying to be loved.
Seeking security and posterity,
To ensure longevity.
In space and time.
Using the tools of my mind.
Steering this ship in turbulent streams,
To foment my hopes and dreams;
Forging them into reality.
Sharpening, and honing my skills.
Staying focused, and keeping it real.

Aaron Stewart A71724
Western Illinois Correctional Center
2500 Route 99 South
Mt. Sterling, IL 62535

I am Aaron Stewart, a 57 year old prisoner. A native of Chicago, Illinois. I am wrongfully imprisoned “Actually Innocent' as the term goes, This is book II of “Ruminations From The Well Of A Caged Soul.” With these ruminations I hope it will allow you a peek at a mind imprisoned, but not brain chained.

I let the spirit within speak of events, mental impressions, and this ongoing rolling, moving picture show. Of life behind these cold, gray, ugly walls. Penitentiary news emanates and reeks of suffrage, and longing, commiserating forgotten human souls.

With these few collections of thoughts, I hope I can put a human face on this wretched place. To enlighten the world from one man perspective on time, spaces, and places. The mind roams in these unnatural and caged lifestyles. We are pretty much like everyone else. Except some of us are truly criminals, some of us are not. Some are malcontent, and some are not. All want to be free to do what human beings do. (Live, thrive, work, hope, cope, love, to build a better future.) Most of us are misunderstood, mistreated neglected, disrespected, and mislabeled. 

With these thoughts in my head I decided to out them down. You know. spread them around see what John Q. Public thinks about human beings wasting away; paying for crimes they didn’t commit everyday. Turn the page please.

I’m single, never married.  No children, I’m just hoping and coping and waiting on Ms. Right to come in to this fractured life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art by Miguel Morales

Are you liking what you see? Well, to give you a little background on these paintings, everything that you´ll be seeing from this point forward are post-surgery paintings that I've been working on since late 2017.  After brain surgery to remove a tumor, it threw off my vision and balance completely.  But thankfully, everything is slowly coming back.  I was worrying hard about being able to paint again, but I guess when something´s meant to be, it'll be. I´ve learned that strength, faith, and patience are everything.

There are flaws all throughout these recent paintings.  If you can correctly point out all these flaws, I'll paint a picture for you and have it mailed to you. (A picture in the category of your choosing: portrait, landscape, animals, pop culture, etc.)

Good Luck!

More Practice

Wet Seduction Part II

Tattoo'd Inspiration

Her Sweet Tooth

Portrait Practice

Solitary Road

Day of the Dead #1

Day of the Dead #2

Ashy to Classy

Night Watch



Anger management

Double Trouble

The Call

Miguel Morales K-61352
Stateville Correctional Center
P.O. Box 112
Joliet, IL 60434
Miguel can send and receive emails through

Post comments.  Make suggestions.  Or even write or email me directly.  In prison for almost 16 years now, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share my work with the world and have this avenue open to anyone interested in actually reaching out and communicating.  Enjoy what you see.  I’ve been oil painting since 2014 and discovered a talent I didn’t even know I had.  Now I push the limits to see what I can/can’t do.  Hopefully I’ll be posting more of my work soon.  And maybe hopefully hearing from you too.

Poetry by Donte Jones

By Donte Jones

It’s not that you forgot it.
No, you’d rather perpetuate the idea that she’ll be just fine without it.
Nameless, Faceless, now they are realising that all your notions are baseless.
Creations of your own inferiority Complex.
So complex that it has been passed on to the very people
Who at the very least
Are your equal
Even we have
Stigmatised and minimized
The very women
Who nurtured our lives
Even Before
We arrived
Just thinking it
Brings a tear to my eye
We say her name
 When in need
Of a moist place
To plant a seed
And yet we still
Hurt her with our greed
Taking a piece of life
Each time we leave
Black men, it’s us
That’s done the worst
Because it’s us
That knew her first
Say  her name
And mean it
Ensure your daughters
Can see it
Teach your sons
To Protect Her
By teaching them
To respect her
Say her name
Like she’s
Part of you
Like her pain
Is Pain for you
Like her gain
Is gain for you
Her story holds the record
Of history come and gone
So we mustn’t let it be
Forgotten of Civilizations
Being cradled in her arms
Say her name
Say her title
Cherish the picture
In the frame
To love the mothers, sisters and daughters,
Queens, wives and companions
You start by
Saying their Names
Say her name!!!

By Donte Jones

In the grips of a pandemic
STILL having to
Battle the realities of a epidemic
Borne from biases known to be endemic
While the blind simply whine over their spend limit, or their gym visits, even how many likes they can win with it........Forget it!!!

We Can't breathe, because you're K.N.E.E is on our neck.......
Translation: Keep Normalizing Each Execution!!!

Have they considered how these murders have impacted the Psyche's of the young "people of color" in America???
Now think of how it has impacted the psyche of the young people of European/Caucasian descent???
Therein lies the remnants of the root cause of the implicit biases that have led to the continued devaluation of the Black, (Brown, Red, Yellow) Man, Woman, and child lives.Those who collectively are the majority in the world population.
This unfortunately is not a new occurance, so I think its safe to say that generations of youth have grown with the notion imbedded in their mental that what happened to George Floyd is acceptable treatment for people that look like him, and for the thousands of victims that could be named I vociferously assert that there are thousands of others whose names have been lost to history. Or should I say left out of his-story, that's probably more accurate. 
Be Clear, this is not a Rant!!
I seek only to challenge you to ponder, and then recognize why its so easy for so many young black youth to have such a hard time accepting themselves as being valuable as human beings and loving themselves while also realizing a connection with every other living thing. 

No excuses!!!! 
We're simply seeking 
To track down Where
The Truth IS!!
It was hidden in plain Sight
Now You can't look away
Without feeling A Way!!!
You feel Helpless
Because There IS
When "HELP!!!"
Is what You 
Have to Say......

Seems like Predator and Prey
And while you're Praying
He's Preying
Yes Prey-I.N.G
Incrementally Normalizing Genocide!!!

You see, If We were to tally the Numbers
What we would Find
Is not the result of a Blunder
More like an intentional Act
Contrived to take us Under
No Wonder....

That same cop that 
Murders a innocent Man
On tape and gets off scot-free
Can take a innocent man
Into custody for a Murder
He DID NOT commit
And if he's lucky 
It might be thirty years
Before he is Freed.... Am I Lying???

So What's 
Innocent Until Proven Guilty???
When your innocence is inconsequential to those enforcing the law.
The State has committed another Public Execution of a unarmed Black Man!!
What's The Solution???
When as you Weep
They got the broom Out
Eager to Sweep
All of It
Under the Rug
While you Sleep
The rug is always Up
So there's No Need
To Lift It
That's why 
There's so many
Dreams Deferred
For the
Young Black and Gifted...

I Dare You To Open Your Eyes!
Be Wise!!
Understanding is the Prize!!!

Then What Happened???

Donte Lamar Jones #1165814
Sussex 2 State Prison
24427 Musselwhite Dr.
Waverly, VA. 23891

Peace! My Honorable name is Donte Lamar Jones, though I am also known by my Righteous name which is Lord Knowledge Strategic Silence Be Allah. I am currently twenty years into a sentence of what amounts to "Forever and a Day", for a senseless crime that I did commit at the age of seventeen, in which a innocent life was taken. I deeply regret my actions and have been on a redemptive journey ever since. I cannot bring anyone back from a physical death, but I have shown others the way back from a "Mental death" of ignorance due to miseducation, by learning self discipline and good orderly direction.Writing has become a vital outlet for me to share my thoughts, advocate for change, challenge some thoughts, and in general promote proper education. That is the kind of education that teaches one how to think rather than telling them what to think. Overall, I strive to be a light in the dark places and a force for Peace in this hostile/unnatural environment. I humbly share my thoughts and I am always open for constructive communication. Peace!

Donte Jones aka Lord Knowledge is the author of  A Prisoners Guide to a Peaceful Mind: From A to Z Volume One & Two

Friday, July 23, 2010

Art and Poetry by Milo Rose (One Eagle)

Dying in a Dungeon
By One Eagle

Going to D. R. court
The sun won't be up
Have my legs in irons
A chain around my waist
Hands cuffed in a black box
Don't want to make no scene
A kangaroo is running wild
Yet I'm the one in shackles
Black box and chain
To face disciplinary action
For a website in my name
Over twenty five years and counting
Last kangaroo court I did face
Gonna keep me in their place

By One Eagle

To live upon pins and needles 
In a cage of metal and stone
A bathroom is you dungoen
The body holds the soul
Your spirit is your freedom
With a mind that is free to roam
Yet to live upon pins and needles 
In a cage of metal and stone
An animal to the zookeepers
To study their witness slow
You have to seek the pleasure
From inside your toilet bowel
Knowing you are better - better - better
Cashing in on your own soul
When life was like an eggshell
Cracked and leaking of itself
Was to live upon pins and needles
In a cage of metal and stone
The mind is its own window
Pins and needles metal and stone
The spirit is your freedom
It's the light that guides the soul

By One Eagle

In the small space that I call home
There is a pond of cool water
It is constantly regenerating to keep fresh and clear
And the spring that feeds my pond also feeds my thirst
In this pond of cool water
I wash my personal things and also give my waste
Thank God it's a regenerating pond that feeds my thrist
In the small parcel of space that I call home
In this pond of cool water
I have never caught a fish or seen the moonlite glow
For a lack of a better name it's called my toilet bowel

By One Eagle

Knowing the ripples of ones soul
Is knowing the source of life
For which the soul is fed...
Only the blind know not the sound
in the harmony of life
For which the soul is fed....

By One Eagle

You touched me with your love
So innocent and pure 
You opened up your heart to me
So warm and secure
You offferd me your friendship
So faithful and mature
you engulfed me with your Spirit
So heavenly and sure
You taught me with your patience
So I know we will endure

Art Form
By One Eagle

Love is an art form
I've heard these words before
I love you - I love you - l love you
But the quality wasn't there
Knowing love is an art form
We have all been there before
Do you love me - do you love me - do you love me
The question was always there
Wisdom is an art form 
Remaining the same as before
Loving me - loving you - loving us
The quantity is always there
understanding love is an art form
Opens doors as never before
Love Love Love Love Love
Love is always there
Love is an art form
I've heard these words before
I love you - I love you - I love you
But not like you before......

Judging Quality
By One Eagle

You are a work of art
I see you in this way 
To view the color of your soul
To hear the music of your spirit
To read the words of your heart 
To feel the wonder of your mind
To reflect upon the waters of your body
You are a work of art
I look at you in quantity
To judge the quality..... 

By One Eagle

Dreams are meant to be realized
For whatever purpose in life they hold
To shun your dreams is to concede death
A vassatage no greater than stone
When you raise your dreams to consciousness
They share with you the beauty
In the oneness of your soul
But only if the objective is in obtaining
a positive goal
Even the horrors of a nightmarish dream
Can bear out wisdom where knowledge is seen
In not pulling out the tares
Until the wheat gives grain

By One Eagle

Emotions vary as the intimate eternity
Of each soul as perceived through spirit
This may very well be
The key to poetic justice
Some souls may be in tune
To a universal emotion
Undefined yet able to touch
The core of the masses
Many call it charm or simply charisma

To Hell With Hell
By One Eagle

Hell on earth
Morality of society
What form of hell
Ignorance is the norm It exist in society

Hell on earth 
Your hell
My heaven
my hell
Your Heaven

Hell on earth 
Low of lows
High of highs
Everything inbetween

Hell on earth 
You been there 
I been there

Hell on earth 
No one escapes 
Hell on Earth

By One Eagle

Fear is a tool as are all tools
Use it for the positive and it is
nurtured with positive seed
You nurture it in negative ways
And you feed its evil mouth
Fear is what we make of it
Or allow it to be
For me and you
Who hear these words
Fears what it's meant to be
The beginning of wisdom

By One Eagle

If I didn't talk to you
And you didn't talk to me
We lose an expertence
Wisdom knowledge
And understanding too
To overcome the negative
That a friendly smile can do

What They See
By One Eagle

You don't have a penny and your clothes are worn
But you brush your teeth and smile at the scorn
Dropped out of school for whatever your reason
Or maybe you're just a fallen leaf out of season
No one wants to suffer the pains of humiliation
To think you will never escape the degradation
So develop the talents of which you know
You have nobody at all, but yourself to show
If you can't be happy with whom you may be
Then you can't blame the world for what they see

Unhealthy Fear
By One Eagle

Danger of the unknown bringing harm
Sets off some kind of alarm
Sensing this and testing this
Tells the frequency of harms way
Perceiving this and accepting this
Is a secret of harmonies way
Danger of the unknown bringing harm
Ignorance is an automatic alarm
Reading this and learning this
Tells the answer of harmonies way
Knowing this and showing this is
The secret to harms way
Danger of the unknown bringing harm
Not being in oneness is cause for alarm

Truly Smiling
By One Eagle

Smiling at your femininity
My friend - My buddy - My pal
Is a learning experience for me
Your beauty - age and wisdom
Has caught me in a lustful spell
Army friend you're supportive 
Giving of your special love
As my buddy you're Ms. Tough Guy
Demanding of your respect
As my Pal you're a tease 
Smiling at your femininity
My friend -- My buddy -- My pal

True To Our Making
By One Eagle

We started from conception
Seeking out our love
Not knowing what our love would be
As it grew from a seed
Creation of its every facet 
Germinating from our being
True to our making
For all the world to see
Your love - My love - Our love
The love that makes up you and me

Precious Thing
By One Eagle

I could go on and on and on
About love the most precious thing 
But if you don't understand the quantity
The quality doesn't mean a thing 

A Bottle
By One Eagle

Vanity in a bottle so visible yet unseen
Religion in a bottle unseen yet so visible
Morality in a bottle vanity in mankind's search
Satan in a bottle so visible yet unseen
Christ in a bottle mankind's search in vain
Hypocrisy in a bottle unseen yet so visible 
Virtue in a bottle vanity in mankind's search

By One Eagle

My destiny was toyed with by a power
Much greater than my understanding
It gave the illusion of my having lost control
An insane person marked for below
It wasn't my world it was forced on me
As I was kidnapped from my destiny
I seen the the illusion as I discerned the spirit
My prayers are to God to help me endure it
To guide me and teach me so I could understand
The power of the lIllusion and the slight of hand
Were I to be eatten in the jaws of the lion
Or is it my faith that is on the line
The test of my spirit reflected in body and soul
Heart and mind - the fruit of my Father God
That I may know the force and the power of this
World of Satan the god in control

Least Traveled
By One Eagle

I came upon a path
Not worn like many others
A path few would follow
Yet many professed to know
"O Lord " I know this path
My heart did bellow
This path of my endurance 
The burden on my soul 
Your path of loving kindness 
Criss crossing the trodden soil

Scum of the Earth
By One Eagle

Among the scum of the earth Jesus walks
You can find him in every prison
Diligent seekers of the Truth find it just as elusive
As those who sought the golden fleece
Few do find the wisdom of the truth of which they seek
The path is a maze a mystery of criss crosses
Jesus says to look for him in prison
Among the scum of the earth
To minister to one of the lowest is to minister to him
Jesus is here in many forms a prisoner just one
Yet few will seek the Truth or know the wisdom of
How the vanity of their self-rightous shields
Fail to protect useless bodies blind to the Truth
Yet Jesus walks among the scum of the earth
Both inside and outside the prison walls
So remember those in prison for you may just be one
The devil may hold the key to your very soul
Unless you seek out Jesus wherever you may go
As Jesus walks among the scum of the earth 

By One Eagle

I looked at the seed
It wasn't just any seed
Yet like all seeds it would grow
To produce more seed
I didn't like the seed I seen
It wasn't a seed l wanted to be
Yet like all seeds it had grown
To produce more seed 
I looked at the seed
I didn't like the seed I seen
My burden is to deal with the seed
As negative seed bears negative fruit

What to Believe
By One Eagle

So I write in the tongue in which I've come
And seek the interpretation of where I'm from
Many have chosen the same book as I
Seeking to save their souls from hell when they die
They profess to know God and Jesus his son
but are conformed to the world that services Satan
Jesus did warn of the leaven bread
And religion is what the leaven was said
For Satan has altered Gods written word
To conform to the world the goats of his herd
Yet who am I to judge while I am judged
With a criminal record with smudge after smudge 
I have some consolation no one can deny
It was false testimony used that Jesus should die
Of which God would show how sinful the nature of man
For it was the religious and self - righteous of this land

Surviving the Dungeon
By One Eagle

Innocent yet deemed unredeemable
Not worthy to live in the world
Locked in a dungeon forever
Never to be heard from again
They say that shit happens
That's just the way life is
So I must be crazy
In this insane asylum I live
To think that my life matters
To anyone else but me
Twenty five years and counting
The struggle does go on
Innocent yet judged unredeemable
Not worthy to live in this world

Still Ticking
By One Eagle

My mind is a mess
I need some ear plugs
The noise won't let me rest
Can't block out the bugs
I'm lost in my thoughts
Nothing is going right
Things are out of sight 
Insanity is pulling tight
I can't give up the fight
Won't let them take my mind
Heart - spirit - or my soul
They have beat me over time
Wore me down to the bone
But I'm still going strong

Tough Shit
By One Eagle

A new day in the dungeon
A dank and dim atmosphere
Shadows of the past
Echoing in my ear
Shadows of the present
Not getting any nearer
My pen it is a moving 
A story I must tell 
Nearly 26 years of living
In this nightmarish hell
I'm dying in a dungeon 
My life keeps ebbing by
I wish I were more manly
As I hang my head and cry

Reality to Me
By One Eagle

When JD got his new TV
His old one came to me
I traded in my black and white
And got into some color
Now I am without a TV
As I sit here on DC
It's crazy how the world seems
So black -n - white to me 
I am a nobody
Obscurely all alone
The State will bury me
Or incinerate my bones
The poor man that I be
It's simply black -n - white to me

Wa - Wa - ing
By One Eagle

You ever heard a baby cry
Wa - wa - wa - wa - wa - wa
I think I'm in a nursery
In stead of on death row
It would almost be funny
If it wasn't so sad
It's like a gossip mill
So and so done this
So and so done that
It's just not funny
And I ain't gonna laugh
So I'm wearing ear plugs
To block the crying out
Wa --wa - wa - wa - wa - wa

By One Eagle

There is no humor
Dismal rules and reigns
So laugh at this
My balls are in my hand
Sure I can laugh
When insanity strikes my brain
But mostly what I hear
Is wa - wa here wa - wa there
Grown men put to shame
Mankind's inhumanity
Isn't funny to me
I'm dying in a dungeon
A dirty joke
That shouldn't be

By One Eagle

Randy's being clowned on
Got sucker punched one day
Khalil he's the impersonator
It's all funny in a way
Relieving stress and tension
Built up throughout the day
Ah here comes the scale
A new topic to discuss
How much weight been lost
From being on DC
Khalils doing Richard Simmons
Sounds just like him too
That's the humor for today

Medicine Show
By One Eagle

Please - give me your attention
Yes - step right up
See my pretty artwork
Austetically meant to please
Yes hear me wax poetically
To stimulate your mind
Please come a bit closer
Hear what I have to say
I'm going to tell a story
Tragic as can be
but what a happy ending
As painted by me 
So hurry - hurry - hurry
Just step right on up

What's Going On?
By One Eagle

Bugs don't know they're bugs
That's what makes them bugs
And life in here insane
As things are off the chain
I have to smile to myself
Since I'm a bug s well
Things are just not normal
In this man made hell
Abnormal conditions abound
There isn't much common ground
As craziness goes around
Sanity can't be found
I hear a buzzing sound
As my mind goes unwound

Project Destiny
By One Eagle

I got to build an army
To support me in my cause
So I'm writing all these verses
From a dungeon from hell
My prayers are being answered
As you red my words
Charley he can't stop me
As I pile on the straw 
Gonna break the camels back
And free myself from hell
You my friend have helped me
By purchasing this book
Now visit my website
And take a long hard look 

Psyche Out
By One Eagle

The bug lady is working
Half the floor got call outs
Praying pass my cell
Only one refusal 
The rest are getting well
That's just crazy
But that's the way it goes
The State is making money
As they study misery pushing all the buttons
Pulling all the chains
As they play their sick games
The bugs are on parade
It's all a crying shame

Engineering Justice
By One Eagle

Time to do some legal work
Build the record sound
Have to do it on my own 
As they appointed me a clown
With a pop gun in his hand
Bang - bang I'm shot down
An assassin of a clown
But only if I acquiesce
So I must stand my ground
A pop guns just a pop gun
The attorney just a clown
As the evidence abounds
That I was railroaded 
On a fast train out of town

Howling at the Moon
By One Eagle

Want to see my lady 
Just started writing her
Hey where is she from
She got any girlfriends
Where'd you get her from
The chorus begins to sing
Let me check her out
Got to get bikini shots
Damn her bodies hot
I'll send her back tomorrow
After I wear her out
You got any other pic's
This the only one you got
You got yourself a fox

Oliver's Twist
By One Eagle

It's chow time
Cups up on the door
Charley unlocks the bean flap
A tray comes through
Charley locks the bean flap
Juice man take my cup
Sliding it through the bars
Guys they are a grumbling
The food we got is slop
Hey pass this bread to Fat Man
He needs it more than me
Ah the toilets they are flushing
The slop goes down the drain
As the trays hit the floor

Fooling Charley
By One Eagle

Been scoping out the B - book
Checking out the script
Written by fellow prisoners
The devil locked away 
Paul he is a windbag
A motormouth I'd say
For someone who was censored
He ran his mouth all day
Even wrote some mysteries
For his brothers to figure out
They became best sellers
This group of fellow prisoners
Co - authoring their story
In the dungeons locked away

Deadeye Blues
By One Eagle

Deadeye gets off DC Monday
He been lobbying for today
Right now he's on a call out
So we're poking fun at him
JR says he's gonna ride him 
As Deadeye stresses out
JT says he's in the hallway 
Burning up one ears
Ah canteen comes today
No yard for us this week
They got us roped off 
NowonderDeadeyes lobbying
To get off DC today 
But Mondays not that far away

Inhumanities Song
By One Eagle

They executed Steve
It wasn't long ago
Setting off the fireworks
Running through his veins
Two families live in pain
I don't dwell on it
Only said a little prayer
Not many people care
I only knew him briefly
He acted human to me
But I'm locked a dungeon
Misjudged the devil spawn
Hoping for humanity
To recognize they're wrong

Nicotine Blues
By One Eagle

Kite on the down - low
Two rips to start the day 
JT got a call out
Hoping for some yellow
May be coming our way
Thinking about tomorrow
Canteen,s supposed to run
I'll be doing some fishing 
Hauling in supplies
JT is number five
Waiting on some yellow
As today we hope to thrive
Maybe ole Henry
Will help to save the day

False Report
By One Eagle

Five death warrant ready killers
The St. Pete paper did report
My picture does appear
Condemned for 1982 murder
Says I dropped my appeals
Volunteered for execution
To get my death warrant signed
Yes I wrote the Governor
And asked him for his help
You can read it on my website
I did not drop my appeals
As anyone can read 
Unless you're a St Pete Times reporter
Ignorant to the truth

Life Sentence
By One Eagle

Someone got a life sentence
Got the monkey off their back
Three people lost their lives
This world is insane
98 percentetsgetting play
Setting up a mindset
That works against me
Living in a nightmare
In an apathetic world
Societies poison does kill
Got me buried in a dungeon 
So the righteous does not see
The ungodly torture
That is being done on me

Death Row Purgatory
By One Eagle

Captain Charley put his foot down
On our necks it does rest
He made a walk through yesterday
Looking kinda cranky
Like he wasn't getting laid
So tonight we got served notice
No more paper mags or books
DC is a dungeon
The light ain't suppose to shine
Except for 18 hours of the day
Just another form of torture
Deprivation ain't enough
If you're not into penitence
Then life is kinda rough

Rumor Mill
By One Eagle

When shit starts happening
The buzz is in the air
Paranoia takes its grip
Toilets start to flushing
NoOne wants more DC time
It's craziness it's madness
Charley plays his game
I refuse to act insane
They can take away the sunshine
But that don't mean I'm blind
The story isn't new
I hear it all the time
So when shit starts happening
I take it all in stride

Embers Glow
By One Eagle

A man in a dungeon
Desire burning bright
Not lost in darkness
His love a guiding light
Reflections of the spirit 
Shadows cannot haunt
Two souls ate the mirror
Two hearts beat as one
Even in a dungeon
Light comes shining through
No wailing in despair
When love is being shared Even in a dungeon
Desires burning bright

Doing What You Can
By One Eagle

Contribute to the kitty
I'm adding my two cents
Things haven't been pretty
Getting my hustle on a roll
If it wasn't for my Baby
I'd be in a bigger fix
Dying in a dungeon
Rotting away to dust
Setting a bad example
And looking like a fish
Taking from the kitty
Not adding my two cents
Is not what its about
It's helping each other out

Scooby Door
By One Eagle

Time to be like Scooby Too
Block the bullshit out
Huhhh - Huhhh
Pretend it's all cool
Put on a silly grind
Huhhh - Huhhh
Woof - woof and woof
Do you need a hug
Huhhh - Huhhh
It's just a gust of wind
Not a time to feed the fire 
Huhhh - Huhhh
Charley he don't know
That I be Scooby Too

Sojourning Satan's Domain
By One Eagle

Not everything is gloom
Nor anxiety rule the roost
The spirit has no chains
It's a blessing in this world
Persecution has no rein
Yes it holds the body
Plays upon the heart
Eats at the soul
Tortures the doomed
Yet the spirit can't be chained
As Satan has no rein 
It's early in the morning
A dawning for the day
Not everything is gloom

Sewer Pipe Blues 
By One Eagle

Going North and South
Fishing for some yellow
Ah there's even a green
You know everyone is nicking
Taking two to work the line
The toilets they are flushing
Tempers at a pitch
Listen to what I'm saying
Fold the sock 
Bend the hooks
Flush it one more time
God damn broke it
Try it one more time
The yellows on the line

Making Noise
By One Eagle

The bugs are under stress
Madness rules the air
No idea box or tunes
Charley has put down
The noise is mostly static
An attention seeking whine
It's all the craziness
Of doing DC time
All fourteen cells are full
Everyone is hustling
Calling here and there
Passing this and passing that
Telephone lines on fire
A Muse is what I hear

Meaningless Noise
By One Eagle

Ignorance runs rampant
And foolishness abounds
Prideful are us mortals
Spirituality set aside
While living in a lie
Looking to the left
Looking to the right
Looking with blinders on
Never seeing what's beyond
Simple words on paper
Spoken loud and clear
Searching for the meaning
A circle of dawn
Listening to vanities song

Hail - Hail
By One Eagle

Charley's caused a panic
Ole Charley he's the boss
He got the boys a jumping
As he nails them to the cross
Charley and his cousins
Charley - Charley - Charley
Dressed out in boots of black
They really are special
In their uniforms of brown
They even have a badge
To go along with pepper spray
With keys that cling and clack
Yes Sir mister Charley
You is the boss

Another Day
By One Eagle

It's grand central station
The traffics flowing trough
Moving in and moving out
From cell to cell to cell
I been doing rips
And had a cup of two
It's just another day for me
Ahh - the doggie got a few
There's slimey stuff all over
The goo is in the works
Shooting bullets in the dark
It doesn't matter who's the slime
I'm just going to do my time

By One Eagle

It's early in the morning
The dogs are coming through
Put on your oranges
Gonna take a sniff at you
I'm living with animals
An asylum of a zoo
The only drugs allowed
Abuse administered to you
Got no choice to take some
The dogs are coming through
Turn and face the bars
Don't look at what we do
It's early in the morning
In this asylum of a zoo

By One Eagle

Drinking Jim Jones
Checking out the B - book
Hitting on a one
Resting these old bones
Thinking bout legal stuff
Hanging in here tough
Looking in the mirror
Wondering how long I'll be here
Wishing I were gone
Feeling all alone
Kicking up some dust
Knocking off the rust
Fighting to survive
Trying to keep myself alive

By One Eagle

The power goes out
Generator pumps up
The noise is right outside
Charley comes around
Pulling on the doors
Lightening strikes again
No one talks above the roar
The drone has control
No telling when it will stop
Thunder is in the air 
My cell goes black
My pen won't move 
My heads about to pop
It does no good to shout

Crushing the Camel
By One Eagle

The canal is a wily beast
Stubborn as a mule
It's arms do branch out wide
To make up it's family tree
Transforming as it goes
Facades that fool the eye
a mirage is what it be
The camel it has bit me
As I be piling on the straw
Weighing his ass down
With every word you read
It's knees begin to fail
For I be framing straw 
Myself a wily beast

Rainy Nights
By One Eagle

Going to the shower
Three nights a week
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 
Cuffs behind my back
Step into the shower
The door gets locked
Charley takes the cuffs off
Time to get wet 
Soap up quick
Rinse off fast
Charley won't be long
To walk me down the hall
Coming from the shower
Cuffs behind my back

Nicking Line
By One Eagle

Two rookies on the line
Going back to back
Three hours have gone by
Some success mainly madness
One line is sack
The others getting hacked
Four hours have gone by
It's not a pretty scene
Two rookies on the line
Going back to back
Learning how to run the show
Now it's all a laugh
The noise has cut some slack
There isn't any flack

By One Eagle

I deed some wraps
Times are mighty rough
Charley got his foot down
The panics getting tough
Disorganized and chaotic
I'm shaking my head
Things turned up a notch
I ain't called in no favors 
Been sitting in the cut
Just riding out the chaos
Taking things in stride
As I wait upon my ride
I need some wraps
Though it ain't do or die

Humanities Cesspool
By One Eagle

Playing cat and mouse
Life's a chess game
Some prefer checkers
Others throw the dice
DC is a community
A tribe of it's own
Cell #4105 is my home
I can't choose my neighbors
Only control my space
Got Charley to contend with
The legal system too
Trying to survive the cat
Or not get caught in the trap
While dealing with the crap

Nah - Nah - Charley
By One Eagle

There's mumbles and grumbles
Nothing being passed
Charley got DC roped off
How long will it last
Time to go North and South
The deed is done
Four ones are here
Three two's come too
One got a little wet
But not all that bad
I'm doing one right now
And fixing a strong two
Charley got DC roped off
It didn't last too long

Turning Ugly
By One Eagle

Fourteen cells on DC
All of them are full
That's not a common thing
A gold rush it did cause
Kites begun to fly
Panhandling for one and two
From four right five and six
So things dried up real quick
As Charley put his foot down
On every bodies neck 
Now there is a panic
Things have gotten tight
When cells fill up on DC
Something isn't right

A Bite of the Apple
By One Eagle

A nest of vipers 
Smiling in your face
You want to play some games
It all seems cordial
Nothing can be wrong
Everyone is watching
A murmur in the air
Illusions of granuer
Snake oil being sold 
Seeking out companions
Recognition can't be wrong
Until it is to late 
When you play with snakes
You're going to get bitten

No Words For Me
By One Eagle

Mailman is on the floor
Not stopping at every door
Talking to some along the way
As mirrors flash down the hall
To see what's in his hand
He walked right by
Not even a nod 
Another day goes by for me
Joe calls him back
Hey this ain't mine
My heart it skips a beat
No it ain't mine
The mailman left the floor

No Fences
By One Eagle

My lady is my soulmate
I call her Eagles Breath
We journey down our paths
A blessing to be paved
To make it what we want to 
Co - authors what we be
A story in the telling
For all the world to see
As her light shines in this dungeon
Reflections of our love
The words that you are reading
Would not exist without her
As my left is my soulmate
I call her Eagles breath

Hold or Fold
By One Eagle

I have to reevaluate
The cards I been dealt
In the game of love
It's not what I wanted
Just might fold the hand
Don't have a queen of hearts
Do I take a gamble
Might get a wild card
To draw a royal flush
Right now it's just straight
With the queen of clubs
The stakes are heavy
In this game of love
Is a straight good enough

Nothing's Broke
By One Eagle

Once I had a Muse
Maybe I'm confused
Now I'm feeling the blues
She didn't have a clue
Can't let myself stay down
Won't be nobodies clown
Nor will I wear a frown
Time to hit the town
Can't lose what you ain't had
There's no reason to be sad
Things just aren't that bad
Get back up on the horse
Set sail and change my course
To rhyme a little verse

By One Eagle

Petition was rejected
Will amend and resubmit
Have to see it as good
Faith won't be crushed
Took yesterday off
Absorbing the news
Don't have time for the blues
Just a minor setback
Which isn't anything new
Another day to conquer 
Freedoms quest is now
Got to move forward
Can't ease my pace
My exoneration grows near

My Choice
By One Eagle

Went to the yard 
A fenced in concrete slab
The sun beat down
I mainly walked around
About ten APS to a mile
Also shot the breeze
Thankful to be out for awhile
Second time in 60 days
Guess it just depends
When Charley shows his head
How I'm feeling then 
just might lay in bed 
Next time they call yard

Prophetic Pen
By One Eagle

I'm smoking a one
Got a hot cup of two
Been writing my sweetheart
Bout singing the blues
I'm not in a dungeon
My spirit is free
Chains have no hold on me
It's quiet and peaceful
The haunted spirits asleep
I been giving a blessing
In the words I create
As they are meant to exonerate
For the keys to the dungeon
Been placed in my hand

The Dungeon Master Falls
By One Eagle

A morning of love
Prayers on my paper 
Praise without ending
A blessing bestowed
Words from the dungeon
The dungeon master falls
My pen works it's magic
My heart says it all
No time for gloom
No time for doom
Life's what you make it 
So love for the good
And find a true blessing
Each morning in love

Keeping It Real
By One Eagle

Getting passed the low's
Keeping it together
Projecting positive vibes
Turning bad into good
Beating the odds
No room for defeat
Losing a battle
Winning the fight
Amending my petition
No one else will
Writing these verse's
Staying on schedule 
Doing all I can
Seeking a helping hand

Project Destiny
By One Eagle

Time to flip the script
So pass the word around
Dying in a dungeon
Helps me become renown
If I don-t help myself
Than no one else will
Dying in a dungeon
Hasn't been a thrill
But now it is the camel
Who must swallow a bitter pill
As I pile on the straw
And march his ass up hill
To free me from this dungeon 
And flip the script around

Smiling in a Dungeon
By One Eagle

I have a love
Blessing me each day
Even in this dungeon 
Her light comes my way
To take away the 
Dampness, bitterness and gloom
She is my world
Co - author of our story
The Muse of my heart
Spirit, mind and body
Without her these words
Hold no true meaning 
As our souls are one
And she is Eagles Breath

Rerolled Nubs
By One Eagle

J. T. saves me his nubs 
I save my own too
Wraps have been a problem
I got the spark down pat
But now and then do chew
Cotton ain't a problem
Toilet paper either
The wraps got me worried
In the short run I'll make do 
It may seem like a hassle
As the habits hard to break
Yet it's only just a ritual
So I count my blessings
Praising God for God’s sake

By One Eagle

Hanging labels 
Politics on the sly
When you play with slime
Sticking to your fingers
Going to your mind
Sloppy slimy gooey stuff
That doesn't erode with time
Pass the word
So and so is talking
Telling stories that rhyme
But it's really just a skunk
That got caught up in the slime
Squawking like a pigeon 
And dropping all the dimes

Pee - Pee Test
By One Eagle

Okay you know what time it is
Damn I just went
Drop them you know the routine
Give us what you can
Six eyes are watching
Squeeze Eagle relax and squeeze
Ah there some comes
Come on squeeze a little more
Another squirt another drop
Damn that's all I got
He just went before we came
That's good enough
Eight eyes are watching
All lines across the top

Love's Forgiving Weave
By One Eagle

Loves fragile web of heart strings
Breaking one may unravel them all
If trust is not wound with faith
To bind together in belief
Devotedly tied with love 
Committed to hold in union
Loves fragile web of heart strings

Sunday Morning Bliss  
By One Eagle

Sunday morning quiet
The fans are all I hear
One hour and counting
It's blissful in the air
My pen has gone to paper
To sing to Eagles Breath
And write this simple ditty
Before Clamor raises it's ugly head
I hear a sparrow chirping
And the din of dawns awakening
As I sit here in my shorts
Another day upon me
With love within my heart
To sing to Eagles Breath

By One Eagle

Birds of a feather
Deceit not seeing hypocracy 
This worlds abounding light 
Delusional balance of harmony 
A backstabbing pain
Drawing mothers to flame
Rewarding what is inane
Wishing upon a star
Gravely climbing a stairway 
Steadfastly lost in space
Searching for wisdoms grace 
This worlds black hole
Illusional flashes of light
Heads upon down pillows

The Forgotten Innocent
By One Eagle

What dictates rules 
Dissension isn't tolorated
Not among Fools when an iron fist rules
Strife will always ensue 
But not among fools
The forgotten innocent

Run Around Song
By One Eagle

Old Henry pushes the broom
Panama swings the mop
The guard talks to Deadeye
Doing his time on the clock
Officer can I see you
Cell five needs toilet paper
Yo bring a toothbrush too
I need some request forms
It never seems to stop
Eagle this goes down to Joe
Jr pass this to It
How about the bug in cell 13
It's only been four minutes
Since Panama swung the mop

Act One
By One Eagle

Thirty days for toothpaste on my light
Jackhammer mumbles down the line
The traffic's in and out 
My rip does the same
A bunch of dead bugs 
This cell is a shame
Mandingo gives a shout 
While Khalil lays in the cut
J. T. got an attorney call
Joe he's a bit insane
The birds outside are chirping
It's quiet in my cage Nine - o - nine am
Another player hits the stage

Knockey Knock
By One Eagle

A package on the way
Two yellow and a red
Old Henry's on the cart  
Cell clean up and caustics
Powder - green - toilet brush
Smithy guards the hallway
Two others sweep and mop
Things look kind of Sharkey
White Hair is on the job
Old Henry flobs the drop 
More brownie points for heaven
Two yellow and a red
J. T. got knocked in the head

By One Eagle

One Eagle on the phone
Pee Week's on the vent
Hold up toilets flushing
Pee Wee - Pee Wee you call
Yeah - Israel - yeah
Okay hold on 
Ain't nothing happening
He's trying to stay over here
Yo I can't hear you
Someone's toilets acting up
Yeah 180 days and counting
I know it's gonna be rough
Nah howler at you later
The phone goes dead

By One Eagle

My big toe nail
Crazy as it sounds
Pulled a Houdini
When stubbed upon the ground
It didn't disappear
Well not at first
It had to be coerced
Maybe it could have stayed
Might not never know
I took it off my toe
Guess I'll find out
If it doesn't return
Will have to see
Just like Houdini

Planting Seed
By One Eagle

Picking up the pieces
A puzzle to be solved
Thought I had a blessing 
In faith I did believe
I wasn't wrong
Got to be what I perceive 
Keep the fire burning
Passion will servive
My love is strong 
Nor is it gone
Pick myself up
Brush off my feet
Time to move along
To write a happy song

Waking Up
By One Eagle

Fourteen lines of verse
Has been my curse
What could be worse
They aren't poems 
Few even rhyme
Just a waste of time
Alone on the path
Seeking the good 
Writing these words
That may never be heard
Eggs in one basket
Some things wrong with that
Got to look beyond
Tomorrow is a new dawn

By One Eagle

Headphones plugged in stereo
Radio coming in clear
Canteen came this morning
Ate up a storm
Felt good to splurge
Working on an amended petition
Got to build the record
Looking for mail tonight
Supposed to rain 
Showers back to front
Guys are on the yard
Wet wash rag on my back
Drinking coffee with a tea bag

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